To whom it may concern, 4-16-13
I have been a member of the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries for almost nineteen years, and am writing this letter to assure everyone that the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries is in no way an ordinary church. While most churches have a service on Sunday and sometimes on Wednesday, we have services every night and twice on Sunday. This is to root and ground everyone in the Word of God, to help everyone grow spiritually in Christ. We are dedicated to helping others with clean water, food, clothes, and the necessities of life, but most importantly, to give them the opportunity to receive Christ as their Savior. Every Christmas we would receive hundreds of letters from inmates, requesting presents and food for their families because they could not provide for them while in prison. We would make up boxes full of food, candy, and presents for their families and many others who would not have had a Christmas otherwise. Throughout the year, we would visit nursing homes and have services with the residents, then pass out gifts. Afterwards, we would visit those in their rooms who could not make it to the service. We would pray with them for healing and comfort; it meant so much to them that it would bring tears into their eyes. My pastor did not benefit from this at all. In fact, he, like the rest of us, gave his all to further the gospel to a lost and dying world. On weekends, we would go to cities all over the United States and pass out upwards of 20,000 to 30,000 pieces of gospel literature each weekend. I, along with many others, worked in the mailroom to mail, free of charge, boxes of literature, Bibles, and other materials all over the world. Before services we would go out on the streets to compel others to come and give their lives to Christ. After services there was always a hot meal for everyone. Many of us helped to cook those daily meals. Our ministry is a place where one can grow In the Lord. Aside from having a service every night, we had support groups each morning before school and after lunch or went to the prayer room to pray. The adults would take hour shifts praying throughout the day so there was always someone before the Throne of God for our needs whether they were financial, spiritual, or physical. It took a great deal of money to further the gospel, to send hundreds of packages all over the world, print millions of tracts, Bibles, and other materials, so some of the brothers would take jobs or start businesses to make money for the ministry while the rest of us stayed and did whatever else needed to be done, We all worked together as the Body of Christ. Many of us have lived our whole lives in this ministry, and I would never trade my life here for anything in this world. None of us, including Tony, are trying to profit from the ministry; we use it for one purpose, to reach souls, and we know our reward is in Heaven.


Monica Lovellette