I came to Hollywood in the mid 1960s. Tony and Susan Alamo and members of their Ministry were all over preaching the Gospel and inviting people to their Christian services. Services were held 8 times a week with a big free meal afterwards, bedding soap, clothes, etc. being passed out to people. I came there in May, 1970, and got saved and moved into the Ministry. Every day we have Bible reading groups and prayer. Through the years I’ve been on witnessing crews, distributing Gospel literature in San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Sacramento, Fort Smith, AR; Memphis, Nashville, Cleveland, and Birmingham, to mention a few. Our Gospel literature, Bibles, and people’s needs have been mailed out to 200 different countries. The last 5 years I have been helping out in our kitchen and distributing literature from the Los Angeles church. In the past, I’ve been on roofing crews, planting trees, and helping where I’m needed. I’m glad to help raise money that supplies many needy families with food and clothes. Twice I’ve had surgery, and was completely taken care of by the Ministry. Free housing, food, money, and clothes have always been provided for me. All the church properties and vehicles are owned by individual members of the church. I personally own a parcel of property that is being used for living facilities for church members in California.

Scott Durning