Dear Tony,
I hope in the future to tell you positive edifying words. Firstly, I thank and praise the Lord for you praying for me, which by the Lord's mercy and grace saved me from drowning when I was nine, and saved me twice from fatal car accidents.

I also thank you and give glory to God for your ministry getting me out of mental hospitals too many times to count, for getting me off of drugs and out of violent revolution and for introducing me to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Soon after my conversion, the Lord supernaturally led me to the Tony and Susan Alamo Christian Foundation in the following manner. I was working in the San Joaquin valley when the Lord touched my heart and I began weeping. He then spoke to my heart and instructed me to return to Los Angeles. Prior to that, I had visited every denominational church, and tried almost every religion and philosophy in existence without finding out what my heart was searching for, that is, how can I learn how to serve the Lord?

I quickly arrived in L.A. and in my mother's back yard, I met a friend. The Lord spoke to me, saying, "Reach your hand into his jacket pocket and see what you find there.” I found a gospel tract from the Tony and Susan Alamo Christian Foundation with the address: 1412 N. Crescent Heights Blvd. As I looked at the address, the Holy Spirit made it glow off the page with Heavenly light (like a bright neon sign) and the Lord spoke to me, saying, “This is the place you have looking for where you will learn how to serve the Lord.”

That night I laid my life down, and moved into your church. I felt the most wonderful feeling of making it to the home I had been searching for all my life. I felt rivers of comfort, love, joy, and peace flooding my soul, and three days later I received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit while on the steps of the Crescent Heights prayer room. At that moment I had a vision of flames of fire coming down from Heaven and resting on my head (Acts 2:1-4).

Thank you so much, Pastor Tony, for saving me from suicide or a horrible death from drug overdose and an eternity in the ever-boiling lava of the Lake of Fire.

Larry Seps