April 16, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

I began my life with this ministry when I was 17 years old. I was considered a visiting Christian because I lived away from church property, and we paid our own bills, etc. As a visiting Christian I could have easily been pushed aside and treated as just merely a friendly visitor, as other churches treated their guests through snarly noses, but I was not! This ministry is not just another church building. I was taken under wing and cared for as a new member, as a newborn soul, a (baby) Christian, in a large loving family. We went to the Alamo Restaurant and enjoyed the food, fellowship, and music, as well as the prayer meetings and services which were morning and evening daily, and three times on Sundays, including a 3 PM service. This was so even people who went to other churches could still make our services. Tony and Sue never tossed aside a soul because of their race, color, or social standing, or rather, lack of. I was brought up middle class, and quite frankly, there are some pretty wealthy low-life. Anyway, to make a point, we didn’t have any money, but our church has always been come as you are and get saved. There was nothing about me that they would have befriended me for their own personal gain. To further push my point, I went to a prayer meeting with Susan Alamo, and we were having a foot wash. I had never heard of this in any other church, but it’s right there in the Bible. The scriptures were read right there in services, and I could follow along in my own Bible. Jesus said to do as He did. In my baby Christian zeal, I thought how much closer could I get to washing the Lord’s own feet than to wash Susan Alamo’s! After all, I loved her like a mother just for preaching the truth where no one else dared! I never had a mother or a father (but in word only). Susie didn’t snub her nose or give long reasons why I couldn’t, but rather, she let me. Susie was a very dignified lady, and if I hadn’t been so full of love for the Lord and the ministry, I may have thought twice before asking such a thing. That has always been such a testimony and a cherished memory for me over the years. It is so wonderful to be so new and clean and have people around that just care so deeply about you getting into Heaven, and they’re not so high on their self-righteous horse to come down and let you wash their feet. They do as they say, and you don’t see that in any church I’ve ever been to. You dare think Billy Graham would humble himself to let a brother wash his feet? Jesus did it. Tony and Sue have always set such high and superb testimonies of how to walk in the Lord. The Lord pulled us out of the mire, and Tony and Sue nurtured us just as a mother and father do their children. As with Jesus, the gospel is free to all, whom so ever will.

We were invited to swim on a church property on Georgia Ridge, have dinner after services, and stay for the evening prayer meeting. I remember when a sister cared so much and asked me if I understood and knew what it meant to be baptized in water, and took the time to explain the scriptures to me. Never had anyone so much as made sure I knew what a Bible was in any other church, let alone made sure people had one and were reading it. I was taught how to pray over my reading and pray down the Spirit, and explained about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and how to receive It from God. Encouraged and taught to pray; unashamed to praise the Lord and thank Him for all things. We all lived and dwelt together and desired to be together because we had and have so many things in common all through Christ Jesus our Savior, our Redemption, second chance. Susie and Tony, by the Lord, had it all set up like the Book of Acts. Everyone got and gave as they all had need. In the projects they all live together and have their sin, stealing, drugs, murdering, etc., all in common. We have joy and peace, the love of keeping the commandments and telling others how they too can have life (not death) in Christ. Why wouldn’t the government want many more churches like ours to bring salvation to such a lost and dark, empty world? We were saved out of lives of horrible hate, drugs and crime. Jesus is the answer to all things!!

Yes, we were rebuked and reproved, but what loving parent doesn’t try to instruct their children? Even bosses get on the employees. Yes, I’ve seen people come and go over the years, many who don’t want to put up with so-and-so or such-and-such just like everyday life in schools, companies, etc., and there have been some real creeps and even bigger nuts. There have been literally hundreds and thousands of people come through the doors. Why is it so hard to believe there would be a few liars? In a society today where students don’t like their grade, they rise up and shoot their professors, co-workers, fellow students and bosses!! Is there a national search and seizure brought down on the college and all the students stripped and raked over the coals? Do the businesses shut down and their money and children get kidnapped from under them? No way! Yet they do this to us, because they can’t shut Tony up! Why would they want to?

As visiting Christians we rented once, early 80s long ago, from the church, and we were relieved at the mercy when we couldn’t make the rent for a couple of months. Also, we were given beautiful clothes for our children. Not torn, faded hand-me-downs, but name-brand clothes. I also called Pastor Tony at his house to ask for prayer. He himself came right to the phone and prayed with me, for me. I was instantly healed from kidney stones! Four large quarter sized stones reduced to sand by the Lord when Tony prayed with and for me. This ministry is a 24 hour ministry people can call day or night 24/7 and some caring, friendly voice will answer the phone to pray with you, help you, witness to you, and even get a hold of the Pastor for you. Tony has given out his own personal number for people to call to talk to him. People call for food assistance, clothing, guidance, Bibles, bills, prayer, etc., etc. Some people aren’t even sincere and don’t even want to serve the Lord, but Pastor Tony has always helped those in need and offered them the chance or choice to give God the glory and give their lives to Christ. Those who call or pass through any of the church doors or businesses can never say they didn’t know or weren’t given the opportunity to meet Christ Jesus, through salvation, by saying a simple prayer or receiving the powerful Spirit-filled gospel literature. Are you opposed to prayer? The church gives out thousands of food boxes, clothes boxes, boxes for prisoners, their families, and anyone, daily, yearly, constantly. Pastor Tony has sent crews of sisters to help the sickly who can’t help themselves, to clean houses, sanitize and aide them whether it was with food, vitamins, clothes, whatever was needed to aide them in their well being. Brothers, to fix up, haul off and even remodel people’s houses. Tony has always taught people to care, to restore life, health and liberty even outside the church to the whole world! Not steal, kill and rape like the biggest cult! Not for us to render the evil that has been done to us!! Tony has always been a fighter as in non-gutter, get up and get going, never give up or look back. The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord! They (the government and all who obey the false teachings) will never bring him down! Like I said, this is, and always has been a 24/7 ministry. Always moving forward, moving on bringing the Gospel to nursing homes where Betsy was found in one—the elderly crying and weeping, rejoicing, remembering the old campfire days, repenting, being healed, saved and delivered. Who could hate that? Now if you are fallen in a life- threatening situation, they just leave you to die while the 911 operator is pleading for them to please [even] go get someone from the street to help this poor person. (Old, callous, inhumane!! “Kill the old people” they cry.) Who will stop them? [The church members are in] hospitals, prisons, out on the streets, bringing the gospel to druggies, bikers, gang members and prostitutes. What is wrong with that? What fault can you find in that? There are those that lie and creep in unawares, or just use the church for its goodness. [The church is] supplying every possible need, not only spiritually with messages, prayer meeting support groups, praying one for another instantly always, services, gospel literature distribution, healings, encouraging, but physical as well by purchase, trade, and building. Working together to care and tend for each other’s needs. Child care, schooling, tending the sick and their families, doctor and hospital bills, private care in special care cases, in health care homes, dentist and everyday general care and maintenance, always for the furtherance and enlargement of the Body of Christ, the Kingdom of Heaven. But the true Christians have all come together for one true unified purpose of being together pursuing their (our) Constitutional right for the pursuit of happiness which is what we have in serving the Lord and bringing His truth to all who will listen! When people move in [to the church], as I said, as we did, there is a wonderful place of refuge, even if it’s just a simple clean dorm room or trailer; it’s all home to a weary traveler who just wants the simplicity of good wholesome schooling for your children, where you don’t have to worry about drugs, rape, molestation, homosexuality, drive-by shooting, kids shooting parents, teachers, or peers or any other such filth. There is no bullying problem in our schools, no knifings, foul language, or obscene conduct, but the freedom to worship God in the dictates of our conscience, in accordance with the pure, clean Word of God. I’d say we have a lot for the world to be jealous of!! No hunger, no homelessness, no weapons at all, let alone of mass destruction. Jesus is the answer!!

This ministry has always been a giving, caring, strengthening ministry. I’ll never forget the Terri Schiavo tract, when Pastor Tony was trying to reach out to that poor woman’s husband who was starving her to death, or the tract called “Tricked” when Tony reached out to the hundreds of thousands who could have even thought of having an abortion, opening the doors and our hearts to any and all unwanted babies. Tony doesn’t just tell you to keep the commandments, he keeps them and even gives people a way out when there seems to be none (as in the unwanted children).

I have written a very large letter and I could certainly go on and on. I have “never” seen anything but “good” in this ministry from Pastor Tony Alamo.

Signed, sealed, and delivered true and sincerely,

Sue Davis