To Whom It May Concern:
I, Josiah Kolbek, was born and raised in the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries, where our pastor is Tony Alamo. I received my education through one of the highest rated curriculums in the United States. I will be 19 years old in two months and stand up for my own actions now. Growing up, I was eager to learn something new in construction, mechanics, painting, and carpeting so I could be useful to this ministry when I got older. Never was I made to feel my works or labors or the works and labors of others was to further Tony Alamo. Now I help maintain properties people in the church own to help make finances for the furtherance of the gospel, not for Pastor Tony Alamo. Rather, I labor to make living facilities available to others in the world that are in need and want to serve the Lord. In all my years growing up I have never seen Pastor Tony Alamo live in any of the houses of the members of this ministry, never owning or co-owning any of our facilities. Whether Pastor Alamo is present or not, we hold services every night at our churches, and we all take turns leading the services and testifying. Pastor Alamo is my Pastor, but he has nothing to do with where I lay my head at night.

Josiah Kolbek