April 16, 2013

To whom it may concern,

My name is Rose Pochatko. I have been a part of Tony Alamo Christian Ministries since May 16, 1970. It wasn't the free meal that brought me to the church (which the ministries has done consistently every day for almost half a century) but the opportunity to hear the full Gospel of Jesus Christ. I never regretted a single moment of my Christian life, and I would rather be supportive of World Pastor Tony Alamo and the way he preaches and teaches the "undefiled Word of God" than warm up a "God is love—do your own thing" church that does not get persecuted, but rather praised, for their compromise.

I have raised my children in the Ministry and helped raise my grandchildren there. I have gone out in witnessing crews all around the country and helped put together food boxes for the needy. Like I said before, feeding the hungry is common practice at the Ministry, not just the holidays like professing churches and celebrities do.

The Ministry has taught me how to be an evangelist. Before I was a Christian I saw the zeal and determination the brothers and sisters had to win souls for Christ. I wanted that. That same zeal and determination is in all of Tony Alamo Christian Ministries Worldwide. Yes, WORLDWIDE! Africa, Pakistan, India, Mexico, all over Europe, Asia, Pacific Islands, etc. These brothers and sisters, besides the multitudes in the United States, depend on Pastor Alamo’s free Gospel literature to help evangelize.

Taking away my church in Fort Smith, Arkansas, is taking away my freedom of religion. My parents and older sister fled their native country, Lithuania, because the Communists were taking over, taking away God-given rights, and even murdering simple villagers. When I told my mother what was going on in my church and how her granddaughter and great-grandchildren had to flee the Ministry because the government wanted to kidnap the children, my mother said, “that’s why we escaped Lithuania."

I was the first person in my family born in the United States, but here we go again with persecution. I belong to a wonderful Christian church. It is also a world-known church. We have always been persecuted because telling people that unrepentant sinners go to Hell and then the Lake of fire is not "politically correct''. Jesus wasn't either, that’s why they crucified Him, but, HE IS RISEN!

In conclusion, Tony Alamo Christian Ministries is a non-profit, fundamental, charitable Christian church. Not only is our pastor, Tony Alamo, an innocent man, but he is the Lord's Messenger in these dark end-times. Coming against our church is coming against the freedom of religion given to us by our U.S. Constitution.

Rose Pochatko