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Responses to False Charges against Tony Alamo

Letter from Antoinette Alamo to Judge Barnes
sent October 7, 2009




Volume 18 Number 122, September/October 2009

Roman Catholicism put on a pretended face with John Paul II. To the world he was a picture of “a gentle man,” and the r.c. news media portrayed him as such…even the r.c. youth in America were in love with him…attended his rock concerts, and would have done battle for him immediately if he had suggested it…he didn’t need them just yet however, he had the Opus Dei and the Knights of Columbus at his beck and call…so he was just preparing them for the future. Now that Rome has a Nazi “Pope,” and the Facists control America, through Rome, just what Hitler and “Pope” Pius XII worked hard toward…the persecution against Bible Believers, Protestants of all denominations are being attacked, slandered, burned alive, (as in the case of Waco---they were an Adventist break-away group), they burned the children whom they were pretending to protect!!! Along with the mothers and fathers, in what the media called “compound,” just as Tony Alamo Ministries, who has now been convicted on false, bogus charges of taking young women or girls across State lines for sexual purposes…the very same FBI and ATF groups that burned those at Waco, gave gifts to the false witnesses to frame Tony Alamo…but as was the case with Waco, even Protestant Bible believers believed ONLY what they heard from the r.c. news media, never questioning what they even SAW with their own eyes, and saw them being burned alive. They said, “They had that coming!!”

HORRIFIC, THAT happened right here in North America, the “Home of the FREE”??? You better know this…it is Roman Catholicism that controls the news media…it is NOT Jews! And Roman Catholicism has sworn to destroy Protestantism, Bible believing Protestants…are you just going to sit idly by allowing the new Roman Catholic INQUISITION to carry right on, helping Rome with your silent, apathetic, indifference…what if Rome comes for YOUR denomination next? It is a fact they will target those they think of as a threat to them first…and that brings us back to Tony Alamo, whom the media is demonizing, and whom more “protestant” defend instead of “remembering them that are in bonds, as bound with them.” WE ALL know why Tony Alamo is in prison…and it’s not about “child abuse” neither!!!

Some people challenge us saying, “You don’t personally know the man.” That is true! But how we know people according to God’s Word is this…in Matt. 12:34-35, “O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things.”

Now, as is WELL known that Tony Alamo Ministries has for MANY years warned people against God’s great enemy, Roman Catholicism…He has preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ to many, many homeless people; he and his first wife Susan, took drug addicts and drunks off the streets and sheltered and fed them, and gave the “BREAD OF LIFE” and paid for all their daily needs…they in turn helped Tony spread the Gospel literature far and wide, and sent the gospel into many foreign countries…and all without charge to anyone…I personally know that he has helped people that really needed financial help, and that is the way I would say that we do know Tony Alamo…by his literature, by the testimonies of many people, by his taped messages…out of the abundance of his heart he spoke the Gospel…not evil trash such as we hear on TV or radio!

Soon it will all be over, and God will do the judging…in the meantime, may HE give us courage to stand for what is right and true and good, and let our fear be of God, not of man!

In service for Jesus Christ,
Harry and Tina Barrett

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Mennonite discussion:

hansmast wrote:
Trust me, it's quite difficult for me to argue that polygamy is not sin. I don't personally like the idea of polygamy and I'm sure many people respect me less for my stance. However, there's no way I can convince myself from the Bible that polygamy is sin. So here I stand, I can do no other.

LibertarianChristian wrote:
Although my good image is by the floor, and my appreciation may not count, as the appreciation of someone more important, I exceedingly respect your stance on this issue. Because it is as unpopular as it can get, to say that polygamy is not sin, and you don't have much to gain by defending it (since polygamy is probably not in your plans), so it seems to me that you are only defending it, simply because it is the truth.

The whole world condemns polygamy, and your whole church also condemns it. The big bishops would look terrible by agreeing with you. what are you gaining? It seems that simply you are stating what is plainly visible for the common reader of the Bible.

In my walkings, I found only one church in America that says the truth in this matter, and they are not mormons nor branch davidians... Tony Alamo ministries is called. The guy gets in and out of prison, and the government constantly looks for excuses to get him in. Right now he is in prison, taken in a most arbitrary and irregular manner, along with many girls from his church.

I don't stand for this guy a hundred percent, but the persecution against him is amazing. Any sensible person who follows it closely will be horrified at the level of governmental abuse of power in this case. Child protective services, DHS all involved in matters that don't concern them. Children kidnapped from parents, without any proof of abuse or neglect, unwarranted searches, kids seduced with worldly traits by foster parents who get paid to take them from their real parents, against the children's will and against the parents will. A complete police state has come, pretty much. A complete police state has come, pretty much.

Tony Alamo says that there are too many people that the government is throwing in prison because of this. He is trying to defend the Bible and them.




Volume 18, Number 119, March/April 2009

British Columbia, Canada

I remember the first time John Paul II came to Canada… the ones who were concerned and came from the USA to PROTEST, and hand out literature to enlighten the blinded, were a group from the Tony Alamo Ministries… They came, they distributed tracts and talked to people,… BUT, the VERY DAY John Paul II came, the whole group of young people were put in jail… no charges were laid, no reasons given, they were not allowed to take their Bibles with them, and were rudely treated! They were kept in prison until the DAY that antichrist left Canada… they were released without explanation or apology! This information came from a very credible source… I know also that it is because of the distribution of literature exposing Roman Catholicism as enemies of righteousness, is the REAL reason that Tony Alamo is in jail once again… you think the government in the USA, or anywhere else for that matter, care anything about the welfare of children?

False charges they have brought against Tony Alamo, of making kiddie porn, or molesting young girls, etc. According to all the witnesses who have testified… young girls 15 or 16 years of age have told their side of the story, that these charges are false. So the “authorities” are trying to set up false witnesses, witnesses who have been asked by Tony to leave the ministry, people who were bad examples and not staying true to the Gospel… these are the ones who, being bitter, come and accuse Tony Alamo falsely…

But we have to ask ourselves this. If the authorities had so much regard about children being molested, physically and sexually abused… HOW COME they do not SHUT EVERY Roman Catholic institution (compound??) down… since it is a proven fact that children by the thousands are—and always have been, sexually and physically molested, tormented, and even put to death by the “celibate” priests of Baal…

How often do you hear or read about a “priest” who has been charged by one of their victims of sexual rape and abuse, expecting justice, only to find that this pervert has been moved to another place, secretly, so he can just carry on with the abuse… any justice there? HOW COME the Roman Catholic parents who already KNOW about all the children being molested by their priests, just keep on sending their children to these sexually perverted pedophiles? Where is THEIR “natural affection”?? Is that not neglect? After all they already know, and can read about pedophilia in the newspapers nearly every single day. So why are the authorities not concerned about this HUGE ring of sexual abuse of children? Talk about DOUBLE STANDARDS, one rule for Rome, another for the rest of the world!!

February 17, 2009
The Department of Human Suffering (DHS) in America has 'stolen' 35 children, jailed Tony Alamo and, by doing so, is effectively putting the bible on trial.
The Alamo Ministries is not a cult or sect but simply a peaceful bible believing christian community that is active in preaching the bible all over the world. The pathetic reason given by the judge for taking these children from their parents was that they had not been vaccinated and they had not been registered with the government as 'home-tutored'... what rubbish!
The real truth behind these 'kidnappings' lay not in the Obama governments concern for these children, but, believe it or not, in the Alamo ministries interpretation of a particular passage from the bible. What is important to understand here is that the Alamo Ministries (like The Branch Dravidians in Waco and like all 'true' Protestants since Martin Luther first kick started the Reformation in 1517) preach that "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH", from Revelations 17:5, is none other than the Roman Catholic Church.
No matter what you think or believe about that, these people, like we do, live in a country with a constitution that allows them to believe and say what ever they want about God. In the American Constitution it is stated in the first amendment and in Australia's Constitution it is covered in Section 116.
The good news is that the state of New Hampshire is now fighting back against this New (Old) World Order that is seemingly taking away peoples freedoms at every turn. The state of New Hampshire has made the courageous step of declaring that certain actions taken by the federal government are completely void and warned that more actions of this nature in the future will be viewed as a "breach of peace" against the states and would risk "nullifying the constitution". The resolution states "That, therefore, all acts of Congress of the United States which do abridge the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, are not law, but are altogether void, and of no force..." What is even more stunning is that New Hampshire is not the only state to take the federal government to task for assuming powers that it does not have. In total, so far, 21 states are currently threatening to succeed from the Union. Will there be another Civil War in America? Clearly the time is at hand where the battle lines are being drawn around a final battle for freedom in America... and the world.


To Whom It May Concern:
From Lee (Last name withheld to protect from government persecution)

   I am writing this letter as a witness for Tony Alamo.
   I met the pastor in the 1980s and though I am not a member of his church, I do accept his messages as a member in the body of Christ to be Biblically correct and Spirit filled. I have looked up many of his messages within the scriptures and have been blessed by these messages, as many have throughout the world. I know the pastor is a good and Godly man. I have seen no evidence of these accusations at any time.
   I have had the pleasure to have many of the church members work by my side and have enjoyed the fellowship. I have never once seen nor heard of any wrong doing to the children. I consider many of those being persecuted right now by the government as a personal friend of mine. I have never seen anyone verbally or physically abuse any child. Every child I have met or known in the church has been well cared for and educated in the Scriptures. These lies being spoken about abuse and neglect have offended me and hurt me deeply as they should all Americans. Are we as Americans nothing more than sheep being led to the slaughter? As a Native American, I know of the wrong doings and the lies this government speaks. I am ashamed of what this country has become.
    I have stayed on the church property for some time while assisting the church in basic repairs. I have attended the evening services a number of times. I have had many meals with the members and their children. I have been in the homes of members of the church. I have never witnessed anything like what the government is saying about these good folks. I cannot understand why a child can be taken from a safe and secure Godly home and placed in the care of people who do not share our faith in God and subject children too such abuse in the Foster Care Program.
   I know first hand of the abuse in the Foster Care Programs. I have rescued children from their clutches. I was told by a Judge that it would be better for these children to remain in my care but if I were to seek government aid I could NOT take them to church, I would have to remove all religious articles from my home and I could not force the children to obey our rules or discipline them. We all have seen and know how children will turn out when left to the public school system to “train them up” to be a part of society. The Foster Care Program built by the government is nothing more than a way for people to collect the taxpayers hard earned tax dollars. In America’s beginnings these programs were run by the local church body. It was the church who took care of the sick, homeless, and widowed and orphans.
   As I said I have known Tony Alamo for some time now and have never seen anything like that which he is accused of in his life. I was very impressed by his feelings of such things as the child care and even so much as not allowing the children to play with water pistols. Which I agree with, children should not be allowed to play with guns, even water guns. I know the rules in the church are strict but Biblical and they should be. No violence of any kind should be allowed. Those that demonstrate violence should be corrected or told to leave. I respect the church rules in my daily efforts, whether I am there or not. Biblical principles should be lived each and every day of your life.
   I continue to pray for Pastor Alamo and the Church Body that God will intervene and bring justice to the Body of Christ. I pray for the children that they will not lose their faith no matter what man shall do. That they will always look to our Savior and remember that He cares for you.
America! Wake up! Heed the scriptures. God will not tolerate this wickedness much longer. “If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land” (II Chronicles 7:14).

February 2, 2009


Judy with Judith’s Nutritionals called the witnessing line today saying that she saw in the Thrifty Penny newspaper an advertisement for Tony on the radio, and she was glad to see you doing what you do best, preaching the gospel. She said she would like to talk to you. She said that people have come to interview her and have tried to get her to say negative things about you, but she said absolutely not. Tony has done nothing but good for people. She said they keep hounding her to come against Tony. She told them I don’t care how many times you ask me, or how many ways you ask me, I will never say anything negative about Tony Alamo because I have only ever seen good from him.


Dear Pastor Tony Alamo,
I wish that God will release you soon from jail. I know God's mercy endures for those who call unto him. I wish God could send you someone influential who can get you out of jail.  
Wishing you the very best. Remember laughter can get you through the tough times.
Sincerely yours,
New Mexico


Radio Africa Responses 1-8-09

Dear Evangelist Tony Alamo,
I am writing to say that I have now accepted Jesus Christ as my own personal savior.
Thank you very much for the sermons. They are a real blessing to us all. Please continue with the programs as it means so much to us.
Be assured for our continued fellowship in prayer for you and your outreach.
Send me a Bible and some literature.
In Jesus name,
Rebbecca Muthoni, Chogoria Meru, Kenya,


Dear Evangelist Tony Alamo,
I am very glad to have this chance of writing to you, dear Reverend. I thank you for doing in the radio East Africa. I have been listening to many of you broadcasting the news. It is real life and has real food.
So I tell you to continue the same life and broadcast to people who live a spiritual life.
May you pray hard for those who don’t know about Jesus Christ as our savior.
Many greetings to our fellow friends.
Many regards from,
Birungi Eddy, Mbarara, Africa


Dear Evangelist Alamo,
Greetings in the name that is above all other names, Jesus Christ our anointed one.
It is a tremendous opportunity to let you know that I am richly blessed by your life transforming, encouraging and spirit-filled messages that is aired to us in West Africa, courtesy “Radio Africa” once a week.
Please could you be able to send me a Bible, cassette tapes, books, tracts, and many other materials.
May the Lord let His countenance shine upon you and the joy of the Lord be your strength both today and always.
I want to keep encouraging you to continue to broadcast your radio program.
Thank you and I await your quick response again.
Blessed in Him,
Sister Lawrita Peters, Lagos, Nigeria, Africa


Dear Sir,
Greetings in the name of the Lord.
Your program has been a blessing to us. The much you do through the broadcast is of great importance in our country. Please continue with the program for many are getting saved through it.
Send us some Christian literature and a Bible.
In Jesus name,
Jennifer Riasi, Mombasa, Kenya, Africa


Tony Alamo Ministries
C/o Radio E. Africa

Hullo, program sponsor. It’s Shallon your good and viable listener who is writing you this short letter from Kampala City. How are you doing in America? In Kampala it’s very hot.
Your radio program continues to warm many hearts, driving out all the lies and fears Satan had put in us. It has exposed the real truth of Jesus Christ thus filling us with the hope of the gospel in which we have got our shelter.
Please continue such things as it pleases the Lord when one is won for Him and Satan loses his connection.
Bye, Bye.
Asiimwe Shallon, Kampala, Uganda, Africa


Dearly Beloved,
Good day to you. I know you through your radio agent who introduce your program on Radio Africa to me. I listen to your program and I was touched by the Holy Spirit to serve the true God. I was formerly idolatrous, but your blessed messages have made me to be a new convert.
Please kindly send a Holy Bible, cassettes, sermon DVDs, books and other religious materials that will make people come to come closer to God. I hope you would help me a lot. May God bless you greatly.
Yours in Christ,
Bro. Kikelomo, Ondo State, Nigeria, Africa


Dear Evangelist Tony Alamo,
On Friday, my wife and I were listening to your radio broadcast on Radio Africa Two. This is the first time we have heard your broadcast and it was very interesting. You really give a soul moving message. Myself and family are Christians.
Please send us any scripture literature or materials you can offer. Keep up the Word of the Lord through airwave.
Faithfully Yours,
Philemon Mujaso,Liokwe, Zimbabwe


Dear Pastor Alamo,
I appreciate God for what He has been doing in the souls of people through your program on Radio Africa. Suffice to say that I am a living testimony of this broadcast as many lives have been touched. It is the anointed Word of God that touches one to the very core, and always timely.
May the Almighty God bless you richly. One important thing is that this has helped me grow than ever before in the Lord.
Thank you Lord, and kindly please mail this ministry some materials and some Bibles for our evangelism.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Yours in Him, Our Lord,
J. A. Asare,Newtown, Accra, Ghana, Africa


Dear Pastor Tony Alamo,
Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. With much gratitude to God mainly(?) for the great things he has done in my life through your program on Radio Africa. How are you doing there? And how is the work of the Lord?
I am grateful to inform you that your message which I listen to on Radio Africa has a been a big instrument in changing my life from bad to good. The Lord Jesus Christ has done a new thing in my life by saving my soul.
Please keep up the good work! I really appreciate your concern for the lost. Please send me a full Holy Bible and newsletters to me as a new Christian to help me in my life in Christ. And I know you through Mr. Prondy Seun who distributes your newsletters to us here.
I will be expecting to hear from you.
Yours in Christ,
Bro. Bode Omosaye,Lagos State, Nigeria, Africa


Dear Servant of God Pastor Tony Alamo,
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am gift Tembo and I have received for your newsletter. May God bless you. I received on the 12th October 2008. So my heart is changed for your newsletter, Pastor. Pastor, I was baptized the church of Pentecostal Holiness.


Former Alamo follower speaks out in support of the preacher click to read the full story.
Posted: Jan 7, 2009 05:32 PM

a former follower of Tony Alamo is also speaking out in support of the man he says helped turn his life around. Bill Henry says he had lost his little girl, was randomly traveling across the country and drinking heavily. He was given literature from the church and called the prayer line.

Henry told 5NEWS his mother commented that he seemed happy at the ministry and was encouraged by another brother to be a witness to his family which he left to do. He says it's hard to believe the charges against his former pastor and the allegations of abuse aimed at parents in the church. According to Henry, he never saw anything of the sort and believes that people simply don't understand the church.    

"I have been told that I was brainwashed while I was in there and all this stuff," Henry said.  "But you know I'm in my normal head and I saw a lot of good being done through the Alamo church."


Dear Pastor Alamo,
I would like you to help me to give glory to the Almighty God for saving me from my sins through your message that my friend preached to me. In fact, after praying the prayer that concludes the message entitled “Wait”. I really saw that my life has been touched by Christ Jesus. Glory and honor be to God for the salvation that has been extended to a sinner like me.
Pastor, since that day, I have been thirsty to read the Word of God. So I requested for a Bible from my friend, but he couldn’t afford it. I would like to request for a Bible and the ninety-one page book, The Messiah, and some of your taped messages, so as to learn more about Christ and to extend the messages to my fellow perishing friends in my town.
Yours Faithfully,
Addai Phillip


God should be with you in everything you are doing to us here, more specifically the t-shirt and Messiah book which I’ve just received.
Brothers and sisters here are appreciating your work which have made some to change from doing bad things.
Pastor, I am visiting at Nkhatabay Hospital to evangelism outreach where people more than 100 received Jesus to be their personal savior.
All the people received the newsletters with joy, Praise God!
Alamo, people here at Nkhatabay have been lacking t-shirts and Messiah books and newsletters. So, Pastor, can you assist us with white and black t-shirts in sizes S, M, L, and 2 XL, Bibles ten, three video tapes.
May the Lord God richly bless you, Sir, to the good work you’re doing.
Yours Faithfully,
Alfred Kondowe Jose


December 31, 2008
Dear Tony,
Praise the Lord! I wanted to share an excerpt from a message given by Susie back in 1980. I began listening to this tape and towards the end of the tape I couldn’t understand what was being said, the tape began to bleed through to the other side. Since I was almost to the end of the message I was just going to stop the tape but then I was prompted to fast forward. I was almost to the very end when I could understand what Susie was saying. She was closing the service and she went on to say,”This is such a special blessing, such a glorious calling to be counted worthy to be persecuted for His name sake. Oh, we’re such a privileged people! Don’t be cast down, raise up thankful hands and hearts to the Heavens and ask Him to prepare us for that last mile and we’ll march right through to VICTORY!!!”

This really lifted me up and I’m sure it will you also. I also had a dream I wanted to tell you about. In the dream I was in a small apartment, Steve and Evy were in the front room of this apartment and they were talking to me on a cell phone. I was standing at the back door. They were telling me that there was some kind of activity in the sky. I got off the phone and stepped outside. As I looked up I saw what was like the end of a fireworks display, like it was fizzling out. Then to the left of what fizzled out I saw a cloud, it was oblong shaped and was pretty big. The cloud was rolling but it wasn’t moving, like it was stirring. My eyes were fixed on this cloud because something was happening. Just then I saw two massive arms from right below the elbows down form out of this cloud. As I stood there looking at this, I said, “HOW MAJESTIC” because these arms that I saw were so powerful, I couldn’t stop looking at them. Then I cried out, “HALLELUJAH!” Then the dream ended. I don’t know what this means but when I was looking up at this cloud, one of my brothers was standing nearby.
You are in our prayers. We love you and miss you.
R. W.


December 26, 2008
Dear Pastor Alamo,

Calvary greetings to you and His entire ministry! Your good works to the glory of the most high God is radiating and inspiring to join the harvest field. May God continue to bless and give you more of His inspiration for His kingdom work.

Thanks so much for your newsletters that I received weeks ago. It was good to distribute your newsletters to people. People were so surprised to see me distributing your newsletters and many lives have changed to Jesus Christ through your newsletters. Many asked me to give them Bibles after their conversion.  Your newsletters are winning souls in Agolo villages.

I also thank you for the CDs of your programs sent to me also. When I was playing the CD of Program #766, my landlord who was a Muslim heard the message and now he has joined the Christians and he demands for copies of your message. Please I want you to send me more CDs as the Lord provides. Please I personally need as many as you can. I want  to share them with people who are still in darkness so that many may come to the light of Jesus. Please make sure you send me 500 newsletters, 20 CDs of your teaching on Radio Africa, 18 Holy Bibles, 2 t-shirts, and 2 sweat shirts for me and my friend Likofi Kemi. Also, I want you to put my name and address in your soul-winning lists to receive your literature, cassettes, CDs, Bibles, and video cassettes regularly so I may win more souls for Christ. May God bless you always.
Yours sincerely,

Ondo State, Nigeria


December 23, 2008
Dear Pastor Tony and Alamo Members,

I pray for you every night and day and I will always remain loyal to you, no matter what. You've made a big impact on my life and helped bring me closer to the Lord. I will always respect you for the things that you have done for me and my family. I do not care what anyone says about you as they try to assassinate your character. I will always believe in you as you believe in me. I will not do you like Judas did Jesus.

I want the church to know that because of your divine guidance, I was baptized three weeks ago. I wanted you to baptize me, but the Lord said do it now. So I obeyed. I shall remain loyal and faithful to the church through good and bad times. I thank you all for everything!!!

"But Thou, O Lord, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head" (Psalms 3:3). "Though an host should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear: though war should rise against me, in this will I be confident" (Psalms 27:3). In these trying times, I know the Lord will set you upon a rock. I know you will overcome your ordeal. God bless you.

Your friend and follower,
Eric Brown
Louisiana State Penitentiary
Angola, Louisiana


Sent: Monday, December 22, 2008 

Dear Parents of the Alamo Church,
God Bless you and your children. At our Alamo Christian Church in New York City, all of the many brothers and sisters here are praying for you and your children constantly. We know without a shadow of a doubt that the Lord will make a mighty move for you and your children. Your strength and trust in God is clearly displayed when hearing the interviews and viewing your tribulations on video. As a young Christian of two months your unwavering faith at your dark hour has shown me that even in a seemingly overwhelming storm, your candle still burns, providing a beacon of hope to other Christian brothers and sisters, as well as the unsaved. It shows us the great sacrifice that we as Christians must endure in these last days and you give us comfort in knowing that you are still unmoved from such a violent and malicious attack from Satan. God will never fail you, as you know.

When hearing the interviews, one of our Brothers stated "if that doesn't fire you up then you don't have a soul". When your victory comes, at the time the Lord has planned to deliver it to you, (which I pray is soon) we will be singing songs of joy from coast to coast and around the world. We are in this fight with you and are spreading the literature to the lost souls so that they may join our fight against the Devil and his puppet government. I realize a stand needs to be made, and while you are going through your fight, I will soon be in the thick my own, because I can see that there is no avoiding the tribulations that will surly be presented to me same as they have been suddenly thrust upon you. Your struggle is a terrible, horrible, eye opening testament to what forms of evil will arise to keep people blinded and to suppress the Word of God. For the mislead people who have taken your children, I pray that they come to realize that the Word of God can not be sent to jail and covered up and the Word can not be separated from a true child of god. The way I look at it is that God has given these lost souls precious time to repent, but soon their time will be up and the Lords mercy will turn to wrath. They will suddenly realize their great error in a way which will be a thousand times worse then the suffering you are enduring at this time. I pray that all Christians will rise up with you and that many will awaken and prepare themselves for making a great stand after seeing what wickedness can be sent out from Satan. Keep your eyes on heaven and your heart with the Lord; I look forward to seeing your smiling faces when you and your children are happily together in a place where no one can ever take them away from you again.
You're Friend in Christ,


Letter from one of the 6 girls.

Hi! How are you? I hope fine. I am not doing that good at all. It is so miserable and boring. I can't stand this school I'm in. I have made some friends, though.
I miss you all so, so, so, much.
Almost every night I have nightmares about me being kidnapped by all of these people and I also have nightmares about the [raid at the] Church. I didn't know that you were at the court when I was there. I wish I could have seen you. Your letters were very encouraging!!! Thank you so, so, so much!!! So were Mrs. Thornes.
I miss everybody so much. I want to come home more than anything. It's so weird out here. If anybody thinks that it is fun out here, they're insane. In the school that I'm going that I'm going to almost everybody does drugs. Even the 7th graders. That's insane!!
Thanks for everything and your prayers too! I will be praying for you all too.
Tell Vickie I said thank you so much for the cookies and everything. They were so good! I've got to go so I'll write to you later Bye!!!!


Sent email: November 8, 2008
The Lord bless and keep Pastor Alamo, I am praying the Lord's anointing fill and surround him for the Lord's Glory. Alleluia! If Pastor Alamo wasn't being powerfully used by the Lord, he would not be having such tribulation now, for great is his reward in Heaven! Pastor Alamo going through this persecution is really set for us an example to the remnant of what is to come. Believers must stand firm hid in the rock of Jesus Christ. This is the last hour. Bless God for Pastor Alamo, he is going through this persecution for the Glory of God, rests on him! When we are unjustly mocked and persecuted for His righteousness sake. Hold fast Pastor Tony -our redemption draws nigh! Glory Alleluia!
Sis Kay



Sent email: November 8, 2008
Thank you very much for sending me the literature, I have been distributing them in a prison by the border in Sonora. The brothers there have been telling me that they were filled with joy when they received the literature written by Pastor Alamo. I can see that this is a great blessing to them, especially good for Bible studies and to preach when they get together and hold services.

God bless you, Pastor Alamo. I want to tell you I found out about the supposed “charges” that these rabid dogs have against you for the cause of the Word of Truth that exposes them as they pose as Little Red Riding Hood. But what you’ve done is make their true animalistic nature surface. Those of us in the world that know the Truth are backing you up and are with you. We know that it is not the first time they have done this and that lies will NEVER prevail against the truth. I also know that they will
never shut up. I really thank God for real men like yourself in our times. We are backing you up in our prayers.

I almost forgot to tell you this. You have no idea how the brothers dispute amongst themselves over the book The Messiah. It is such a strong tool for evangelizing. The Lord is the only one who could have dictated this book to you. I need many copies of this book because I think I only got 3 of them and I know that you would not want the brothers to fight over this book. They have 3 books to share between 20 men. And if you can send them to me, well, Praise the Lord! And if not send them to me anyway's!!
It is my pleasure to write to you.
Jose H.
Riverside, California


Sent email: October 31, 2008
But yet still....they are encouraging "SAME SEX MARRIAGES" and ranging from teens.. and our own U.S. Military Women are bringing law suits against the males who continue to rape and abuse them sexually...something that so many of us voted against...putting our women in the same Military Conditions that only men had survived....there is so much corruption because of "Atheist" and "politicians who are anti-religion" ...I am not an Angel but there are Laws that are available for cases of "Unlawfulness" but when they use our children...especially Mentally impaired to build a case against anyone..."God Help Us"!


Sent email: October 30, 2008
I thank you Lord Jesus, for Pastor Tony Alamo. Through your World News Letter I'm learning a lot. I'm a new Christian in God, thanks to a young boy that gave me one of your tracts in New York one year ago. Pastor Alamo I believe you are a Prophet of God. I will always defend you (even if you don't need defending). I hope I have a chance to meet you and your wife, Pastor Alamo. Right now I'm working as a flight attendant and going to your Church in New York every time that I'm off, that is very often. I'm from Caracas Venezuela Italian heritage. God Bless you and I can't wait for your release.
Thank you
Patrizia V.


Sent email: October 26, 2008
Praise the Lord!
In the fall of 2002, I gave my heart and soul to the Lord Jesus Christ at the Tony Alamo Christian Church in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  From the moment I set foot in the Church, I felt the Spirit of the Living God all around me.  I have met many of the Brothers and Sisters in Fort Smith, and each and every one of them are on fire for Jesus Christ.  They all welcomed me to the Church the first night I visited for evening services, and every time I came back.  I developed friendships with each of them, and I love them all very much. 
Pastor Alamo takes care of all the members of the Church – providing them the best living facilities, the best food, the best medical care and the best of everything!  Pastor Alamo provided me personally with things that I needed, and he helped me out when I needed it the most.  Pastor Alamo is one of the most caring people I know, and it amazes me that so many people are bringing false accusations against him – people that Pastor Alamo helped and cared for.   In the midst of everything that is happening, Pastor Alamo is standing strong.  It reminds me of the passage in his literature “Crossing the Bridge” where he wrote, “No one can overwhelm anyone who has faith in God and faith in the name of Jesus, because nothing can overwhelm God.”  
I am astounded that anyone could actually believe the malicious lies that are being told about Pastor Alamo and the Church.  All one has to do is pick up a piece of Pastor Alamo’s literature and they will see that he is an anointed messenger sent to us by the Living God.  I was 17 when I first visited Pastor Alamo’s Church in Fort Smith, and it was the best decision I have ever made.  It was there that I found the TRUTH of Jesus Christ.  God supernaturally drew me to the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries, and it started when I was just a child.  One afternoon, I found a copy of Pastor Alamo’s newsletter with the testimony “Touch Me or Die” on my truck windshield.  I read the newsletter from cover to cover, and then I called the number on the back to find out where the Church was located in Fort Smith.  That evening I was sitting in services hearing the true Gospel of Jesus Christ being preached.  No one in the world can attend a service at the Tony Alamo Christian Church and not feel the Spirit of the Living God.  He touches everyone that passes through those doors.  Many of the people in Fouke that are uniting against the Church have never attended a service or associated with members of the Church.  They only know what they have heard and read from ex-members of the Church that are trying to get back at Pastor Alamo and from “witnesses” that have been paid to lie about Pastor Alamo and the Church. 
Last Wednesday, Pastor Alamo was in court, but he was denied bail.  This is a man that suffers from blindness, diabetes and heart trouble.  He needs proper medical care, and members of the Church can provide this for him.  The defense called Joan Decker, a woman that I personally know.  Joan is one of the nicest people that I have ever met, and she is truly on fire for Jesus Christ.  She described the Church was one where “everyone pulls together.”  That statement could not be more true.  All the members of the Church help out with anything and everything that needs to be done.  I have also personally met John Kolbeck and his wife Jennifer.  They are two of the nicest people I have met, and the charges that John is an “enforcer” and beats members of the Church is absolutely absurd.  Jennifer is a living testimony of the power of Jesus Christ considering that she should not be alive today.  As she lay in the hospital, near death, it was Pastor Alamo that told her that in order to live she had to “beat my way through the crowd, and I had to touch the hem of the Lord’s garment, or I was going to die…”  Her testimony can be found in Pastor Alamo’s “World Newsletter #02800.”  All of the people at the Church are wonderful and caring people.  The love and care about each and every person, and that is why they take to the streets to witness about Jesus Christ.  The allegations that Pastor Alamo would abuse anyone – especially a child – is a lie straight from Satan the Devil.  Those that are helping to spread these malicious lies are working for Satan, and they will be held accountable to God for their actions.  I praise and thank the Lord for Pastor Alamo and the Church.  I can remember sitting in the Church office one evening in Fort Smith with Brother Bert and Brother Fermin just praising the Lord for His love and mercy.  The Living God sent Pastor Alamo to preach the Gospel in these last days, and Satan has sent his agents to do everything to try to stop him. 
Pastor Alamo once said, “Do not be discouraged. “Be of good cheer; I have overcome the world” (John 16:33). “Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world” (I John 4:4). God’s plan is coming to pass. He has everything under control. Have faith in Him. We need to surrender all to Him. He is the only One who can give us peace. “I will not leave you comfortless. I will come to you” (John 14:18). He is our Comforter. “In your patience possess ye your souls” (Luke 21:19). ”Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord” (Psa. 27:14). God’s timing is perfect.” 
Praise the Lord! 

P.S. – Thank you so much for sending the box of literature.  It has all been given out, and six people said the Sinner’s Prayer with tears streaming down their faces.  Praise the Lord!  Souls are being won for Jesus Christ! 
Lastly, please send a copy of the Foundation booklet as I would like to be able to show people the beautiful living facilities that Pastor Alamo provides for members of the Church.


Sent email: October 25, 2008
I was thinking about what other people do if they're disgruntled after leaving a job or church and all those shootings came to mind and people going back and killing a bunch of people they worked with or the school shootings. The student was disgruntled and came back and began shooting people. There were even church shootings like that. These people attacking you are just doing it a different way and the FBI love it because the FBI want to destroy the church. The FBI told Buster that if he testified against the church that they would give him a break, then you have Peelers testimony and the other FBI who infiltrated and confessed.
OK so people who ask why would someone lie about the church? Well, why would all those people go back to their job or school and shoot and kill people? They're disgruntled.
Traveling threw


Sent email: October 23, 2008
Greetings in Jesus,
I see Brother Tony Alamo is not going to be allowed to be released from jail. Why are these people tormenting this brothers life?
I seems he is a target of the Fed's because he has been exposing them for years. I fear they will kill him and try to make it look like he killed himself.
I believe the Fed's have hired false witnesses to say he has done the things they say he's done, when in fact he did not.
May God's wrath strike the demons against Brother Tony Alamo.


Sent email: October 20, 2008
At one time in this country one was innocent until proven guilty.
There is absolutely no justification that Pastor Alamo cannot make phone calls and is not allowed visitation while he is being held in jail. This is perversion of any kind of justice. How is this allowed? They are trying to silence Pastor Alamo. It's like the Gulag in Russia, or worse. Pastor Alamo has not been convicted of any crime and won't be by any "just" court.
But the Lord is on His Throne and like Pastor Tony's Blog say's, thank and praise the Lord for moving on these judges.
Fred Norman,OK


Sent: October 15, 2008
Dear Brother Fellows in Christ!
So deeply sorry to hear the bad news concerning brother Alamo and the 6 girls.
But even though that we at times are allowed to experience certain things that's looking critical and threatening. Still good to remember that He (who is but faithful and so true to us) will never allow us to go through things that we cannot take. For He is our shelter, our comforter, and would not allow us to bear more than we can take. And wherever there is a struggle of any kind, He always comes in to rescue, save, reach out and protect in due time. His love always conquers evil and turn the bad into something good, and mold us, transform us more and more in His obedience, unto His own will , wisdom and image.
For as our lives are but for His own glory, His everlasting Love will move us beyond all calamities for our good and for His own glory.
So, nothing good that we do or is done in His Holy name is spoiled,forgotten, taken, or broken. And as we serve Him in His own ways, (not ours). We should always be ready to be a target, for no one can hide light in darkness, and this hurtful world gets hurt in the flesh wherever their is salt.
My heart and prayers has gone for brother Alamo and his ministry indeed.
There is only one way to please God. With Godliness and in righteousness. No filthy, sick minded, evil doer, sinning spirits can please God. I get so angry in my spirit to hear and to see, and to read about so many so called prophets and Christian fellow workers that's falling into sin on and on, now and then. And here I am doing but my Fathers will, but still unknown and not to mentioned ignored and unwanted. And yes, so they did with my Lord. He was not wanted for the good reasons but to be used for their own will, abuse on His word for own gain, for own glory. And dare to make their own calling to serve Him and switch and misinterpret His perfect Word. But who can fool God, as no one can fool God, no one can neither fool a truly born spirit that is in Christ.
Funny enough,some people even in the world seem to get to understand who I am even though they hardly met me. For no one can miss the light thats shining. As even the blind man could feel Jesus was the messiah.
Amen to that!
Praise God for His mercy and grace always!
For If He is for us who can be against us? NO ONE INDEED!
Rejoice in the Lord brethen, for His mercy endures for evermore.
Rejoice when they persecute you! For our good and perfect reward is but in Heaven!
With all my love and blessings
In Christ we serve and are bound! Amen!


Sent: October 15, 2008
Blessed be the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the Almighty God as the miracles of God continue through your ministry. Pastor Alamo I am forever thankful to God for you and your ministry. As always your messages of power and mercy and the undeniable truth that God is with you and in you, AMEN.

Pastor Alamo on this day of October 15, 2008, my wife attended services here in Fort Smith, Arkansas where she gave her heart to the Lord this night and got saved...hallelujah.

Being raised here all her life an hearing all the lies and filth the news media has made up about a man who has given up everything he possessed to consecrate his heart and his soul to God's service. Where would we be if God in his abundant mercy did not have you out on the front line witnessing and preaching the gospel to people who had no clue as to who Jesus Christ really is.

Thank you Jesus for Pastor Tony Alamo and the brothers and sisters who gave up their lives for the greatest calling of God for the winning of souls. Thank you Pastor Alamo for the great work you've done all these years. You Sir, are the Lord's heavy weight delivering that knockout punch to satan's head. This world and its antichrist government and media and all its agencies are exposed for the lies they have conjured, their character assassinations and worst of all the war they declared against God. How foolish they are to think they can battle against the Lord. Judgment awaits them and its going to be the rudest awakening they can ever imagine. We are praying for you and your family and the children, GOD is doing the greatest work ever done through you and your ministry.

Thank you Jesus for Pastor Tony. Millions of lives are changed for the better because of you Pastor Alamo and the Lord Jesus Christ that lives in you ...Praise the name of the Lord.
gratefully yours,
FP, Roland OK


Sent: October 12, 2008
I just got done re-reading and studying Pastor Alamo's News Letter entitled "DIFFICULT MOUNTAIN". The way the Holy Spirit was speaking to my heart, I felt I should encourage everyone to read, re-read, and study this amazing mighty prophecy about this mountain with Pastor Sue and Pastor Alamo on it with all the tribulation! The Lord told Pastor Alamo over 45 years ago that there would be great persecution, slanderous character assassination, brutal trials, tribulations, jailings, imprisonment, beatings, stoning, treachery, betrayals, false brethren, false accusers, despiser's of the ones that are doing the good work of the Lord, in our very near future. All of these hellish things were, in one way or another, inspired by Satan. The powers of darkness tried as still is trying to make Pastor Alamo and the body of Christ look dangerous to the world when in reality it is bringing the most important message in the world to them, the only message that would tell them how to have God's life living in them and through them, the only message able to keep them out of the fiery pits of Hell and the lake of fire, the only message that, if they received it, would save their souls and get them into Heaven for eternity. True Christians must be dubbed "cults" and destroyed says the Vatican controlled one world system. Anything that is of God must be lied about and, if possible, destroyed. But God will do a quick work, and destroy them, and soon, Before Jesus' soon return. The devil is the accuser of the saints. He accuses the saints through his devilish workers (humans) that he lives and works in. They are the incarnation of Satan on earth, and they do what Satan commands them to do, just as we, who are the continuation of the Lord's incarnation here on earth, do what God commands us to do. Satan is filled with wrath, because he knows that his time, the time before he shall be cast into the lake of fire, is short.


Sent: October 11, 2008
Dear Pastor Tony,
We pray always for your safety and freedom from the unrighteous, and for the young peoples safe return to their families.
Praise the Lord
*We know you shall not be moved, you'll only grow stronger in faith.


Sent: October 10, 2008

Dear Pastor Alamo,
May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ continue to be with us-amen. I wish to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of July 3, 2008. All you wrote in the aforementioned letter is very well understood and noted. I pray that the Good Lord open abundant way for me to also contribute even financially as well as distributing the Word of God through your Newsletter.
Please pray for me and other team distributors for God to direct us as well work together in His Vineyard.
Thanks for the T-shirts received. By the God grace we are set again with my team of distributors to continue raising the roof of the Kingdom of God, so, please mail Newsletter of different type about 700, 30 Messiah books, 10 Holy Bibles for new convert.
Pastor, many lost souls here are coming to received Christ through your literature, hence my request for Holy Bible to many who are in need.
May joy and His grace keep you and the Ministry, amen.
Brother Yusuf G. Haruna
Kaduna State, Nigeria


Many people have being converted through your literature but we need a lot of Bibles for the new believers who are many. If it is possible, we request fifty Bibles with hard covers for my distributors group.
May the Lord encourage you and guide you as you endeavor to live for him in the mist of your circumstances.
Sincerely in Christ, Blantyre, Malawi
K.W. Denias
(Sent Picture)


Greeting to you in the precious name of Jesus Christ the Messiah book and the Newsletters I received at great joy. We are carrying the team gospel through literature distributions in the rural areas village Nudukkala, Mothdaka, Amarualthy villages. Many people have to come to know the Jesus as their personal savior. Some people learn to rededicate and forthwith have taken baptism. Some people are requesting Holy Bibles in Telugu in the area and Dry Bones in Telugu literature. I need your prayers and support now. I praised God for you and your wonderful world Alamo Ministries spread out in all the villages please send some more books and size of T-shirts, Holy Bibles Telugu 20, Dry Bones 200, Black and white T-shirts sizes XL, 2X, 3X.
To reach the souls in the hospitals, hotels, old age homes, who have not received yet, send us literature and Messiah books.
In the Name of Jesus Christ,
M. Subhakar Sigh
Andhra Pradesh, India


Dear Pastor,
Pastor praise the Lord, it is me pastor Isaac Yeboah in Ghana. I hope by the grace of our Lord Almighty you are fine with your family and you church members. Pastor I once read your book and found out that, it helps to builds up a missing soul that is someone that is not a Christian. Pastor, with the aid of your book (the Messiah) it has helped me to convince people many people to follow Christ as their Lord and Savior so I have gathered the convinced people and formed a church.
Normally we meet at the school classrooms but because we do not have our own church building we find it difficult to meet but because I have accepted Christ I decided to name the church either your name that is Tony Alamo Christian Ministry in Ghana and I hope it will lead us to worship Christ.
But the main reason is that, I want to plead with you to send me some of your books (the Messiah) to share it among the church member to urge them to follow Christ.
Please Pastor if you want to send me any further information through the internet please pass it through. [email protected] and the box number at the back of this envelope and please send me your e-mail address. Thank you
Yours faithfully,
Yeboah Isaac
Kumasi, Ghana


Sent: Thursday, October 9, 2008
Our deepest concern:
Dear Brothers/Sisters in the Lord of the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries,

It is indeed our great concern and grief that a divine servant of God who is making great impact into the world by transforming the most simple man life into being somebody in the eyes of God, through God's divine messages put into his mind by God Himself.

It is indeed my appeal that we the Future Leaders Orphanage Ministry, that was supported by World Pastor Tony Alamo stand by you in prayers, we indeed know that World Pastor Tony Alamo is innocent.

For we all should be aware of this because the Bible stated it and it must come to pass, that we that are of God will face all these in the end time.
In this view, we here in Africa do know that World Pastor is very much innocent of those charges from the end time government in America.

Our children, elders, and all our members of the Future Leaders Orphanage Ministry is therefore with World Pastor Tony Alamo in prayers and we are also in prayers with the entire ministries.

May the Lord be with World Pastor and may the Lord be his judge, cause He is the best judge of all judges, Praise the Lord and God bless you all.
Respectfully yours,
Vannie Andy Cole


Sent: Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I just wanted to say that I was at the church a day or so before the raid, in Fouke, and I met some very wonderful people there. I felt welcomed and more safe than I've felt in a long while. Something keeps drawing me closer to the ministries. I feel closer to God than I've ever felt before. In light of all that's going on and all the allegations concerning Pastor Alamo, I still support him in word. I don't know enough about the Bible to speak on that level, but know that my spiritual self has grown since I was on the property. It is somewhere I hope to return to someday...a place I'd love to call home. I would love to be part of the congregation, the family, the team. I want to send a special hello to Lisa T., there in Fouke, and please let Pastor Alamo know that because of him and his church, I have new found hope. If he indeed is still being held, if he would like to receive mail, I would be honored to write to him. I want what he has to offer. I believe in him, and his followers. The more people "TRASH TALK" him, the closer I feel to him. I am dedicated and loyal beyond belief. I hope this message makes it's way to you pass the Feds! I hope to hear from someone to let me know this makes it way to the intended destination. Pray for me. As I will keep all of you in mine.



Sent: Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I am very angry at this latest U.S. Marshal (gestapo) scumbag move to silence Pastor Alamo. Everyone knows it does not take six days to move someone that distance. To not allow contact with anyone, including his lawyers, is totally outrageous.
My God these vatican federal gestapo agents must be held accountable for this perverse action of injustice. There is NO justification for what these punks are doing! NONE!
Lord, deliver Pastor Alamo like you did Peter, protect him with your angels, Amen.
Fred S.
Norman, Oklahoma


Sent: Wednesday, October 8, 2008
Dear Reverend Alamo,
Praise the Lord! I was very pleased to receive your package of materials, and I am looking forward to using these materials in depth. Thank you!
I was upset to hear of the recent persecution of your church and ministry by the federal government, in relation to the raid on your church several days ago. I am praying fervently and pleading the blood of Jesus, that all members of your flock are kept safe.
He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world! Be encouraged, Pastor, and keep on taking ground for the Kingdom of God Almighty! You are in my prayers constantly.
Best wishes,
Joshua S.
Lexington, SC


Sent: Monday, October 6, 2008
I sent this to the editors of the Springfield News-Leader and the Times Record in Fort Smith.

On Sunday, May 31, 1981, the late Pastor Susan Alamo said, during her Sunday message, that “If people can be deceived so easily that they would stand back and call a Blood Washed church a cult how easy would it be to deceive them with the mark of the beast?”

I think of that part of her message when I hear news reporters calling the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries a cult when they have never heard of the Ministry or Pastor Alamo. In “Framed,” Pastor Tony Alamo wrote, “The government and the news media will do anything that they can to make us look as though we are heretics or some kind of cult.” True Christians are not fooled by the anti-Christ media. In another message, “I Hold the Truth,” Pastor Susan Alamo remarked how Satan did everything he could to get her stopped on every station that carried her show. Why? Because she preached the true Gospel without compromise, and, in Susie’s words, “I Hold the Truth and he knows it.” Pastor Susan Alamo died on April 8, 1982. With her death, many people thought that the Ministry had come to an end.

In “Difficult Mountain,” Pastor Tony Alamo wrote, “No matter how difficult the storm, Christians must never stop searching through it for the lost souls that Jesus died for on the cross.” Praise the Lord! Pastor Alamo has carried on preaching the Gospel through the most difficult storms ever. The antiChrist media mocked the death of Pastor Susan Alamo within hours of the news becoming public. Radio stations in Fort Smith mocked her on the air by playing “Wake Up Little Susie” – all while Pastor Alamo was grieving. He kept on. Again, in “Difficult Mountain,” he wrote, “I’VE NEVER STOPPED CLIMBING TO THIS VERY DAY, AND I NEVER WILL UNTIL I FINISH MY WORK WITH THE LORD.”

The government has been bringing false charges against Pastor Alamo year after year. Why? Because he is preaching the blood of Jesus Christ! Satan wants to do everything he can to silence Pastor Alamo, but he is not going to win! It would be easy to give in to the pressure that is being put upon him, but Pastor Alamo will not stop preaching the Gospel and winning souls.

In “The Fighters,” Pastor Alamo writes, “We remain fighters because Christ, who is the Word of God and is God, has commanded every Christian, as He did every prophet, every apostle, and every disciple to ‘preach the Gospel to every creature’ of every nation in the world or else go to Hell.” Lastly, it is written in the Book of Isaiah that “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of Me, saith the Lord” (Isa. 54:17). Pastor Tony Alamo has given his all - 24 hours a day - seven days a week for more than 40 years in order to preach the true Gospel and win souls for Jesus Christ. Any person with common sense can see that the government and media are trying to silence the Word of God.

I encourage everyone, for their salvation, to request Pastor Tony Alamo’s soul-winning literature by writing Tony Alamo Christian Ministries Worldwide at P.O. Box 6467, Texarkana, TX 75505, or by calling the twenty-four hour prayer and information line at 479-782-7370, by fax at 479-782-7406 or by visiting
Praise the Lord,
Springfield, Missouri


Sent: Sunday, October 5, 2008
I've just read my e-mail. I can't believe what I just read. My heart just sank down to my stomach. When does the madness stop? We Love you Pastor Tony and we don't care what satan says or does we're still a family in Christ and we will pray for your safe return to us and spiritual guidance in the Lord. If there is anything I can do for you other than praying I'm here for our family. Enrique says, I hope that you are o.k. and I will pray for you to get out of jail soon and I will never give up hope and I will always love you.
Your children in Christ,
Regina and Enrique
Los Angeles, California


Sent: Sunday, October 5, 2008
Dear Pastor Tony, If you must rebuke me I'll receive it but, I just saw the picture of this Levy guy and my first impression of him was if anybody wanted to see what the devil looked like in the dictionary, his picture would be there. That man is UGLY. I speak my mind a lot and pray that I'm not out of the Holy Spirit. I would not believe anything that came out of that man's mouth if I just fell off the train going at 150 miles per hour. I'm lost for words that people would believe anything that came out of this man mouth. Only satan himself would believe him and obviously he does. Maybe the Lord needs you in prison to win more souls. So soldier do what you do best and preach the word that you do so well and win, win,win those lost and dying souls for the Lord!!! Onward Christian Soldier Yes, its Regina again and it won't be the last time anyone hears from me.. Love Ya much.


Sent: Sunday, October 5, 2008
These "witnesses" against has to wonder just how much they were paid off. Everyone has their price, after all. Tony Alamo is being slandered and dragged through the mud because he dares speak the truth.


Sent: Friday, October 3, 2008
Praise the Lord! Pastor Susan Alamo said, "I believe, as I sit before you now and look out into your faces, that Tony Alamo and I will be framed one of these days. The government will have to resort to such measures because there's nothing they are saying about us that could cause us to stop preaching the truth. We will not be conditioned by them as the rest of the world has been conditioned by them." Please see "Framed" by Tony and Susan Alamo available at: Framed

Pastor Tony Alamo is innocent, and he will be able to prove this in court. Even now in jail, Pastor Tony Alamo is bringing the Word to all those there, and they have said, "It's like Jesus came into this place in your body." It seems that many of those that had that born again experience and came to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior in the Ministry have now fallen away, and have joined forces with the media to slander the names of Tony and Susan Alamo, and they will be held accountable at the Judgment Bar of God. In a very powerful message that Pastor Susan Alamo delivered on Easter Sunday in 1981, she said "The only church that has accomplished anything since the beginning of time was when THEY WERE UNDER FIRE." Pastor Susan's message can be heard at: A Picture of Christ

It may be wise for all who have turned their back on God and the Ministry to take another listen to her message, a message from the Living God. After Susie's death, Pastor Tony kept right on preaching the Gospel and preparing all of us for the coming of Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord! So many times, we have been reminded by God's Two Witnesses, Pastors Tony and Susan Alamo, that the Ministry would be persecuted, and we know that Pastor Alamo counts his sufferings for Jesus Christ as ALL JOY! The Living God has given us the gift of a Pastor like Tony Alamo who will not feed us a sugar coated Gospel. Pastor Alamo is bringing the message, repent! The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Jesus Christ is coming back soon, and I praise and thank the Lord for Pastor Tony Alamo.
Springfield, Missouri


Sent: Friday, October 3, 2008
I would like to thank Pastor Alamo for the Oct. 3 message on his blog. It really lifted me up. I am somewhat ashamed to admit it, but I was getting so depressed and angry because I know he is a man of God being persecuted because he is preaching all of the Word of God. So, his message from the Lord was again, as so many times over the years, exactly what I needed to hear. We are praying for him to be delivered from this ordeal, but the testimony and strength he is showing proves once and again Jesus lives in this man of God.
Praise the Lord, Glory to God. Thank you all for your testimony thru this fiery trial.
Fred S.
Norman, Oklahoma


Sent: Tuesday, September 30, 2008
Praise the Lord Sisters,
My husband and I are keeping Tony in our prayers and are confident in the Lord that this will pass away like all of the other persecution we have seen the church go through these 40 years. Every time we go through the trial, the Church grows stronger and expands. We are a world wide ministry and no devil in Hell can stop us. The more they afflict us the more we multiply and grow. (Ex 1:12)
Please let Tony know that we are willing to help out in anyway. I have enclosed a letter from myself and my husband. His letter was sent to 12 newspapers nationwide but no one printed it. We realize the Vatican runs the newspapers but at least we got to let the editors know what is really going on. Our letters can be used in anyway. If we are needed to write anything else, let us know.
Rose P.
Fort Smith, Arkansas


Sent: Tuesday, September 30, 2008
To Whom it May Concern;
What is going on in our country? Here the young children run around with no respect for their parents and authority, they are drinking and taking drugs earlier and earlier, preteens and teens having sex in the classrooms, and then the girls are urged to have abortions. Everyone knows these facts are true. Oh, yeah, I forgot, there is also an alarming amount of school shootings going on. So why am I bringing this up? It is a rough world out there and our government isn't doing anything about it because they are the problem. Instead, they want to go after true Christians, like Pastor Tony Alamo, who preaches against drinking, drugs, homosexuality, fornication, abortion and all other sins that sends people's souls to Hell. There is no pornography going on in his church. I've known Pastor Alamo since I was 17 years old. I am now 56 and I have a daughter at the church and five grandchildren. I am still sick to my stomach about that demonic raid that happened to the church in Fouke, because like I told one of my co-workers, if I was visiting my friends at the Tony Alamo Christian Church at Fouke, Arkansas, with my grand daughter (who is 12), those 100 government agents would have kidnapped her. Watch out American Christians, the FBI, ATF, DHS, local police and sheriff department may come to your church next, accuse your pastor, take away your precious children. Pastor Alamo is completely innocent. They completely tore apart his house and office and found no pornography. The children at the Alamo Church live a physically and morally clean Christian life. They are intelligent and very happy. They live in a safe Godly environment. Why doesn't the government just leave them alone?
Rose P.
Fort Smith, Arkansas


Sent: Sunday, September 28, 2008
Letter to the Editor:
You offend me Arkansas! America is offending God by lying about and persecuting the greatest evangelist in history since the Apostle Paul. World Pastor Tony Alamo is preaching more gospel, winning more souls to Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven world wide and disseminating more Light of Jesus Christ throughout the world than anybody ever has. And you people have the gall to dare to lie and persecute him. Woe unto you Arkansas! Woe unto you America! You did it to Jesus and you're doing it to Pastor Alamo; but remember, Jesus rose from the dead, and all of God's Prophets and Saints went to Heaven. You're all going to Hell, lest you repent. America has been corrupted by the Pope and Roman Catholicism into a giant whorehouse and den of iniquity. The biggest industry in America is the production and distribution of porn, child porn and child prostitution, and they are not being prosecuted. America is causing the black eye, not Tony. You people are spiritually sick. So I say, way to go Tony! Praise the Lord.
Peter P.
Fort Smith, Arkansas


Sent: Monday, September 29, 2008
Greetings my brethren in the Lord Jesus Christ. I use to believe the things reported on television news as the gospel truth. After my research I now know the Jonestown and Waco Massacre's,were well planned conspiracies against Christianity.

I know that Jesuits formed in the 1530's by a Roman Catholic ordained by the Pope was a man by the name of Ignatius Loyola as a counter attack on the Reformation the Roman Catholic conspiracy has infected theology under the title of Dispensationalism.

The puritans of the Reformation, knew the Roman Catholic Church was a Anti-Christ system and that one day in the future satan himself would take on human flesh in one of the Popes.

This conspiracy had to be to take the Roman Catholic Church out of the scope of Prophecy. Roman Catholic Jesuits have infected our seminaries and the pre-trib doctrine is a false hope.

The Church will go through the Tribulation and no-where in the New Testament will a Bible student find a pre-trib rapture unless he or she ignores {2nd Peter 1:20} Christ will return at the end of the Trib.

The Roman Catholic Conspiracy is destroying the God given KJV Secretly also under the title of textual criticism. John Nelson Darby/CI Scofield/Clarence Larkin all were infected with the pre-trib La La Doctrine. Most all southern baptist pastors are of the satanic masons who are involved in this conspiracy and Billy Graham the man called America's Pastor has been involved in destroying the Bible and promoting the devilish doctrines of Zionism. Brother Tony Alamo, is clearly a target of this Jesuit Conspiracy. The media is monitored and under control to report lies and to destroy truth.

God richly bless and protect you all. In Christ
Brother Miller
Minden, Louisiana


Sent: Monday, September 29, 2008
To Pastor Alamo
On the way home from our San Diego tracting trip (after they took those 6 girls and brought horrendous false accusations) we were proudly wearing our Tony Alamo Christian Ministries/New Jerusalem T-Shirts.
We stopped at a gas station in Texarkana. When paying for the gas the lady behind the counter said "Do you know what my grandma use to tell me? My grandma use to tell me that when the devil is on your tail hot and heavy, you must be doing something right! So hold your head up high. I said to her, All those who live Godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. She said, That's right and you'll come out on top!
She didn't believe a word of the false accusations and that it's terrible what they've done to you and traumatizing those girls the way they have. She said, she's praying for you, the 6 girls and the Church.
Praise the Lord!


Sent: Monday, September 29, 2008
Pastor Alamo
Today Jani called the witnessing line to ask for ALL the rest of the literature you have written. She said she saw a brother with your newsletters so she went over and asked him for one. She said you (the church) have been in the news for a while now and she wanted to see what the church is about. She took it home. It was the Evil International Roman Catholic Government Agents are Claiming to be United States of America Government Agents newsletter.
When she called she was so excited about what she had read. She claimed to be an atheist. She was so excited when she said she really liked the newsletter and said she wants everything you have written. Praise the Lord!


Sent: Monday, September 29, 2008
Witnessing line response:
A man by the name of Bill O. called from Tempe, Arizona and is in full support of Pastor Alamo and the ministry. He's received tracts on his vehicle and loves the literature.
He admires Tony's bold stand against the Catholic Cult and the Pope. He wants to receive the radio programs and more gospel literature. He knows that everything the media is coming out with on Pastor Alamo, is a bunch of lies. He's going to stay in touch. Praise the Lord!


Sent: Monday, September 29, 2008
Witnessing line response:
Kyle called today asking for more literature to pass out especially FRAMED because that's what they're trying to do. He says he wears his Tony Alamo Christian Ministries T-Shirts even more now on purpose and it has caused many people to ask him questions and they don't believe the lies from the news media.
These same people are going to the web site and reading our Pastor's literature. He said, the only place he's heard the Truth preached is at Pastor Tony Alamo's Church and has loved him since he was little. He talked about how he use to get message tapes after services and he and his father would listen to them together. He loves hearing Pastor Tony's messages and Susie's messages. They are all so powerful. He loves Pastor Tony and the Church and is praying for everyone.
He is making a stand against any false accusations he hears. He also said that Tony has done only good for everyone in the Church. He knows the Pastor counts it all joy to suffer persecution for the cross of Christ and that nothing will stop Pastor Tony from preaching the true Word of God and getting the gospel out. It didn't before and it won't this time either. Praise the Lord!


Sent: Friday, September 26, 2008
When I heard about your arrest, I didn't believe it. I visited your church in Fort Smith and found out first hand that your church is truly God's holy people that He is protecting under His wings and under His feathers. I was saturated with God's Holy Spirit when I visited your church for 2 weeks on 2001. I prayed for you when I heard the news about your arrest, and was very worried. I just accessed your site and am relieved to find out you were not found guilty (I knew you wouldn't be). I'll be donating as soon as I get paid. -Sylvia D., Ryan C.'s mother (by the way, the good Lord is doing wonders with restoring my son back to sound health. He is successfully working, is attending a Pentecostal church, and is married with 2 children and a Christian wife. The Lord has cured my son from Schizophrenia. The doctor is not longer giving him medicine for schizophrenia, he no longer hears voices, Thank God! It is unceasing prayer that works! Still, please pray that Ryan receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. God bless you!)
Carrollton, Texas

Sent: Thursday, October 2, 2008
Dear Sylvia,
We regret to inform you that Pastor Alamo hasn't even stood trial yet. We don't know where you heard that he was not found guilty. He was just arrested a few days ago. Of course, the charge is completely false. We are trusting the Lord that He is going to intervene. We will try to read your letter to Pastor Alamo. He will be very encouraged. Thank you very much for writing, and keep him in your prayers.
Alamo Ministries Mail Dept.

Sent: Friday, October 3, 2008
I'm Praying for Pastor Alamo
I misunderstood from your web site that Pastor Alamo had been sent home when I listened to the testimony of the 10 girls who spoke in his defense. I thought he had been sent home by now and everything was fine.
Please tell Pastor Alamo that, although I've never met him face to face, I have a lot of respect for him. I will never forget that Pastor Alamo took Ryan in, medicines and all, when Ryan was at his worst, and he was very patient with Ryan. It was Ryan, who was still very ill, that lost patience. (However, thanks to the Alamo Ministries and years of prayer for Ryan, the Lord has now delivered Ryan from the worst diagnosis of schizophrenia. There is no cure for schizophrenia, and this is a miracle because Ryan couldn't previously function without medication. Now he takes no medicine for schizophrenia. Ryan's psychiatrist and assistant kept saying, "This has got to be the most improved patient we've ever treated." Ryan is clear-minded, happily married to a Christian young lady, has 2 lovely babies, is successful in his job (even training new employees), and is attending church faithfully with his family. Compared to where Ryan was before, and where he is now, there is no comparison. The Lord is still working with Ryan, but "He who begin a new work in Ryan, will be faithful to complete it." Please pray that Ryan never again stray away from God.)
Please tell Pastor Alamo that I'm praying for him, and I'll make it a point to faithfully help his ministry with donations. Please tell him that, like the Apostle Paul, he should rejoice in sufferings because great is his reward in Heaven. In the book of Acts, Peter and the apostles would be beaten in the synagogues for preaching Christ. They would walk home all beaten up, but, "praising God for the privilege of suffering for Christ." (forgot the verse in Acts) According to Rev. 9:3, demonic torments have already been loosened upon this earth. What the police authorities are doing to Pastor Alamo, they are doing to the Christian Church in Eldorado, Texas called "Yearning for Zion." If the police authorities were truly concerned about the welfare of children, they would start taking children away in droves from their own government-supported housing projects, infested with every kind of crime imaginable. But, the devil doesn't bother the people who are already chained up with him. He bothers the Christian church communities living holy,peaceful, sanctified lives. I will also fervently pray that Pastor Alamo be treated with justice and released soon.
God bless and deliver His Church!
Sylvia D.


Sent: Friday, September 26, 2008

Please send me your tapes when they are available, even though I know a few people are against your beliefs. I don't care about their beliefs I have been listening to you when I can on 107.3 here but it is hard to listen at 4:00 am in the morning.
Thank You,
Carl S.
Alma, Arkansas


Sent: Fri, 26 Sep 2008 3:28 pm
Dear Pastor Tony:
Praise the Lord!

"Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." - Matthew 5:10

I originally wrote this as letter to mail you, but I thought this would be a faster way to get it to you. I hope this e-mail address I have for you is still correct. I have one of your e-mails from several years ago printed so I thought I would give it a try.

When I first heard of the raid at the Fouke church I thought about Pastor Susan's Easter 1981 message called "A Picture of Christ." In that message, she said that the ministry would always be persecuted because it was the only one preaching the true Gospel. In another message, "I Hold the Truth," she said, "When a church is NOT being persecuted there is something wrong with it." I want you to know that I praying for a wall of fire around you and the entire ministry. The ministry has suffered persecution since its first days in California, and it has never ended. You and Pastor Susan were the only ones brave enough to preach the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. I await for the day when Pastor Susan will again preach the glorious Gospel along side you.

When I first heard of the raid, I took my copy of "Framed" and had it copied. I gave it out to everyone I could. I think the words, "After my death, they will frame "Tony and our churches" are so powerful. She continued, "...there's nothing that they can say about us that could cause us to stop preaching the truth." I know you will NEVER stop holding that blood-stained banner high. Praise the Lord!

I praise and thank the Lord for you and your ministry Pastor Tony, and I know that I am not the only one. I have listened to your daily messages online for the last few years, and I have shared the web site with others. You brought the Light of Christ to me. I can remember those beautiful services at Gloryland in Fort Smith. I can still here Sister Anna singing "Softly and Tenderly" during the altar call. Those members of your ministry that I have met have always been so happy when I was around them. I knew they wanted to be in the church. I visited many, many times, and I even joined the brothers for dinner a few times. I never saw any chains on the doors, and I never saw anyone disrespect one another. They are all so happy to be in the ministry, and they are happy serving the Lord. You take such wonderful care of all those in the ministry. When I ate with the brothers, the food was so wonderful and healthy. You have always taken great care to give everyone the best food. I have seen your ministry firsthand, and I know how wonderful you treat everyone - including me.

Pastor Alamo, my father - who attended services at the Holiness Tabernacle - passed away in 2006. He was the one that introduced me to your ministry, and he had such a great love for you and Pastor Susan. I remember he had a photograph of the two of you, but I could not find it after he died. In the picture, Pastor Susan was behind you with her hand on your shoulder. I am not sure if you know the picture that I am speaking about, but I would like a picture of the two of you that I can frame. The bigger the picture the better - even a poster size picture of the two of you would be wonderful. I love you both, and I thank you for never giving up and for continuing to preach the Gospel in spite of everything the government has tried to do to stop you.

I know a lot of people here in Missouri that do not believe what they are saying about you. One lady at the farmer's market was talking about the raid, and she said, "If the government is going after that church than those Christians must really be on fire for Jesus Christ." I gave her your web site address so she could read your wonderful literature. I have heard some of the interviews with you on the news, but they always cut you off and never give you a chance to talk. I praise the Lord for you and the ministry.

If possible, I would like to get copies of the following literature: any of the newsletters from 2002 - 2007, Framed, Signs of the Times, Broken to Pieces, Difficult Mountain, Controlled by the Spirit, God's Mystery Finished, Crossing the Bridge, Melting Cold Hearts, Sons of God, The Five Steps to Salvation, The Looking Glass, Susan Alamo's Wedding Dress, God's Two Witnesses, and any others you can send. So many people here want to read your literature.

I still get a lot of questions about my sweatshirt that has the "Tony Alamo Christian Ministries - New Jerusalem" emblem. It is so faded now, but people still ask about it. I always give them your web site address so they read your literature.

Any CDs of your messages, and any tapes of Pastor Susan's messages would be wonderful. I listen to them as I am in the car and especially when I am driving anyone around. I am in great need of a new copy of Pastor Susan's message - Rededication. Also, any copies of "Susan Alamo Speaks Out." Many years ago, my mother destroyed most of my tapes from the ministry. I only have one of Pastor Susan's left. If they are still available, I do need "I Hold the Truth" and "Genesis Ch. 6 - 5/31/81" as well as any others. I listen to your messages all day and I would love to listen to some of your older messages if they are on tape as well.

Pastor, the gates of hell will not prevail against the ministry.


Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Dear Tony,
The other day I read part of an article with these preposterous accusations. The first thing that came to mind was that these are FALSE. I just know in my heart that you or anyone else in your ministry would never hurt or abuse ANY child. The last few days I have been praying for you and your ministry. Today (Wed. 09/24/08) I took a trip to the church and was relieved that you are OK and not in a prison. I have seen first hand that the children in the ministry are very well cared for emotionally and physically. I would go to court, sign an affidavit or anything else for you and your ministry. I felt led to send you a word of encouragement.
Bless you, Mark
Palmdale, California


Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Well done for the job you and your members of congregation are doing in the vine garden. May God continue to support you in every way.
I am, using this medium to inform you that I will need free copies of your newsletters, tracts, cds, dvds for distribution in order to play my own role in the great commission task.
If you can afford to include some copies of the Messiah Book, I will appreciate it too.

Thanks for your co-operation.
Lawrence Kotun
Lawrence Kotun Missionary Group, USA.


Sent: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 9:02 am

Georgia's Comment:
"Thanks for putting this information out. As far as I can tell, you're the only person standing up for Mr. Alamo and those involved in his ministry. I live in Texarkana, Arkansas, about 12 miles from Fouke. When I heard that the church there had been raided, I was pretty P.O.'d about it, and I still am. What offended me the most was that my husband's best friend, who attends a local church here in Texarkana that my husband and I just recently left told him that one of the other members there had said that the church was a "cult." I was outraged. I told my husband that he needed to tell his friend that the church he attends could easily be characterized as a "cult" by those outside the congregation. It's one of those "holy roller" Pentecostal churches that many people in this very town denounce as overzealous and fanatical. People are too quick to jump to conclusions based on hearsay without giving others the benefit of the doubt, and that could easily backfire on them one day.

Notice that all the religious groups the Feds raid are called "cults" and accused of the same ambiguous crime of "child sexual abuse," or some variant thereof. If I recall correctly, that was the excuse for the raid in Waco. Now how does this work? The agents went in to "save the children" from potential sexual abuse, right? How did they do that? THEY KILLED ALL THE KIDS. If that weren't outrageous enough (and it should make any but the most wicked man or woman's blood boil), everybody just accepted it. There was no outcry. At the time that happened, I was only ten years old, so I didn't understand the implications of that incident. This could happen to any Christian group deemed heretical by the powers that be. I'm going to continue to stand my ground on this, because I cannot in good conscience ignore it. People have to be aware of what is happening, and I'm going to keep telling them the truth, as much as they don't want to hear it.

I wouldn't pay heed to any rumors about the Fouke church I heard from someone in this area. In Texarkana, rumors spread faster than wildfire. Some of my friends from high school thought that I was dead because of a rumor somebody spread about me a few years ago. I really doubt that there is any kind of child abuse going on at Tony Alamo's church. These same allegations have been floating around for years, and the fact that he was finally attacked just gives him more credibility. By the way, the reports in the news media did state that a warrant was issued for his arrest. I don't see how that gives people the right to kidnap the children of people who are supposed to be presumed innocent. I guess if people are willing to give up their own constitutional rights, I shouldn't expect them to fight for the rights of others. There is a crusade against the true Bible-believers, and it will only get worse."


Sent: Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It is a terrible thing what this evil one world government is doing to true people of the Lord, they hate anybody who fears the Lord and keep His commandments, they really are scumbags, may God give them their just pay, if is possible mail me two thousand pieces of Evil One World Government Agents, The Truth About Tony Alamo Church or any tracts and newsletters so I can distribute them in the City of San Diego, may the Lord Jesus submit all your enemies, God bless you Pastor Alamo.
Martin H.
Imperial Beach, CA


Sent: Tuesday September 23, 2008

I have watched this happen over and over again with anyone who is outside main stream religion. Cops raiding compounds makes exciting news and the bible thumpers will love this. They hate anyone not as they. They will believe any charge brought against you because they saw the cops on T.V. at your Church. Seems like when a man is arrested he is automatically assumed guilty. More so by the news media and the simple minded self righteous main stream luke warm, half hearted Christian than the few who think for themselves. In the old days girls did marry much younger than our modern legal age limit.

I must ask, WHO made our present laws? They are not all the laws of GOD. But I do obey them. Instead of having husbands when they are young enough to be molded into good wives, to many young ladies are allowed to run wild in the streets, date boys instead of real men holding real jobs, get pregnant and marry several wife beaters, several different times, before realizing they were Gay from birth and hate all men. Actually I like the way the old Chinese did things. Arranged marriages did work well for thousands of years. The western culture must deal with teenage pregnancies, crime, and drugs because our culture is sick, sick, sick. I blame most of that on Holly Wood and the idiots who make our stupid laws. You have to obtain a license for most anything including fishing, but you can sin as long as you are 18 years old or older. Get drunk and lay up with someone of either sex then get on TV and brag about marrying your buddy. We Indians lost our freedom 500 years ago and now the white brothers are loosing theirs at the hand of the same government who took ours. What does that tell you? We Indians know we must submit to their laws or loose everything including our freedom. Need I remind you, this government deals with offenders using an iron fist. You, are guilty of being different, but, not necessarily of being wrong. Holly Wood is raising our kids and for the most part our society does not know good from evil.

Satan comes to rob, kill, steal, and destroy. I can bet that even my e-mail will be read by this government. They tap my phone, read my e-mails and keep tabs on me. Why? because I am not main stream. Being different while yet complying with all their laws is not a crime but it can make one a target of suspicion. As a prophet of God I can tell you it's not going to get any better in our life time. I think it will make a positive turn in about 500 years. Until then people will ask, where is our freedom? How did we loose the right to live as we choose, to follow God the way be understand our bible? It's no longer a question of right and wrong, but of legal and illegal. If the Bible states differently than one of their laws then their laws supersede. God has little say in America. Instead, politicians RULE US.

We are their slaves. Freedom is an illusion. The dream of freedom keeps us voting while hoping for a better world that will never come.. Be encouraged, I will pray for you.
Chief Redelk
Dubberly, LA


Sent: Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Dear Pastor Alamo,
Hello brother! My name is Kenny. I wrote to you a couple of weeks ago and you sent me the booklet "Messiah" and some newsletters. I am so very thankful! I look forward to hearing from you again.
I am writing because I have seen all the absurd allegations in the newspaper. I just want you to know that I stand behind you all the way and keep you in my prayers. You are a spiritual leader to me and our nation. Everyone will see that soon.
Please send me more information about your ministries. I get out of prison in 9 months. I would like to learn as much as I can while incarcerated so that I may be of use to my community and any opportunity to work in the mission field. I am in a program now called IFI, InnerChange Freedom Initiative, so I am learning a great deal in the Word of God. Almost like a spiritual boot camp! I enjoy it and grow daily. The most important thing I've learned is I need a church when I come home. As I said in my last letter, I am from the Fort Smith area, so I am very familiar with your name and ministries. Please pray for my growth in the Lord.
Also Pastor, please pray for my wife as I have left her in a financial dilemma! The winter is coming and she will need propane to heat and cook with. With fuel prices so high I don't know how she will manage. Her name is Michelle! Please pray for her.
Thank you for all your time and prayers Pastor. I hope to hear from you soon. Keep faith, fulfil God's call and know you have my prayers for you.
Kenny R.
Tucker, Arkansas

Sent: Monday, September 22, 2008

Blessed be the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Almighty God..who is soon to come amen. Pastor Alamo your blessings in Heaven will be immense as well as the soldiers who bear the cross of Christ whom you have reared up in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

I thank God for you each day because of the stand you have made these 40 plus years and continue to do so in the battle that God has called you to fight against satan and the anti-Christ and their one world lying government. These devils have nothing better to do than to continue their on slaughter of lies and attacks on you and your ministry. Great is your reward Pastor for they shall say all manner of evil against you for Jesus sake, and you shall be hated of all men because of the truth you preach, the Word of God. Segment after segment of their filth and lies on the news will soon take its toll when God destroys them without mercy because they choose to reject message after message that you preach through the Spirit of God.

Your ministry will never fall because it is of the Lord, they are too ignorant and deceived to see it is the Lord they are fighting against. You have given your life for the cause of Christ and millions of souls have been won through your preaching. The Lord stands with you as he always has because you are all he has Pastor Alamo.

Churches today would buckle at the persecution that you and your church have endured. They have no back bone and its for sure they don't know the Lord jesus Christ. Pastor Alamo words cannot express the thankfulness I have for the Lord Jesus Christ and for you his prophet and all the true blood washed saints. I thank God for every thing he has done and will do, and I thank you Pastor Alamo as millions already have because without the Lord and his great mercy and calling you to his service and your ministry which goes out all over the world to carry the message of salvation we would have never known the truth and for this the anti-Christ government condemns you.

Obviously they have no clue on what the Lord is about to unleash in these last moments of time. God bless you Pastor Tony Alamo. The Lord has entrusted you and that says it all.
Praying for you always,
Frankie P. from Roland, OK


Sent: Monday, September 22, 2008

Dear Tony,

They call you a cult and I say to you that Jesus was considered a cult leader and now we see him as the path to salvation.

And I only wish I had the ability to become a member and live with you and please remember our government hates free thinkers like yourself and you are 100% right when you say the female body is ready when she has her 1st period and that is her body telling her it is time to reproduce.

But our government has made people think your evil if you believe other and just remember when your feeling blue that there are people out here that you don't even know who think you're on the right path.
Thronton, Colorado


Sent: Monday September 22, 2008

Dear Sisters and Brothers in our Lord Jesus Christ. I've just watched the channel 2 news my heart goes out to the family's who's children that was so wrongfully taken away from them.
I prayed right away for us to get threw this. And why are these no good Bastards always coming at night like the boogie man to take our children away. They're SICK! The Lord did say we would be wrongfully persecuted for the gospel sake God cannot lie die or fail.

We must be strong and stand together against the demonic beast and always pray without ceasing as the Lord says. Onward Christian Soldiers. I'm very angry and I know that these are all lies and Tony has never hurt not one of our kids in any kind of perverted way like the Pope says. It's all a mind control game to them but, satan's time is almost up. We only have a short time to win more souls before this will be over. My prayers and thoughts are with our family. The Lord will fight our battles. We just have to be strong.
Shhhh,Stop and Pray
Your Sister in Christ,
Regina R.


Sent: Monday, September 22, 2008

Dear Pastor Tony Alamo, Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I just heard you on CNN and utterly support you about CNN and the police and government being Antichrist. They need to take the plank out of their eye, before they consider trying to demoralize you.

The question we need to ask them, is about the "Apotheosis of George Washington" - meaning "to literally raise a person to the rank of a god or an icon, established 1865" as a rule of law and about GHW Bush and both houses of Masonic Congress - Public Law 102-14 - that America and all civilization was founded upon the 7 Noahide Laws of Noah, it was declared in 1989 as a rule of law, like the NWO was declared by the "thousand points of light" man GHW Bush on September 11, 1991. I agree with you, that September 11th was a hoax. Please refer to my webpage:

I originate from South Africa, and have been serving the Lord for the past 30 years, exposing and pulling down strongholds, that are exalting themselves against the knowledge of our God (2Cor 10:3-5). I have video tapes of the ceremony of the anti-Christ in South Africa, which took it's course in the year of the Yod 1993. I feel as the Holy Spirit has instructed me, to try and help you in every way that I can, because of my outspokenness against the One World Yod Government, they have tried to stop and expose me, like they are doing to you, but greater is He, Lord Jesus within us, than Lucifer within them. We have to expose their Luciferian Freemason movement, which the Lord Jesus prophesied in Matthew 5:18 "jot" = "yod".

I am in agreement with you about the dry bones, but I must emphasize the scripture Zeph 1:14 - the great day of the Lord is near...unfornately the antichrist system via George W Bush (false prophet #666) or should we call him the Yod leader, has brainwashed the people and reading them into his fathers NWO September 11, 1991 rule of law, which will ready them to make war with the Lamb (Rev 17:14).
Pastor Dennis Fisher
Pembroke Pines, FL


Sent: Monday, September 22, 2008

This is a reply to Lesia Christopher's media message - I am a single mother of two myself and have had a deadbeat dad, is so similar to mine, it is eerie. Only on my side the church that was supporting me and the children believed the father's lies, and my children where kidnapped, I did get them back but under very harsh, violent situation. I have just finished the 2 year long court case and am awaiting the judge's decision. From my experience, the police, magistrates and judge's are more corrupt than anyone else out there. I believe that Jesus is my Judge and God, and I leave everything in His hands. The father has used the power of Freemasonry to kidnap and abuse my children and I believe Judge Renee Goldenberg is working with the father, all I know is that at the end of the month a decision has to come. But just wanted to tell you to hang in there because there are other people going thru the same situation. Believe you me, the father lied and said I was abusing my children, that I am in an occult and so forth - but no evidence just trying to demoralize me.
Thank you
Rene W.
Miramar, FL


Sent: Monday, September 22, 2008

Praying for Pastor Alamo.
Vernon C
Lexington, Ky


Sent: Monday September 22, 2008

Pastor Alamo, blessed are you when men revile you and say evil things against you. When I first heard this latest attack against you, I prayed for the destruction of everyone of the people involved in these false accusations. Later, the Holy Spirit reminded me that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, that our battle is against the evil spirits that control these wicked people. Just know that many of us are backing you with spiritual warfare through prayer. Love you Pastor Alamo. "If GOD be for you, WHO can be against you." "No weapon formed against you shall prosper."
Miguel Angel C.
Murrieta, CA


Sent: Monday, September 22, 2008

I would like some material on your organization and how I would come for a visit.
Jeffery C.
Surfside Beach, SC

Sent: Sunday, September 21, 2008
I have just been introduced to your website and I am very interested in how I can be a part of your congregation. Can you please send me some literature? I have been a follower of Christ since I have been born. And I truly believe that Pastor Tony is anointed by God. I know we are in the last days. And I would love to be surrounded by like believers. Please send the info ASAP.
Thank you and God bless,
Crys C.
Glendale, Arizona

Sent: Sunday, September 21, 2008
Please can you give me more info in joining your group please.
Graham C.
Northallerton, United Kingdom


Sent: Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dear Pastor Alamo & Friends,
The F.B.I. has made a terrible blunder, or worse, in publicly raiding your facilities at Fouke, supposedly looking for evidence of your involvement in child pornography. I may not agree with some of your stated beliefs, but I am positive that you have absolutely nothing to do with child pornography.

This raid is an outrage, and I believe it is just an attempt to get the publics attention off the collapsing U.S. economy and the incredible incompetence of those in government who don't know what to do about it, since THEIR BOSSES orchestrated the whole thing and our Congress is a box of puppets.
I would define THEIR BOSSES differently than you do, but regardless, I support you, and I will pray for you. You are being unjustly persecuted.
C.D. Thomson
Quebec City, Quebec


Sent: Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dear Pastor Alamo,
I met you about 30 years ago when my wife and I were on our honeymoon. We were living in Alabama at the time and made a trip through Arkansas and Oklahoma to visit family. I'll never forget stopping at your combination restaurant and store. When we were ready to leave you personally waited on us. You gave us (free) one of your records and signed it for us. We have never forgotten you, or that night. I have followed all your troubles in the news over the years. I am so sorry for you and everything they have put you through. You have been in my prayers. Just remember, they persecuted Jesus and all of his Apostles. God bless you, your dear wife, and your ministry.
John K.
Oswego, NY


Sent: Sunday, September 21, 2008

Keeping you all in prayer!
Tremont City, Ohio


Sent: Sunday, September 21, 2008

We are a poor family that can't afford to buy anything so we thought we would ask for some literature from you. We would really appreciate it. Thank you.
Judith M.
Nash, Texas

 Sent: Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hello Tony it is me again Lorrie I have had quiet a few people tell me that I do not need to socialize with the people in your Church but it is my life and Terry has been a very great person to me as well as you and Sharon and all the hypocrites that want to tell me to stay away sure don't help me when I am in need and want them to even pray with me. When I just need a prayer and they want to call you a cult. Fairland holliness, Mercy and Grace, Newhope, Antioch Baptist, I can name a lot more but I just know that you will pray with and for whomever will listen to your program everyday and it doesn't have to be a certain person you pray for all you are such a great inspiration to me and you pick up my spirits everyday thank you and God Bless You
Fouke, Arkansas


July 11, 2008
This is Kelly D. in Little Rock touching base.  Earlier in the week I called the ministry and left a message for Susan S. re: reaching Pastor Alamo.
My last communication with Susan was in early June when she phoned me to say that Tony was interested in talking to me and allowing me to interview him and do a profile on the church. (I am a local documentary filmmaker.) 
At the time I was told he was traveling, and I just got back into town myself....  Please thank Pastor Alamo for me, and I do look forward to meeting him.
Meanwhile, until we can get together, do you have any choice radio broadcasts, recorded tunes by Tony, or television programs with Tony, etc., any media materials that might be helpful that you could send to me?  I know his ministry has been around for over thirty years and this rich history is something I am really interested in showing as well as what  the church is doing currently....  And any materials you could provide in this regard would be wonderful.
My address is:
Kelly D.
P.O. Box
Little Rock , AR 72221
Please pass along my best regards to Tony, and tell him that I look forward to getting together with him soon!
Kelly D.

July 14, 2008
Dear Kelly,
I have received all of your emails. When would you like to do this. I am still in Los Angeles recording and doing other things. Are you ever in this area because if you are going to be out here, we can do it while I'm here.
In Christ's service,
Pastor Tony Alamo

July 15, 2008
Dear Pastor Alamo,
It's great to hear from you. Thanks for your response. 
Originally I had in mind interviewing you at home in Arkansas ,  and profiling your church at the same time.
However, I might could make a trip out there...  I'd have to see, as I don't have any other plans to be out there right now.... You mentioned that you were doing some recording out there, right?  Do you mean recording songs?  If so, can you tell me more? I was thinking that it would be great to get you on camera performing/recording in the studio, if possible.  How much longer are you planning on staying in Southern California ? 

July 18, 2008
Dear Kelly,
I never really make plans because every time I do, they don't come to pass. I just go by the daily things that happen everyday. It could be that I'll go back to the Arkansas area anytime. I have no idea. I know that I'm going to record ten more songs with the Prague Symphony Orchestra, and with the Life Choir in Hollywood, where I will overdub my voice. I just finished five songs. I'll be sending you a copy of the CD Federal Express. I guess you don't realize that I have a church out here as well. We win more souls in this church than the other churches because naturally there are more people here. But the churches in Arkansas are actually bigger.

Yes, it would be okay to take pictures of the recording studio and me recording songs. I record my messages everyday in my own place, just whenever it will be convenient for both of us. When I'm recording, I don't have much time for an interview. I have to study the songs. They are Christian's songs. I'm just doing Christian recordings. Again, I'm sending you a sampling of the five songs we just finished recording. I'm doing ten more. We're recording in the first part of August. We're laying down the tracks this coming Monday in Hollywood, then we send them to the Czech Republic. Then we are on screen with them, we see them and they see us, the conductor is laying the symphony orchestra over the rhythm track. Then we get them back here and put the choir on. Then after the choir, I put my voice on. It's not like the old days where everything is done at once. If you can, it's all right for you to come out here, but I won't have much time to interview when I'm recording. You can take pictures though and film it.
In Christ's service,
Pastor Tony Alamo

July 27, 2008
Dear Pastor Tony,
Thanks so much for forwarding me the tunes you've been working on.  Sorry it took me several days to get back to you as I've been out of pocket on other business.  Re: the music .... What an elaborate production you've undertaken. Wow.... A few questions:  What inspired you to get back in the recording studio?  Did you write all the songs? Has anyone ever compared you to Sinatra?  (BTW, you really hung that last note on "No Man is an Island !") How did you get hooked up with the Prague Symphony?  ... I am impressed with the upbeat, cheerful tone of the songs; sounds like everybody is having a good time. 
You mentioned that you have 10 more songs to record, correct?  Do you know when in August you'll begin recording those and how long that will take? If I can make it out there, I'd love to film you recording more songs.  And, again,  thanks for the invite. 
I am curious,  you've seen so much over the years-- with your ministry having grown and existed for so long -- how do you see your role today (in 2008 compared to say 1968) since you started the church and it's mission?  Has it changed? And if so, how?

August 27, 2008
Dear Kelly,
No, I'm not in L.A. at the present, but I'm going back in a few days. We've already recorded the rhythm tracks for the new songs we are going to be doing. I don't know exactly when we're going to be going in for the rest of it.

You asked in one of your last letters what inspired me to get back in the recording studio. I have always sung. I'm always singing. I'm just not per say into the recording industry. I'm just recording songs to play on my program. You asked if I wrote all the songs. No, I didn't write any of the songs. They've been around forever. Yes, I have been compared to Sinatra now and then, but I didn't think I sounded like Sinatra on those songs. How do you get that I sounded like Sinatra on these songs? People seem to really like that last note.

You asked how we got hooked up with the Prague Symphony Orchestra. One of the world's best arrangers asked me if I would like to sing with the Prague Symphony Orchestra, and I said, "Sure." He set it up for me.
You stated that you are impressed with the up-beat, cheerful tone of the songs. I saw the Lord Jesus Christ before my very eyes, and it was the most cheerful and happy thing that ever happened to me in my life, and I thought He was taking me to Heaven. He told me, "Not yet," and that I have to stay here. So Heaven is a very cheerful thought to me. It should be to everybody that's going there, I'm sure. If people could only see Heaven and see the Lord, they would not grieve for anyone who has gone there. Many people die and go to the other place, but I'm saved, and I'm going to Heaven.

Yes, I have ten more songs that I'm going to record. Again, we've already laid down the rhythm tracks, and we're rehearsing the choir on it right now. I don't know exactly when, in the month of August, we'll be doing the rest. We're also writing the score for the symphony orchestra, then it takes me quite a while, more than one session, to lay down my voice because most of them are complicated arrangements. I have to study the arrangements.
I really don't like people to take pictures of me while I am singing because it just gets my mind off of singing. But I'll make sure you get one of the first copies, when we're done.

You asked how I see my world today, in comparison to 1968. I'm more confident today in that God has really called me as the end time preacher, teacher, evangelist, and pastor. I'm so confident in that, that I'm just reeking with boldness and confidence. I have no doubt of it now. This is the end of time, and people really need to repent of all their sins because there's nothing that has sin on it that's going to enter Heaven. We're the bride of Christ, and we're His body. There is no sin in the body of Christ; there's no sin in His bride. The Lord isn't marrying Himself to a sinful bride. I'm confidant because I see the Lord opening doors all over the world. I'm just one person, and my mind is being blown all the time of what He is doing through me and the other people in this work of God. I and all the others in this ministry have much more faith now, and they have much more knowledge of the Word of God. They're fuller of confidence that they're going to Heaven. The more faith you have, the more you know you're going to Heaven. Heaven is a very, very big reality to me. I believe in it more than I do the existence in this world. As a matter of fact, I've just finished reading through the book of Revelation on my radio program. I thought that maybe now that would be it and I could go home, but I'm still alive and fighting the good fight of faith.
Pastor Tony Alamo

August 27, 2008
Dear Tony,
Thanks for your reply.   Sounds like you've been very busy, and I'm been caught up in a few things myself.  So, it's good to hear from you.  ...  I understand your uneasiness with a camera in the studio while you're having to concentrate on vocals, etc. 
My Sinatra comparison?  I guess it's that crooning ... a certain something in the voice, that style.... I look forward to hearing more when you're finish.
I appreciate your answer too re: 1968 compared to now 2008.... There are definitely some serious problems going on in the world right now, natural and man-made.... I am worried about the future, and our children's future in the world. People keep acting like a nation can continue to dig a hole for itself without overwhelming, everlasting consequences.  People need to wake up.
Would you be alright with me filming you while you're doing your radio program?   That sort of thing? etc.  ... I strongly feel that your story needs to be told.
Are you in town? ( Arkansas ) ... And if so, for how long?  

September 1, 2008
Dear Kelly,
No, I'm not in Arkansas anymore. I'm back in Los Angeles, and I'm recording with the Prague Symphony Orchestra again and some of the members of the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra.

September 21, 2008
Dear Tony, 
I heard about the raid in Fouke ... insane. I hope everyone is alright. Let me know if I can help.  I imagine you're going to need some friendly media instead of  more shark attacks.  Are you okay? BTW, How does a federal agency "accidentally" email 50 news agencies in Arkansas about the raid before it happens?!

September 23, 2008
Hi Tony,
I just talked to Rick at your church in Fouke in an effort to reach you. A I'm guessing that you're still getting bombarded by the "drive-by" media, which you know I am not.  That being said, I know we had talked about getting together to interview on camera prior to all the mess, and since the raid I feel even more compelled to tell your story, so please let me know if this is possible?

I heard some of the snippets of telephone interviews that you've done with the various outlets and unfortunately their approach is all the same -- they are looking for reactive comments. As you know that is not where I am coming from. What I am not hearing is your message coming through, and unlike these others, I can still be an opportunity for you in this way. I am (still) interested in the man and his ministry, your rich history, and your ability to survive all the trials and tribulations -- including the one that is happening right now. Let me know what we can do.
BTW, Happy belated Birthday. 
Kelly D.

Subject: Answer from Pastor Tony
Sent: July 18, 2008
Dear Gia,
When people move into the church, they get all the necessities of life, however some believe that we live a spartan life style because we eat what is served in the kitchen (most people think it's extremely good). We have a variety of places to live, it's not like you get to choose everything. If you are just by yourself, you would possibly be living with another sister. Anyone willing to just not live for this world but for the Kingdom of Heaven is welcome, but they have to keep the rules of the church also.

My grandfather is from Stockholm, Sweden, and my grandmother is from Helsinki, Finland on my mother's side. My dad is Romanian.

Education doesn't mean anything in the Lord, but it does help the church if people are intelligent. You sound as though you are. We are always in need of teachers and the government has allowed us to give benefits, rather giving people salaries. They reckon that the benefits that they receive from the church mount up to around $4-5,000 a month. This was their determination 25 years ago. Everything you receive here is free. We don't pay wages. We pay room and board. We provide room and board, food, clothing, and if you're sick we take care of all medical expenses. We take care of everything necessary for life, but we don't pay wages.

Tell me more about yourself because I'd like to know how you could fit in to this church and which church you could be at. We have several of them.
Your brother in Christ,
Pastor Tony Alamo

Sent: July 25, 2008
Dear Brother in Christ!
I wish by the heavenly grace of our most sweet and dearest Father in heaven that you are doing but well in His wonderful name.
Thanks for your response and for sharing with me some information about yourself and your ministry opportunity to serve the Lord through your humble and most blessed calling.
Agreed to the fullest with you that the given education of this world can never even be closed to be compared to the one that our heavenly Father has given us but through the anointing and grace of the Holy Spirit and in the teachings that is in Christ our dearest Lord.
I am a humble servant in Christ in my daily life and want to keep on shining His own way in all little things that I do.
I am not expecting a real salary from you. The Lord knowing all my needs, directs me how to proceed so everything falls into places peacefully as much as possible to please Him and honor Him in everything that I do. In order to make things go round from here when I am away. I need to provide for my monthly bills for an amount around 1400 $ US dollar monthly.
I always try to take a step at a time, allowing Him (our Lord) to guide me step by step. This is the step He is showing me to take, in my prayers for this calling.
Please get together with Him on this matter and see how you would like to consider this matter. As for me, I am ready to make a move and get started and join you in your calling with joy and honor from above, under the obedience that is in Christ and in His Spirit and in His Truth.
I am grateful for all the necessities your ministry would provide me as a guest and co-worker in Christ. And to be able to fulfill that engagement, I also would need for your ministry to provide me with my fly ticket all the way from here.

Now a little bit more about myself.
I am originally not from Sweden. But from an island calls Mauritius which lies in the Indian Ocean. I came here in Sweden around 1977. This is where I met the Lord in a heavenly like manner. Which changed my life and brought answers to all the questions that I have been looking for all my life. My transformation was pretty much heavenly all the way. I shall humbly and willingly share that with you some other time. It was a point and a place of no return. My soul was delighted in the Lord my God and Saviour for coming to my life from that day on. He Himself, taught me many things, how to walk, how to discern things and opened my baby eyes, since I have just been reborn but still, He delivered unto my soul, greater knowledge, understanding and revelations that many mature Christians lecturer, prophets did not have at that time. I began to see everything with His own eyes as far as He allowed me to. And understood that from then on, it was not only that I was beautifully secure in Him for evermore. But had a big big big price to pay for my faith and for my zeal, and love and obedience for Him. And right away after my conversion, I started to be severely punished by people who were most close to me to begin with. Heavily condemned and persecuted. .. but His love and faithfulness kept me alive and moody to be that light that He Himself has caused me to be by grace and to share the joy that He has filled my soul with. To care about the needy, pray for the sick, set the captives free, in and out of season to warn and strengthened my fellow in Christ so they wont be out of track and failed Him. Boy, I did just those things. The more i obey, the more they (any one) the devil send to persecute me, in any disguise possible. But the more the Lord strengthened me in His mercy, in His love, in His will and mold me on and on and on....
And each time a Judas is around or false prophet, He points them out, no matter whatever disguise they have. For no one can fool God, nor hide himself from Him who is but Holly and mighty.
No, I don't and have never belonged to any church of any kind. He has kept me out of them all for some reasons. I was and have been a watcher, being around to observe, warn, retrieve, guide, encourage, bring deliverance, warn and warn in any way the Lord keeps reaching out through me. So His people will know who He is , where He stands, and the difference between the goats way and the narrow way.
Now, certain things about my personality. Before my conversion, I came from a protected family. Have never lived the wild life that most people has done, such as drinking, partying, cursing, in profanity, or in abuse of any kind consciously or directly.
But as a Christian, the Lord has led me many times, to understand people individually and was led to help even those who have been abused and abusing each other. He has also led me to warn several so called famous Christian leaders during and over the years so they will recapitulate and turn the right way. But I see none of them took it at heart. Unfortunately they are doing today what I warned them not to do, and they were brought into deception, calamity, fallen into more and more sins and compromise, for they should have repented and turn back on the right track before they miss it all, (though some of them already gone and left this planet). Each time I have obeyed His voice, He has filled me even with more revelations and knowledge, understanding, and love and grace, and with the Holy Spirit characters and qualities. I humbly and heartily thank Him for that. For He is always faithful and Truth as He is to be.
About my education, i have done up to college only. As i have spent all my years from 4 years of age, trying to find out how to find my God and only Him the Truth, nothing else will do. Yes, it did brought me to do some digging around in different subjects. And now that I have found Him in my life. He is my Educator to be, and to keep on instructing me as long as I live and hopefully for ever lasting. Standing in His presence everyday, teaches me something new and more ...He is Eternal, and His knowledge is for all eternity.
Well, brother, I shall remain here for this time. And pray that the Lord guides you in every way to do His precious will.
And in that matter as well. As my service and calling is but in His Highest Honorable, and most Heavenly Majesties service in Jesus Christ.
With All the blessings that is in Christ our Lord and our beloved everlasting Saviour.
Glory be to His Name for ever and ever more! Amen!

Subject: Answer from Pastor Alamo
Date: Monday, August 25, 2008
Dear Gia,
I was read your letter. In order for me to know what church of ours to send you to, I need to know what your capabilities are. Tell me about what you know how to do. Do you know how to type, do you know computers, do you know how to cook? We need cooks at different churches but not all of them.

Also you need to know that when you come here, you're not coming here to teach. You're coming here to learn, and if you have something that you think you should teach, then you have to clear it through me because I will not allow any doctrine that I don't know in the church. There's too much false doctrine in the world, and I'm not saying that you have false doctrine, but we have to be careful with the Word of the Lord.
Pastor Tony Alamo

Sent October 2, 2008
Greetings in Christ brother Alamo!
I have been waiting for your answer for weeks now. Please let me know whats up, if you have had a change of mind of me coming over to join with you and serve our precious Lord, please let me know as soon as you can.
All the best in Christ,

Subject: Dear Gia,
Sent: Thursday October 9, 2008
Dear Gia,
We apologize for any delay in responding to you. As far as we can see, every letter we have received has been answered by Pastor Alamo. He has definitely said that you are welcome to come here. Please let us know what you are waiting to hear back on. We will get an answer back to you as soon as possible. Currently, we are undergoing intense persecution from the One World Government. They have raided our church and facilities and arrested Pastor Alamo on false charges and taken away 6 of our children. Please hold Pastor Alamo up in your prayers, along with the 6 children. If God be for us, who can be against us. We are confident that the Lord is going to bring us through this. 
Alamo Ministries Mail Dept.