April 16, 2013

To whom it may concern,
Regarding the latest ruling concerning our property in Fort Smith, Arkansas: For the last forty some years I have been a part of this ministry, myself and the people who make up this church and seminary, some more years than myself, some less. When I came to this ministry in California in 1971, I had just come back from Vietnam and was bumming around. I didn't have a job, nor did I have any money. I got a gospel tract in Hollywood, California, inviting me to services and a meal afterwards; which is still the same thing forty some years later, services every night and a free meal afterwards, not just members, but anybody; and in this economy it is truly saying something. But the good works of the ministry don't just benefit those fortunate enough to come to services and eat, the ministry reaches out to around 200 countries of which many of them are third world and in abject poverty. They depend on our ministry for Bibles, gospel literature, food, clothing, even good clean water, and many more necessities. At first the ministry was pretty localized in the California area as we were actually living from hand to mouth. The people in the church that were living in California went to work to earn money not only to pay our bills; but also to benefit all those that we could help. As the years went by, the need got bigger and bigger. We needed more money for property, vehicles, dormitories, food, and clothing. More people wanted to move in. Some had to wait as we had no place to put them. People were getting married and having children. They needed bigger places to live. We went to work. Some of the people in the church that had that entrepreneur spirit went and started businesses; like myself, a trucking and sales company. Many people couldn't work; they were solely dependent on the ministry for their very existence. We worked hard and made many sacrifices to purchase these properties. If this court order isn't reversed, you are not taking anything from Pastor Alamo, but you are taking it away from the people who have given everything to build this ministry, some who have spent the better part of their lives here. It belongs to those who make up the church, not any one individual; and besides all this, Pastor Alamo is incarcerated for 175 years, and has been for nearly 5 years. Where, might I ask, does he benefit from any of this? You can see that throughout this letter I used the words we and our liberally; that's because these properties belong to those that want to stay and do the works of Christ.

Steve Lovellette