April 17, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

As part of the congregation of the Tony Alamo Christian church, I want you to know and fully understand that this ministry is not a nebulous entity. The ministry is a very well-defined, ardent, vibrant entity. Since the 1960s when the ministry began, the thrust of the church is to search the Bible to find out what God expects us to do, so that on that great and fearful Day of Judgment, the Lord Jesus will not say to us, you were just hearers of the commands of God and not doers. I’ve been in the congregation since 1972 and the emphasis has been to reach out to the whole world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have continually gone out into the streets, alleys, highways and byways seeking for people to witness to about the goodness of God. To win them to God, so as to teach them the good way of the Lord, so they can also do the same, to win more lost souls to Christ. The ones who do obey the Lord and decide they want to please God, and move into the ministry are provided all the necessary things for life and are taught the ways of God to be a productive member of the Body of Christ. We go to prisons, jails, nursing homes, hospitals to present the gospel to the captives, the sick and afflicted. We view all people rich or poor, high or low, as someone we must reach out to with the truth. We do this on a daily basis. Always on the lookout for someone we can bring the comfort of God, to help the distressed people of this tormented world. We all pitch in to support this ministry with our time and money. There are so many letters from people expressing their thanks and gratitude to us for reaching out to help. The church walls are lined with these letters. They have from the bottom of their heart wished us the best. The letters are from top people in government such as Ronald Reagan, various members of the senate and house, judges, operators of hospitals and nursing homes, and more from all around the world, people appreciative of the outreach of this ministry. We will continue to do so because we do not want Jesus on the day He separates the sheep from the goats in Matthew chapter 25 verse 40, saying to us because we did not minister to the least of people, we did it not to Him, and be cast away into everlasting punishment.

Vern Jordan