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February 23, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

I've been in the Tony Alamo Ministries for the last 11 years. I'm here because I want to be here, and my children are here because they want to be here. Tony Lane, a drug addict and woman abuser, has always used people just like he used me before we moved into the church. Tony Lane has never tried to support his children, but only his drug habit. We never were married. We just lived together, and now I'm happily married to a nice Christian man.

Tony Lane has been in and out of jail. He was given an opportunity just as his sister Michelle Ashcraft was, to have a place in the ministry, and they chose to walk out on that chance, and now they want to spread lies and say they are worried about my kids and say that one of the last pictures they saw, Ashley looked like she had a black eye. What picture? I haven't sent him pictures! Prove it!

My children are taken care of and have the best of everything. You haven't sent these children one penny in all these years, and you haven't sent them so much as a birthday card or Christmas card, or anything, For the past 11 years the Tony Alamo Christian Church has always supplied everything, the best of everything, from our living facilities, our clothes, nourishing food, including health food and beauty aids, and most of all our spiritual food for our souls, the Bible. He pays for all hospital and dental bills for everyone and has done so for over 40 years. He is the most spiritual and caring person I've ever met, and my kids say the same thing.

This crack head is talking about saving my children? Save us from what? I want to be saved, by him and the media leaving me, my children, and the church alone. My children and myself are in the most blessed place on earth, the place God has called us. It's like Heaven on earth. My children and myself are happily in the church and away from him for 11 years. He knows where I've been for the last 11 years. Our church has nothing to hide. The doors are always open to those who truly want to serve the Lord, not Tony Alamo or anyone else! There are no chains or bars on or around us!

As far as my 13 year old daughter getting married, that's not true. That's not even on her mind or anyone else's mind that is truly serving the Lord. Tony Alamo will not even allow a marriage like that. She's under age!

Tony Lane should be thankful I made a stand for God or my 13 year old daughter would be doing what he had me doing, which is stripping and working in a topless bar, when I was about her age. This crack head wasn't even there when she was born. He was out smoking crack and living with me, an under age 16 year old girl. Now he's asking for help from anybody that will help him to get my children. He was a roofer, but he's getting up there in years and doesn't want to work anymore and wants to use my children, ages 13, 10, and 9, to do the same things he had me doing when I was barely 16 years old, more than likely committing incest with them and making them work at a topless bar and prostitution. He used the money I made to buy crack and pot. He's the one that needs help, not me or my children. The only one that can help him is God Almighty, if he confesses the lies he has told and repents!

Lesia Christopher