To President Trump, and to whom it may concern (hopefully someone that will do something!):

There are a great many people around this world who cannot understand, and would like to know why World Pastor Tony Alamo is being treated as if he were a terrorist—a hardened criminal.
Let us consider the crimes he has committed and is in prison and being persecuted for:

  1. His love for God, Jesus Christ, his fellow humanity, human souls, and his country.
  2. His having enough concern for his fellow man to feed and clothe complete strangers of any belief, who are in need and asking for help.
  3. His not only telling people the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but also housing, feeding, taking care of all their needs, i.e., clothing, medical, dental expenses, schooling, transportation, spiritual counseling, Bible study, and 24-hour emergency counseling, as long as they want to serve the Lord and keep His commandments.

I could go on and on.
I have known Pastor Tony Alamo for nearly forty-seven years and knew his late wife Susan—
both personally. Better friends I have never had; always there to help physically and spiritually 24/7.

Terrorist? Tony Alamo loves his country and is the most patriotic person I know. He is totally for the Republic of the USA. He was in the Navy and part of one of the top companies of servicemen of his time. No, he is not a terrorist—quite the opposite—so why is he being held in a prison full of terrorists and being treated worse than them all?

Tony is totally blind. He is 82 years old, and suffers from diabetes and heart problems. His personal belongings were stolen numerous times. The authorities will not replace anything, and wouldn’t even let his wife send him a replacement pair of eyeglasses, when he could see a little.

They are at this present time inflicting psychological and mental torment on him.

What has this world come to? And my beloved USA? With liberty and justice for all? A jury could not find Pastor Alamo guilty because there was absolutely NO evidence, yet he has been sentenced to Federal Prison for 175 years. They don’t give terrorists, murderers, or traitors sentences even close to this length of time. But the now corrupted government hates my pastor because he exposes their wickedness and corruption and warns them of the wrath of God to come unless they repent.

What do you think? Is this crime worthy of 175-year imprisonment? What about the teacher in San Antonio who was teaching the students how to assassinate the president-elect of our country last year? They produced a play depicting his murder. The teacher was reprimanded; no jail, no imprisonment, just a verbal slap on the wrist. Had this production depicted the murder of Barak Obama, I’m sure the punishment would have been drastic and long lasting.

Pastor Alamo’s case sounds like an evil fairytale or some bizarre movie. Well, truly it has been a real nightmare for him, his family, and all of us who are part of his congregation that love him dearly.

My granddaughter, Jeanette Marie Orlando, who is now thirty-eight years old, was born and raised in this ministry. Jeanne was our first grandchild, and her grandpa and I adored her. She spent as much time with us as she did with her family at home. Susan Alamo (who went to be with the Lord in 1982) was very fond of Jeanne as a young child and often invited her to visit her at their home.

As Jeanne became a teenager, her values started to change. She was no longer the sweet, innocent girl who loved the Lord with all her heart. She became moody and snappy. Her mom and dad were becoming very concerned, as her granddad and I were also. They went to Pastor Tony for counsel.

Although Pastor Tony didn’t really know Jeanne, he and his wife Sharon said they would do anything they could to help her, and they invited her to come and stay with them for a while so that she could help in the office and join in with Bible studies and prayer meetings. Jeanne was very happy. She had some secretarial skills. She loved swimming and helping with the animals, and all of the activities. Everyone at the pastor’s house treated Jeanne with kindness, and soon we all noticed a good and positive change taking place, which made us very happy and thankful.

One day, Tony and Sharon and the sisters in the office loaded up in the car and headed up Highway 71 into town for some shopping, and to take care of some errands. Suddenly a large utility truck coming down the highway speeded up and headed straight for their car, nearly hitting them head on. Had it not been for Angel (who was driving) swerving drastically to the right, almost flipping the vehicle completely over, they would have been killed. The side door was hit, ripped off its hinges, and flew off as Jeanne was being thrown out of the opening. Pastor Tony, being extremely alert and moving quickly, reached across to the back seat, and grabbed her, preventing her from being hurled out of the open side of the car as it spun around. Tony risked his own life to keep Jeanne from being killed.

At Pastor Tony’s trial, Jeanne Orlando told the court that she was verbally and physically mistreated by him, along with many other lying accusations that she was coerced into saying by (the former Cult Awareness Network) Wellspring Retreat, an organization raised up to “deprogram” born-again Christians and make them denounce their belief and faith in Jesus Christ. The government agencies who were (and still are) trying to destroy Pastor Alamo and the world-wide Christian, soul-winning ministry of ours, offered Jeanne a lot of money, hundreds of thousands or more, to lie about the man who had so courageously saved her life.

I must also tell of an event, which finally led to the dismissal of Jeanne from our church. Jeanne went to Pastor Alamo and dramatically told him that her father Joey Orlando had molested her as a child, and as she grew older, had sex with her often. Because Pastor Tony never dreamed anyone would lie about such a horrifying set of circumstances, and because no immorality of any kind is allowed, or ever has been, in this ministry, Pastor Tony told Joey he had to leave the church. Jeanne’s mother (my daughter) Lenore took our grandchildren and left also. She was completely in shock. You tell me!! What kind of a person would deliberately tell such a diabolical story about their own father if it wasn’t true?

Several months later, Jeanne went to Pastor Alamo and told him it was all a lie—about what her father had done to her. The damage was done. Not long after all of this, Jeanne was put out of the church for her conduct and continuous lies. It is horrifying that my granddaughter is a pathological liar.

Jeanne not only destroyed the lives of her family, but many precious families in the church with her lies. The children were taken by force from their upstanding parents who loved the Lord and loved and cherished their children. A first published news report was that the children that were taken from their families from the Alamo Christian Ministries were brilliant. There was no sign of any mental or physical abuse. They were happy, friendly, well-adjusted children who loved their parents, their families, and their church. The article was only published one time!!!

My husband and I drove a follow-up vehicle on nearly every trip that Pastor Tony, his wife Sharon, and family took to California for business to visit the ministry there, and for Tony to see his cardiologist. He’s had a heart problem for years. This was one of the trips that they used to bring the false accusation that Pastor Tony had an illicit affair on the bus while traveling to California. Most of the other counts involved travel of a few young women which traveled separately and apart from Tony. He did not even travel with them! My granddaughter made up one of the trips that never even happened. I was there. They are all filthy lies. I rode on the bus when my husband took his turn driving. Pastor Tony’s wife was always right there. They conjure up such filthy things because that is how they fantasize.

At Pastor Tony’s trial, the jury could not find him guilty because there was no evidence to prove any of the accusations. When the jury asked the judge what they should do, he said, “You know what to do, follow your instructions!!”
We paid our attorneys a lot of money to defend our pastor and church. When they were asked why our witnesses were not being called to testify, and why they were not defending Pastor Tony, their answer was, “If we told the whole truth of this case, and defended Tony and the church accordingly, we would be tarred and feathered!!” They were afraid.
Please, in the name of God in Heaven and everything that is decent and true and right, HELP!!!

Merry Anne Barnett