To whom it may concern:

I was born and raised in the Tony Alamo Ministries 38 years ago. I have been fed and clothed physically and spiritually. We had a beautiful school that we went to. Tony did not go to our school. We had a playground and horses to ride and an Olympic-size swimming pool to swim in. Tony did not ride the horses or swim in the pool or play at the playground. He did not live in our houses that the brothers built on Georgia Ridge. The brothers and sisters lived there with their families.

I had a wonderful childhood, being raised to serve God. And now I'm raising my ten children to serve The Lord. We had a house in Fouke, Arkansas. Tony did not live there. My husband and I and our eight children lived there and loved that house. We went to services up at the church that the brothers built. It was not Tony's. The gym in Fort Smith is not owned by Tony Alamo. My husband is co-owner with someone else. My children used to go there and play when we were there. If these properties get taken away, it's not from Tony, but from the brothers and sisters that use them daily. The children used to go to the school there.

This ministry is not a "go-to-church-on-Sunday" and "warm-a-bench" type church. We put our lives and work into getting the gospel out, and to win souls before it's too late. My husband has personally worked on many, if not all, the properties doing needed repairs. The goal of this ministry is to win souls to Christ. Please do not take our properties from us that we have worked so hard for.


Kimberly Edwards