April 16, 2013
To whom it may concern;
I find it very disturbing to see my church regarded as anything other than what it has always been, which is a fundamental, Evangelistic, Christian, missionary work. Our church teachings are very similar to that of Billy Sunday, John Wesley (founder of the Methodist Church), and William Booth (founder of the Salvation Army when it did more than sell old shirts and shoes).

Once again avarice and slander are painting (with a very broad brush) a sinister picture of our church as some strange foreign new belief. Have we forgotten how the very founders of our country and writers of our now butchered Constitution were of these same beliefs?

Since the day in 1969 that I went down to the altar and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, I have seen in our church only traditional Christian evangelism at work and none of the ridiculous cultish nonsense these money mongers love to conjure about it.

What is happening is millions of people are being reached with the gospel (the same one that the United States was built on).There are thousands of letters to prove this ranging from the beginning and steadily increasing till this very date. Tens of millions of salvation oriented gospel tracts are handed out and mailed out, as also are truckloads of Bibles. Also there are 8 evangelistic services weekly at all locations. Truck loads of food are given out, and as much as we can afford, the needs of our people in every country in the world are sent. All this is done 100% free, and it has taken a lot of effort to do so. This is what the members of the church do. There is, and has been, nobody working to help support anything but this. To harm these efforts is to take the chance for millions to repent of debauched lives in every country in the world. It would be a valuable, touching, and enlightening experience to read of any of the numerous conversions recently and consistently over the years.

That is a brief description of what goes on at Tony Alamo Christian Ministries. There are services every night at 8PM and 3PM and 8PM on Sunday. Come and see. The door has been open for going on 50 years when Tony and Susan Alamo first opened the doors of their own home to any lost soul willing to make peace with God.

Respectfully yours,
Sonny Brubach