Testimony of Rocky Hathaway

My testimony is Jesus Christ, by His own blood shed on the cross at Calvary to purchase my soul. I would have been, if it wasn’t for His abundant mercy, destined to be locked forever in Hell and in the burning Lake of Fire.

Often times I think about the torments throughout my life. The things I did which were according to the world’s standards never seemed to get me anywhere. And again, according to the world’s standards, I couldn’t or wasn’t able to meet them. Many times I set goals for myself and never had interest to achieve them being often distracted by events that left me in bitterness, and later learning to hate the very world I was trying to be a part of. If I tried to bury my sorrows in books, they led me to be very violent in my heart and soul. From watching violence on TV, I became the things I surrounded myself with. Later I became extremely aggressive in a business (making as much money as possible) frenzy, thinking I wouldn’t have to worry where my next meal was going to come from. I would be set for life. Many times God would yank the rug out from underneath me, and I was back on the streets wondering what happened.

I grew up in religion, and throughout my life, from time to time, I would search to try to find some meaning, some truth. I knew about Jesus; I knew there was a Heaven. I recall when I was younger coming home from school. The door to the house I lived in was wide open, and nobody was around. Then this tremendous fear came upon me that Jesus Christ came back and took everyone to Heaven, and left me behind to go to Hell. At that time, and throughout my search, nobody took the time to teach me, direct me to really grow up and learn God’s standards. To me, people were plastic, phonies, flakes.

My parents can testify that I had so much hatred that I told them I was going after someone, and if I found them, I was going to take their life. I praise and thank God I never went that route. They are happy that through this Ministry I came to know the Lord, and asked Him into my life, and became a new creature in Christ. They still talk about that incident after 20 years.

When I was in Canon City, Colorado, the Lord revealed to me that a very powerful man of God was not too far from where I lived. I had no idea that seven miles away Tony Alamo was in the Florence Colorado Prison, sent there on false charges by paid false witnesses, just as it is now. I know this Ministry is of the Lord, and I know Tony is of the Lord. I believe in the keeping power of the Lord. The people of the world don’t care if they don’t understand what’s really going on. They are blindly walking into Hell, as I was, but God opened up my understanding. I am saved, washed in His blood that He shed on Calvary, baptized with His Holy Spirit, and changed. Now I’m on my way to Heaven. Praise the Lord.

I’ve been familiar with this Ministry for years, and I’ve seen and heard how Satan has viciously tried to destroy this church, but couldn’t. I often wondered about many other churches that I have been associated with, that didn’t get this kind of persecution.

I remember watching Hard Copy in 1991. They aired an interview with Tony Alamo and showed the church properties. My mother pointed this out to me. I then warned her not to say or think any evil about Tony, this Ministry, or the people, or she would be endangering her own soul.”

The Lord was dealing with me very strongly to come and serve the Lord in this Ministry where the only truth is being taught. I was coming to work one day and was hit by a car. I realized then I could go out into eternity and be lost forever. Exactly a year later, I came to this Ministry and accepted the Lord into my life. I was presented the truth, and I received salvation. I’ve continued in this Ministry since October 6, 1995. I no longer have the desire to be somebody, or worry about spending a life term in a prison, or in a Christless grave. I’ve been very happy here learning the right way of the Lord.