My name is Robert Douglas, and this is my testimony. I was born and raised in Connecticut, a war baby. There was a younger brother and sister also born to my parents. In my early life I liked high school, and I used to love to go horseback riding. My family wanted me to be an altar boy, and a priest once asked me if I wanted to become a priest, as I was Roman Catholic. I tried being an altar boy, but I hated being Roman Catholic, even to this day. I ran away with my cousin Danny when we were about 10 or 11 years old. We sneaked into a circus tent, but were caught, and were given a verbal reprimand by the authorities. As a teen, I styled myself after an upbeat type of person. I liked hip music and clothes, new expensive things, a fast paced, gambler-type life, while being very aware of family rules and loyalties to family advice. I recall asking such questions as, “Who am I; why am I here; and where am I going?”

I started skipping school and using drugs. The Vietnam War was going on at the time, but the draft board rejected me because I did not pass the draft board exam, which was a result of using too many drugs such as LSD, heroin, pot, speed, and stuff people never heard of. How sin does take us unawares! In December, 1972, in Hollywood, CA, a witness of the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries gave me a business card type of Gospel tract. I came to the church services and I got saved, but I didn’t stay there too long. I left the Ministry and got right back into taking all manner of drugs for years and years. I panhandled for dozens of years for crack, and I was drinking alcohol also. I’d beg right downtown where I was born and raised.

Then In late 2009, I called the Tony Alamo Christian Church and I also wrote letters to Pastor Tony requesting to be in the church as a visitor, and I was able to move into the church after I repented of my sins. Here is where Jesus made me come to terms with my sins. God sent His only begotten Son Jesus to die on the two boards of the cross for me. He was tempted with all things and in every way, yet without sin, any yet He made Himself the sin sacrifice for me.

Now I am saved and born of water and the Spirit. I’m filled with the anointing which has me speak with unknown tongues, the tongues of angels. It has been three years since I gave my life to the Lord and I’m sad that I spent 20 years using crack. I am not ashamed of the Lord’s people or of testifying about what God did for me.