March 15, 2017

Dear Mr. President Donald Trump,

My name is Deborah Edwards from the Alamo Christian Ministries. I don’t live there anymore because our home was taken away. I am twelve years old now. I was four years old when the two government raids happened at my church. These raids were very illegal because of our rights as American citizens. These are the exact words of The Rights of Americans:

“The right to worship God in one’s own way.”

It was not right to put our Pastor Tony Alamo in prison for his belief and preaching the gospel. Where is the right in that?

“The right to free speech and press.”

Some of the things he preached from the Bible do cause people to be offended, but that is because it is the living truth. Many people would rather believe a lie than to believe the truth, which is why he is in prison right now. Neither he nor his witnesses were able to give their sides of the story in court. The government is trying to shut him up for good. How is that freedom of speech?

“The right to privacy in our homes.”

If we had that right then why did many of the Ministry’s children get torn from their homes, mothers, and fathers during the two raids? Why did some of the girls, including my 16 year old aunt, get rounded up at machine gunpoint and taken away from their families, never to be returned to their parents again?

“The right to own private property.”

If we had that right the government would not have taken our homes away from us to satisfy a judgment against our pastor which was given to him after he lost a court case based on false testimony from bribed false witnesses who had been taken to deprogrammers at Wellspring Retreat, the Cult Awareness Network. How was that a right for me and my family who had our home taken and sold?

Dear Mr. President, please get our pastor out of prison. He is 82 years old and is not in good health. He was put in prison on false charges and has been there for eight and a half years of a 175 year sentence for crimes he did not commit.

“If God be for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31

Deborah Edwards
Santa Clarita, CA