To whom it may concern,

My name is Michael Lowe and I have been affiliated with the Tony Alamo Christian Church for 42 years. I knew when I became a member of this church that I had committed my life to Christ to help further the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have helped so many people down through the years, helping feed the hungry, clothing those that need clothes and supplying so many needs of people all around the world.

In the ministry I have worked in the kitchen preparing meals for the members of the church and other people that come to the services which are held nightly. Also, I have done a lot of evangelizing in the streets and distributing of Pastor Tony Alamo’s literature. Many people have been rehabilitated off of drugs and alcohol and given a new start in life by committing their lives to Christ.

All of us here that are members of the church know by far that Pastor Tony Alamo does not own anything, and that by practicing what he has preached down through the years the Lord has prospered and blessed this work by its charitable outreach to all walks of life, here in America and all over the world.

Besides working in the kitchen, I also have worked in various church businesses to generate finances in support of the church and its members, such as the Alamo Restaurant and Alamo Designs. It’s not at all what the media has portrayed it as being, a slave labor camp. How can people make such statements when they have never been here to see what really goes on? I’ve always had good times here, and I’m glad that I’m a part of this ministry.

Michael Lowe