To whom it may concern,

I, Sally Demoulin, have been at the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries since June of 1985, three months after having received salvation in Brooklyn, NY.

At the time I moved in to the ministries in Arkansas, there were hundreds of brothers and sisters and children in beautiful facilities; homes, school, pool, cafeteria, chapel, play ground, etc. All for OUR benefit. The ministry had a gas station, a grocery store and a restaurant, where people that frequented them heard the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. The ministry has always been oriented about the winning of souls, because everyone is going to die one day and face judgment, Heaven or Hell, no in between.

I moved in to the ministries’ facilities in Alma, Arkansas, in June, 1985. The first place I remember volunteering my services at was in the office of a warehouse, keeping inventory of items that came in to help feed and clothe the poor and needy. About a year later, I started helping out in the office on Georgia Ridge with typing, helping to compile bills list, translating gospel literature, etc. I remember the first bills list that I helped compile, and it was so overwhelming, that I wondered where the money was going to come from to take care of them. Everybody worked to help support the ministry. This wasn’t being done for the benefit of Tony Alamo, it was for US (those of us living within the ministry), brothers and sisters around the world that were requesting literature, and the lost souls that needed to be saved.

That was 28 years ago, and nothing has changed, with the exception of location. We still work to take care of the expenses that the ministry has. We still help the poor and needy, domestically and around the world. It takes a lot of finances to do this.

Never ever, did I think that I, or anyone else in this ministry, was working for the benefit of Tony Alamo. Quite contrary!! Pastor Alamo has taught us what it is to be a true Christian, as the Bible teaches. We are not to think of ourselves, or put ourselves first, we are to think of others.

The properties in Fort Smith, Arkansas, that are supposedly “for the benefit of Tony Alamo” (or any property in any location, for that matter) are in actuality benefiting the brothers and sisters that live there, and the people that come to the services and stay after the services stay to eat the meals that are cooked; read the literature that are in the church, and fellowship with the brethren there. Tell me, how does a man who is incarcerated benefit from anything outside of prison walls? He lives in a small cell, and has been sentenced to live in a small cell for 175 years. Even before he was in prison he didn’t benefit from them; I mean, one can only live in one house, sleep in one bed; and if he visited a church building, it can only be one at a time. He is not able to clone himself and be in all places at the same time. Totally ludicrous!!

We are the ones benefiting from the properties!!! We have been blessed to have a Pastor that is concerned about people and their needs, and has taught others to do the same. Not one who is into the prosperity message, and fills his pockets with what their poor (or even rich) congregation gives, even to their last mite!


Sally Demoulin