To whom it may concern,

I have been in the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries since I was born. When I was 11 our pastor Tony was arrested for a crime he didn’t commit. The government came in and took innocent children away from their families. We had to leave and find a new place to live. We had to rely on our faith and fear of God to continue. I was used to a sheltered life. I didn’t know what people were like in this corrupt world. While I was away from the ministry, I saw the way the world was. I realized everyone and everything wasn’t as safe as I thought. My heart longed to be back serving God. After a while, I found myself getting caught up in the world. My flesh was happy, but heart and soul wasn’t.

One day I had the opportunity to go back to the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries for a few days and go to services. I was able to fellowship with the brothers and sisters again. Right then, I realized what I used to have. I felt the Spirit of God there. I started thinking back when I was younger, how much safety we had. How wonderful it was when we all were together working for the Kingdom of God.

I remember once, when I was about 7 years old, there was a thunderstorm, and I was lying in bed terrified. I fell asleep praying, and I had a dream. In my dream, I woke up, and the room was bright and all around my bed were angels. I felt peace; I knew God was real. Every night I’d fall asleep praying.

As I grew up, I saw the way God was working. Everybody had their place in the body of Christ. I had teachers and babysitters while my mom and dad helped to make finances to support the church. It was the finances that the people in the church made, that went to make the payments on the properties, these same properties that they are now trying to take away from us.

In our church, everyone didn’t have to worry about making money or what we were going to eat or what we were going to wear. All we had to do was make sure we did our part in the Body and have faith as a child that God would send in the finances, and He always did. We had to give our all to the Lord. Every night we would gather together for a service.

Our pastor is a God-fearing man. I knew that as a child, not because someone told me or brain washed me, but because I knew him, and I was around him. I never saw him turn someone down that was hurt or sick or needed help in any way. I could tell he feared God. You could feel the presence of God when you were around him. He is not this crazy, abusive man some people are making him out to be. God WILL move for us whether it is with your help or not. God WILL move for us. God is just giving you a chance. Make the right choice for your own sake.


Sharon Kolbek