I, Tamela Reid, am a member of Tony Alamo Christian Ministries. I am writing this about the harassment the city of Texarkana has been giving us for distributing gospel literature. Another member of the ministry and I were distributing Pastor Alamo’s gospel literature in Texarkana, Arkansas, on the day of June 2, 2009. As I was waiting for her to get in the car after distributing the last few pieces of gospel literature she had in her hand, I looked up and saw FBI Special Agent Randall Harris (one of the FBI agents who has been harassing us) speeding toward me in his car, honking his horn frantically. I called for Debbie to get in the vehicle so we could leave because I didn’t know what crazy thing he was about to do to us next. At this point Randall started literally chasing us, zigzagging in his car for at least three streets before finally leaving us alone.

This shows the persecution that is happening to our ministry. The people only know what is in the newspapers and that is what they believe. We are getting our side out while they are doing everything to stop us. This is very disturbing for this to be happening in the United States of America. This is supposed to be a country that we, the people, have freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion without being chased or harassed by the “government.”

Ever since Sgt. Shawn Fitzgerald of Texarkana, Texas, police department said in the Texarkana Gazette newspaper that when people see members of the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries distributing gospel literature, just call 911 and the cops will get them, a lot of people call the cops right away.

  1. As soon as we (Bob Morrissey and Bill Wattles) started distributing literature at an office building in Texarkana called B.W.I., a lady taking a smoke break ran inside to tell them we were out there. A man came charging out of the side door very angry, looking, talking, and acting like he was going to get violent. He started coming after Bill Wattles. Then he saw Al Reid in the vehicle and started hitting the vehicle with his hand. Al drove off the property. Then this man tried to catch Bob, and was yelling that he was “going to kick our ass.”

  2. While we were at the Oak Lawn Opry, a man came up to Bob and Bill and started yelling, “Tony Alamo is going to Hell,” and then threw the piece of gospel literature he had on the ground and told us to, “get the Hell out of here. You are nuts.”
  3. While distributing gospel literature at a Dollar General store parking lot in Texarkana someone came out of the store yelling that we, “can’t do that here” and threw a cup of soda and ice at Bill Wattles.
  4. A man from the Richmond Oaks apartment building called our 24 hr phone line and said, “The next time their building gets the literature, they are going to do violence to whoever is doing it.”
  5. While at Target an off duty police officer told Bob Morrissey that if he put one more tract out he was calling a unit to take him to jail. He said, “You are breaking the law.” Bob told him how the Texarkana, Texas, city attorney was refusing to prosecute us after our Constitutional attorney’s talk with her. He responded, “I don’t care. You put one more out and you are going to jail.” His name was Geoff Lewis. Also, several times the managers and workers of Target come running out and chase us off while calling the police.
  6. While distributing literature at Ellis Pottery, the manager sent 3 of her stock boys to chase Bob Morrissey down the street. Then the cops came and were driving around looking for him.
  7. At Trinity Baptist Church, a man tried to block our vehicle and when he saw that didn’t work, he grabbed our mirror and hung on as we drove away.
  8. As Greg Seago and Carlos Parrish were about to put out their first piece of literature, a man in front of the Texarkana Fire Station started yelling to, “stop.” They both stopped and started to walk back to their vehicle. The man got into a car and raced over and blocked them from leaving (he was a fire marshal). He had radioed the police for back up. Two squad cars showed up and the fire marshal gave them both tickets. The police said it is against the law and if they get caught again, it’s going to be a criminal offence.
  9. A shopper and his wife were irate when they saw Carlos handing out the gospel literature. The man was yelling and called the police on his cell phone and followed Carlos giving his description and the description of the vehicle he thought belonged to Carlos.

These are just some examples of how hostile people are.

From: Bob Morrissey

RE: Meeting with Texarkana, Arkansas, City Attorney, Tommy Potter on the citation I received.

Amy Friedman (one of the ad litem attorneys for the children they kidnapped from us) met with Tommy Potter for about 10 minutes before I was called into the meeting.

When He (Tommy Potter) called me in he asked, “What’s going on?” I then said, “I’m in here for placing gospel literature on vehicles.” He said, “I can see that.” I then said, “Your ordinance is unconstitutional. I have a copy of the 8th Circuit’s decision and an article about that decision.” He responded, “I know what all this is. We will just have to find something else to charge you with, maybe littering.” I then said, “That was covered by the 8th circuit decision also.” Then he said, “Well, then something else. Where were you when you were stopped?” I said “On a city street.” He said, “Well, where had you been?” I said, “all over Texarkana.” He then said, “Well, you can go for now. We will find something to charge you with. You can go now. We will let you know what the charges are and your court date as soon as we charge you.”