To whom it may concern,

I have been in the church for almost 43 years. I was witnessed to in Hollywood, CA, in 1970, and I was told how to have a much better life that was free from drugs and alcohol, which I was involved with. I came to the church, the Tony and Susan Alamo Christian Foundation, as it was called back then in 1970. I was 23 years old when I got saved. I was offered to stay in the ministry and learn the Bible so that I could help others who were trapped in drugs with no help of the mess they were in. I said, “Yes.” I moved into the church, and they did all they said they would for me. I was totally rehabbed and learned the Gospel and how to help others just like I was told.

We kept bringing more and more people into the church till there was no more room for them, so all we could do was build places for them to live in. Some of the people went and worked to finance the building of the homes and some like myself just built the homes. I learned how to do plumbing, electrical, and some A/C and heating work. That has been my life for over 40 years.

Our church has services every night and twice on Sunday. This has been going on ever since the church has been started. I have given up my life for the benefit of the poor and needy people of this world to help them in any way possible. I don’t see how any of these things I have done benefit Tony Alamo. He only lived in one house that we fixed up and made it more of an office, really, than a house. He also gave his life to help people and get the Gospel to the world.

One time Tony sent a bunch of us brothers and sisters down to Branson, MO, to help out someone whose husband was in prison because the woman just could not help herself and her children. They needed help with the house repairs and straightening up; the place was a mess. She never even came to the church. Many times food would be taken to people outside the ministry. Sometimes their bills would be paid for them when they just could not make ends meet. We got nothing in return. For sure Tony did not get anything out of this. We always did things like this.

I am now driving a truck. A lot of times I take food to missions, and that costs a lot of money to do this—trucks don’t operate cheaply, and tolls are very costly—Tony got no benefit out of these things. I have spent most of my life—43 years, just taking care of repairing things for everyone in the church. Very rarely was I called on to do work for Tony Alamo as much as for others and building of homes for others who wanted to be in the Ministry. When I was not working on building, repairing, or not driving trucks, I would then go out on witnessing crews to preach the Gospel to all the lost and dying, homeless, and anyone that will listen.

This church is not just a Sunday and Wednesday church, but a full time Ministry where you learn how to be evangelists or ministers or anything associated with the ministering to souls, 24/7. I am not working for the benefit of Tony Alamo, but to spread the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ all over the world as Jesus says to do. I laid down my life over 40 years ago because when I repented of my sins; I really got saved; a miracle happened to me that night when I got down on my knees and prayed the sinner’s prayer. My life changed within me, and I was totally delivered from the bondage of drugs, sin, and every other bad hang up I had. Because Jesus gave His life for me, the least I can do is give mine for Him—Jesus. Also, whenever I was sick, in the hospital, or whatever reason I could not work, I was taken care of just like anyone else was until I was back on my feet again, and then given the best of vitamins and care and still am to this day, thanks to Tony Alamo and Jesus.

I love this church, and to think that all I do is to benefit Tony Alamo is a ‘BIG LIE.’

Thank you.

Tony Calagna