I, Tamela Reid, was born and raised in the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries. I still am a member of the ministry at age 24. When I was young, and also now that I am older, I witnessed people saved in the ministry from what they said was a life of sin and crime. Some of these people tithed to the ministry to support it, or moved onto one of the brother's and sister's properties to live Godly lives and be around Godly people. We live as a community; we study and read the Word of God daily; we have different activities that involve evangelism, such as distributing gospel literature, (not only written by Tony Alamo either). Many people's different testimonies are in these pieces of gospel materials that we distribute. We witness to people about the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Many of these good evangelizing deeds include mailing Bibles and gospel materials all over the world, going to nursing homes, feeding the hungry, sheltering the poor, giving clean drinking water to people oversees, donating to many needy ministries, and many, many other things. I personally know people that do not live on the brother's and sister's property that support the ministry and the evangelism we do.

I work at one many of the offices we have in the ministry; I also have worked in the mail department for at least 6 years. I have gone on errands with various members of the ministry to send thousands of dollars to people oversees, such as people in Europe, Asia, and Africa, and other continents. I also have personally helped fill in many forms for needy inmates that lacked enough hygiene and other needs that they had. Working in the mail department I have read letters of inmates requesting for us to send their children clothes, shoes, and presents for them on their birthdays because they could not. We have helped these people. I have helped purchase food and other needs for many needy people in Arkansas that were not members of the ministries. None of what I help do was for the benefit of Tony Alamo; rather, it was for the benefit of the poor souls that were, and are, in need all over the world.

Tamela Reid