Sandford and Terri White write the following letter to help establish certain facts regarding, the Tony and Susan Alamo Christian Foundation, and the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries:

To whom it may concern:

From our earliest association with the ministry, Sept. 1970, unto this present time, we have volunteered our services, and have witnessed growth from Hollywood, CA, to over two hundred countries worldwide; distributors, Pastors, and many others have joined the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries, to help win the lost to Jesus Christ. We have seen countless lives changed, healed, families united, and a cross-section of people from all walks of life be converted, trained, and taught, as well as learn trades, to effectively help the communities we are sent to, to bring relief. We have been trained like the Good Samaritan to reach out beyond the comforts of our churches and homes, by feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, helping the homeless with shelter and medical needs to the sick, as well as their prescriptions.

This ministry has always been on the move and mobile, taking Christ Jesus to the streets, to the drug user, alcoholic, prostitute, pimp, at the peril of our own lives. We have witnessed all manner of deliverances, too many to document in this account.

From the early time of the ministry, Pastor Alamo would truck in hundreds of pounds of grains and health foods to nourish the bodies of the young people who were malnutritioned from living on the streets.

We have been trained to help our local communities, by offering a nightly eight o’ clock service, with meals served, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, the local high school needed help constructing bleachers; the men at the church helped complete their project.

The volunteers of the ministry have been trained as well as to visit and assist the nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, hospitals and prisons. As well taking boxes and boxes of food to shut-ins, and distributing school clothing to children of all ages that have no other means.

One winter when the ice storm came to Arkansas, all power and water was off; Pastor Alamo had the brothers get a generator for the town [of Fouke], so everyone could have power and water!

The church also purchased the Jaws of Life for the volunteer fire dept, as well as purchase playground equipment for neighboring children in Fouke, AR.

The church has distributed, and continues to distribute, countless Bibles and gospel literature, free of charge, to anyone who needs anywhere in the world.

Time does not allow me to list all, but only a very modest few, of the great and good things we see the church accomplish on a daily basis.

We have had the privilege to have our lives really count for something, and to witness the continuing miracles worked by God’s Word on this earth.

Many years ago former President Ronald Reagan sent his aide, Herb Ellingswood, to commend the work of our church and its effectiveness in the cleaning up of the streets, and making the world a better place to live in, one soul at a time.


Sandford and Terri White