To whom it may concern,

I, Lachie Johnson, have been with the Tony Alamo Ministries since 1987. I have been fortunate to do various jobs in the ministry. For example, being from Australia, one of my goals was to travel and see America. I was able to travel and learn to drive a truck for over five years from around 1995 to 2001. I’ve done construction on and off for five years, and worked at the church’s clothing business, not Tony’s, for a year. Also I’ve watched the different properties for over five years. This is done for the protection of the families in the ministry. The labor that I have earned at the ministry has definitely gone to helping needy families and for providing expense money for different evangelizing witnessing crews.

May it be emphatically stated that most of the people in the ministry, including myself, couldn’t afford the different benefits the ministry offers. What is so preposterous about it is that they tried to say that Tony owns everything. The truth of the matter is when Tony is not able to run the church in an effective manner, the church starts to falter in a big way. When brothers and sisters try to run businesses, they start going into debt. This can be proved when Tony for the benefit of the church had an arts and craft room set up where we made glitzy coats. The church members were horribly in debt, but when Tony was helping us, we were for the first time in years able to get out of debt. So this just proves Tony is not just out for himself because he could have taken the money from the clothing business, but he gave the profits to the church.

I have personally been around Tony and his motives are very pure.

May this testimony shed light on the testimony that Pastor Alamo is innocent.

Yours sincerely,

Lachlan Johnson