By Tony Alamo

People should not say they love the Lord if they have not surrendered their whole selves as an offering, a gift, unto the Lord.1 This seems to be so difficult for many people who profess Christianity. The Lord only becomes consecrated to us if we give Him all our affection.2 God wants all our affection more than any other thing we have.3 God demands that we totally give ourselves to Him as an offering because He gave His total self for us as an offering, so that we might become born again of the Spirit, resurrected by His power to eternal life.4 God demands that He be the Lord of our affection, number one in our affection.5

Consecration, giving God all our affection, is the beginning of a believer’s life with the Lord.6 If we are not consecrated to the Lord, there will not be one trace of spiritual life in our lives. There is nothing more important in a Christian’s consecration than his surrendering all of his affection to the Lord. It is much easier for the majority of people to give up their time, money, strength, and other things to the Lord. However, our affection is not easy to give up. If we put Jesus second to anybody or anything, He will not have all our love, our affection, as He demands.7 We have offered Him nothing if we hold back any of our affection, and if we do, we are not consecrated to Him.8

We must learn how important it is for us to surrender all our affection to God. God is not willing to share our heart with anyone or anything.9 He doesn’t want the largest part of our heart. He wants it all, or wants nothing, because to God if it isn’t all, it is nothing. God is not happy with ninety-nine and ninety-nine one-hundredth percent of our hearts. He demands all our love. This demand of God is very offensive to most people’s self life. The Lord tells us to give up everything we have and love only Him because He is God, the Pearl of great price.10 If we love God, the Pearl of great price, enough, we will give up everything we have in the world to possess Him.11 If we won’t give Him all our affection, then our heart is separated from Him, because it is divided.12

God wants us to give Him our total love. He commands it, and demands for us to follow Him in love without question.13 Love means to keep all of His commandments.14 “For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments” (I John 5:3). “He that saith, I know Him, and keepeth not His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him” (I John 2:4). Jesus said, “Ye are My friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you” (John 15:14). The most important commandment is: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with ALL THY HEART, and with ALL THY SOUL, and with ALL THY MIND, and with ALL THY STRENGTH: this is the first commandment” (Mark 12:30). “All” means every ounce of everything we have must be given to the Lord as a sacrifice so that we might have eternal life. Not even one molecule or atom of affection is to be given to anyone else but the Lord. God tells us, “I…am a jealous God” (Exod. 20:5). God will not allow anyone to steal His love or His affection. The Apostle Peter states that we should always “[cast] all [our] care upon Him; for He careth for [us]” (I Pet. 5:7). Millions of immature Christians have their affections set on someone or something other than God.


Abraham proved his affection to God by being willing to sacrifice his only son, Isaac, as the Lord commanded him to do.15 God spared Abraham from performing this heart-rending task. Isaac was spared because Abraham proved his love, his affection for God, by his willingness to do whatever God would ask him. God insists that we lay everything beloved to us on the altar.16 God will play second fiddle to no one or no thing.17 For God to compete with anyone or anything is out of the question. God will not tolerate any competition.


Everything we love must be on the altar. This is what Christianity is all about. This is the only way to receive God’s power, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.18 As soon as we have laid everything that is near and dear to us on the altar before God as a total sacrifice, the fire of God will come down upon it and consume it, as long as it is properly and spiritually placed upon the altar.19 The fire of God is the Holy Spirit.20 The heavenly fire or Holy Spirit mortifies or kills our human emotions, desires, feelings, and affection.21 God’s heavenly fire, the Holy Spirit, will come down and consume every worldly, carnal affection that would hinder us from placing all our affection on the Lord our God. The altar is symbolic of our hearts.22 The Holy Spirit will burn out everything that is self, flesh, world, and the devil from within us when everything we love, cherish, and adore in this world is placed on the altar as a sacrifice to God.23 God will reward us greatly with His priceless, unspeakable gift of His eternal life and great power within if we on a daily basis continue to retain His life and power by sacrificing our will and our affection to Him twenty-four hours a day till the end.24


If there is ninety-nine percent of us on the altar, there will be nothing for God’s heavenly fire to consume or to give power to. No one will be able to receive the power of the Holy Spirit if he will not totally surrender himself to God, take up his cross and follow Jesus by offering up himself, everyone he loves, and everything he loves to the Lord as an offering, a complete sacrifice unto Him.25 Again, the true altar must have everything on it to be an acceptable offering to the Lord; otherwise, there will be nothing for the heavenly fire from God to consume. If there is no total sacrifice, we will still have no power of the Holy Spirit living and working in us, no heavenly fire, and no salvation, even if we understand the cross life and talk about it till we die.


God sees everything, even our thoughts, and hears our speech.26 If you try to hide or withhold anything secretly from Him, that is, hold back anything from being placed on the altar, He will know it, and you will never be able to experience the manifestation of God’s power living and working in your life. The Kingdom of Heaven is brought about in this world by our obedience.27 The work of God in the world has been minimal because so few have placed everything of themselves on the altar for the fire from Heaven to consume. When we put anyone before God, both our souls and the Kingdom of Heaven suffer loss.28 If we care where our relatives and friends will spend eternity, we will love only God, because only then will it be possible for them to be saved according to His promise.29 If we refuse, our relatives and friends might never be harvested into the Kingdom of Heaven.


If immature Christians sit around gossiping day and night, they do not love the Lord.30 Because of their actions, the powerful, fully developed Christians must be out on the front line doing all the works of God while they sit gossiping. If the unfruitful, gossiping Christians loved God more than their gossiping friends, they would never, for one moment, direct their love and affection to friends, their relatives, or anything else in the world. They would direct all their affection towards God. It is disgusting and deplorable for people to think that their friends and relatives are more important than God, as well as more beneficial to them than God. Your friends and relatives have no eternal life in Heaven to give you. Nor can they give you God’s power to live within you. Only God can give you salvation, power, and every other eternal gift.31 Peter said to Jesus, “Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life” (John 6:68). We cannot love God and anyone else at the same time.32 It is impossible for nominal Christians to comprehend this truth. If they love anyone or anything besides God, it is impossible for them to love God.


The King of Israel, the Psalmist David, understood this fact very well. He elaborated on it in Psalm 73:25: “Whom have I in Heaven but Thee? and there is none upon earth that I desire beside Thee.” In other words, David is saying that he doesn’t love anybody in Heaven but the Lord, and he doesn’t love anyone but the Lord here on earth. This perhaps is one of the reasons he was the apple of God’s eye.33


Again, in the New Testament, the Apostle Paul’s assessment of truth is that he counted everything in the world to be as “dung, that [he] may win Christ” (Phlp. 3:8). This doesn’t say much for the world and the things therein, does it? But that is what people are doing when they are concerned about the cares of the world, their friends, and their family rather than God. Everything of the world and in the world is nothing but dung according to Paul and all those who will enter Heaven.34 So if you know what’s good for you, don’t place your affection on dung, place it upon God. It would be impossible for me to stress enough the importance of loving only the Lord with all of your affection.


Nothing pleases God as much as our complete love. God wants us to let Him labor both in us and through us.35 Our own works or other loves are the same as “filthy rags” to Him (Isa. 64:6).36 He doesn’t want us to do good or evil. He wants us, our old life, to die and to be nailed to the cross with Christ. This will be consumed on the altar by the Holy Spirit.37 He wants to be the one to live in us so that we can live eternally.38 Only He has the powerful gift of eternal life for us.39 He wants to do His work both in and through us here on earth. The only way this can happen is if we love only Him.


In the second chapter of Revelation, Jesus rebukes the church of Ephesus by telling them, “I know thy works, and thy labour” (Rev. 2:2). But Jesus has “somewhat against [them], because [they have] left [their] first love [their love and affection for God]” (Rev. 2:4). Jesus, who is God, is saying here that many Christians may be laboring and working for God, but this is meaningless to God because they have forgotten their love and affection for Him. This scripture plainly shows that having love and affection for God is more important than working and laboring for Him. Working and laboring for God is good, but only if it is done by Christians who have love and affection for Him. The scripture also shows that a lot of incomplete, professing Christians are working for God but no longer have any love or affection for Him. They are only doing work for God because they want their loved ones saved or that they think there’s something else in it for them. However, if they don’t give God all their love and affection, God will not be obligated to save their loved ones. They themselves will not be saved unless they repent of this damning sin. Jesus promises to “spue [them] out of [His] mouth” unless they repent (Rev. 3:16).40 He wants all our heart, soul, mind, strength, love, and affection. He wants us to be totally consecrated to Him. When we are fully consecrated to Him, we will be totally on the altar, and we will have given Him our whole heart, soul, mind, strength, love, and affection. Again, the fire from God will come down from Heaven, consuming the evil self and the world out of those of us who are the sacrifice and leaving only that which is of the Holy Spirit within us. Then we shall be filled with the Holy Spirit, love, and affection for God.41 Without being filled with the Triune God, the Holy Spirit, and without giving all of our love and affection to God, there is no way we can make it into Heaven.42 If you’re not keeping these commandments, and if you die today or tonight, your soul will be lost, and you will spend eternity in Hell.43 Here Jesus demonstrates that our labor and our works for Him are important, but only if they are done out of love for God.44 We must do God’s work only because we love and fear God, not for any other reason.45 Nothing else will please Him.46


It is not at all pleasing to God if we labor, doing the works He requires of us, with hearts that are not filled with love for Him and Him only. Most people don’t realize that many of the people who do the works of God don’t love Him. Search your heart to know the reason why you are working for Him. Many people work for God without love for God in their hearts. They believe that their loved ones will be saved if they labor for God without loving Him. However, there is no scriptural basis for people to believe such a thing. Their love is terribly misdirected if it is for relatives, for friends, or for anything else in the world but God.47 God’s promise to save their relatives and friends belongs only to those who love God with all their hearts, all their affection. God is obligated to save our loved ones if we love Him with all our hearts, souls, minds, and strength.48 This is the first and most important commandment. The Bible tells us that loving God only is the most important thing we can do.49

Will the Lord tell us that our love for Him is powerful if our love and affection is directed to anyone other than Him? The answer is no. What profit is it to strive for God if our hearts have no love for Him? If we do, we will be found guilty of breaking the first commandment, and as the Bible tells us, “Whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point [especially the most important one], he is guilty of [having broken them] all” (Jas. 2:10). Anyone breaking all the commandments by breaking only one can never expect to enter God’s heavenly Kingdom.


We need to pray for a pure and perfect heart, one which loves the Lord alone. This will cause Him to be as consecrated to us as we are to Him. If your desire or goal is to enter Heaven, you will have to turn your back on every other affection, which includes the world.50 “For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of [carnal, human] life, is not of the Father, but is of the world” (I John 2:16). In other words, these affections and desires are for things of this present world, not for God and the things of Heaven, which is the world soon to come.


There are billions of worldly desires and affections which occupy the majority of our carnal, human, short, emotional lives. If we follow them, it will be impossible for us to enter Heaven.51 When our will unites with our ungodly desires and affections, we are rebelling against the very will of God.52 We must become like Jesus, whose will it was to do the will of His Father, if we want God to be our Father as well.53 If we will not give God all of our affection, we will become so confused that we will not realize we are rebelling against our only opportunity for eternal life in Heaven. We cannot have anything of the world or self and have Heaven.54 When we give God ALL of our affection, there will be nothing left of the world that we shall desire for ourselves.


If we are going to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, we are going to have to become very strict in disciplining ourselves.55 We will have to discipline ourselves to receive the discipline of the Holy Spirit, which we are commanded to do in God’s Word, the Bible. This is God’s “Manual of Discipline.”56 Again, we must do this to enter Heaven. It is mandatory that we make it our will to do the will of God.57 Again, the Bible is the Manual of Discipline, a rulebook showing us how we must behave if we are to enter Heaven.58 To enter Heaven, we must have a personal awareness of disciplining ourselves daily according to God’s Word.59 The Church or the Body of Christ is a community of believers who have accepted the Bible’s doctrine regarding self-discipline.60 The Bible is the handbook of God’s law which consists of the moral law and “the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus” (Rom. 8:2).

And all who have offered themselves for His truth shall bring all their knowledge and strength and wealth into the community of God, God’s church, as the original church in the book of Acts 4:34-35, “Neither was there any among them that lacked: for as many as were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the prices of the things that were sold, And laid them down at the apostles’ feet: and distribution was made unto every man according as he had need,”61 to purify their knowledge in the truth of God’s statutes, and to distribute their strength according to the perfection of His ways, and all their property according to His righteous counsel; not to transgress in any one of all the words of God in their regenerated lifetime…not to turn aside from His true statutes, going to the right or to the left.

And all who come into the order of the strict, spiritual church community shall pass over into the new covenant, or promise, before God, to do according to all that He has commanded by virtue of the life and power of the Triune God living within them, and not to turn away from following Him to become antichrists62 because of any dread or terror or trial or fright in the dominion of the devil or for any other reason.63

And when they pass into the new covenant, the New Testament, God’s ministers, God’s teachers, God’s authorities, shall bless the one and only God of salvation and all His works of truth; and all those who are coming into the new covenant, the New Testament promise, shall say after them, “Amen! Amen!”

The minister of God shall recount the righteous acts of God and His mighty works and tell all the acts of steadfast love and mercy upon Israel, the new Israel of God, the New Jerusalem;64 and the ministers of God shall recount the iniquities of Israel65 and the world and all their guilty transgressions and sin they have committed in the dominion of Satan.66 Then all those who are passing into the new covenant, the New Testament of God, shall confess after them, saying, “We have committed iniquity, we have transgressed, we have sinned, we have done evil—we, all the inhabitants of the world and our fathers before us—in walking contrary to God’s Word, the statutes of truth; but righteous is God, and true is His judgment on us and our fathers, and the mercy of His steadfast love.” However, we will only continue to be His children if we repent of our former sins by the blood of Jesus for our atonement,66A for “without shedding of blood is no remission” (Heb. 9:22). Then, by self-denial and by the power of the Triune God living and working both in us and through us, we must continue living according to His moral law with all of its precepts and statutes, as well as the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.67 If we have sacrificed our complete affection to God only, then He shall reward us with eternal life, from everlasting to everlasting.

Then the ministers of God, who are God’s rulers in this world, shall bless all the men of God’s lot, those who walk perfectly in all His ways,68 and they shall say, “May God bless you with all good and keep you from all evil; may He enlighten your heart with life-giving prudence and be gracious to you with eternal knowledge; may He lift up His loving countenance to you for eternal peace.”


God’s ministers, who are His rulers in this world, and their congregations will pray to God to tear Satan’s kingdom to pieces. They shall say, “Accursed may Satan and his followers be in all their wicked, guilty works [this includes today’s terrorists and anyone in our own country that helped make their evil acts possible]. May God send His special brand of terror into their lives.69 [The voice of God can be heard in Romans 12:19 saying, ‘Vengeance is Mine; I will repay.’] And may God send after them destruction from the mighty hand of the Almighty God. Accursed may you be without mercy according to the darkness of your works, and may you suffer God’s wrath in the deep darkness of eternal fire.70 May God not be gracious to you when you call, and may He not pardon, forgiving your iniquities; may God lift up His angry countenance for vengeance upon you71 and may there be no peace for you at the mouth of all those that hold enmity against God and His people! And all who are passing over into the new covenant, the New Testament, shall say after those who bless and those who curse, ‘Amen! Amen!’”

God’s ministers and teachers shall continue to say, “Accursed for passing over with the idols of his heart may he be who comes into this covenant and sets the stumbling block of his iniquity before him, turning back with it to the things and the cares of this present world,72 and, when hearing the words of the new covenant, the New Testament of God’s promise, blesses himself in his heart, saying, ‘May I have peace, because I walk in the stubbornness of my heart!’73 But his spirit will be swept away, the thirsty…without pardon. The wrath of God and the jealousy of His judgments will burn in him to eternal destruction; and all the curses of this covenant will cleave to him; and God will set him who is an unrepentant servant of Satan apart for evil;74 and he will be cut off from the midst of all the sons of light, when he turns away from following Jesus75 and begins turning his affection to his former idols that are in the world and the stumbling block of his iniquity. He will put his lot in the midst of those accursed forever. And all who are coming into the new covenant, the New Testament of God in Christ Jesus, shall answer and say after them, ‘Amen! Amen!’ So shall they do day by day while they live in the world.” So every person that is truly of the new promise, the new covenant, will know what order or level they are to occupy in the church, the Body of Christ, the New Jerusalem, and never murmur or complain about the work that is to be done, so that the Body of Christ, the church, shall lack no church or bodily function. “Be glad in the Lord, and rejoice, ye righteous” (Psa. 32:11). “The joy of the Lord is your strength” (Neh. 8:10).

And no one shall be lowered from his appointed position and no one shall rise above their appointed position, for they shall all be in their righteous level in the church, in the community or Body of Christ,76 and shall convey this good humility and loyal love and righteous thought, each for his fellow in the holy council, and they shall be sons of the eternal assembly.

Everyone who refuses to enter God’s New Testament covenant, who prefers walking in the stubbornness of their wicked hearts, shall not attain any place or position in the Kingdom of Heaven. For his soul has abhorred the discipline of knowledge. The judgments of righteousness he has not confirmed because of his apostasies, his anti-Christ spirit;77 and with the upright he will not be reckoned. His knowledge and his strength and his wealth shall not come into the council of the strict, spiritual church community, because in the traffic of wickedness is his devising, and there is pollution in his plans. He will not be justified while giving free rein to the stubbornness of his heart. In darkness he looks at the ways of light, and with the perfect he will not be reckoned. He will not be purified by the blood of Christ, and he will not be made clean with the water for impurity which is the Word of God.78 Unclean, unclean, and spiritually a leper will he be all the days that he rejects Jesus, our Savior, and His ordinances, since he has not been instructed in the strict, spiritual church community of His counsel. But in a spirit of true counsel for the ways of a man, all his iniquities will be atoned, so that he will look at Jesus, the Word, who is the Light of life, and in the Holy Spirit he will be united with God in His truth; and he will be cleansed from his former iniquities; and in an upright and humble spirit, his sin will be atoned, and in the submission of his soul to Jesus and all the statutes of God, his soul and even his flesh will be cleansed, that he may be sprinkled with water, the Word, which is Spirit and life79 for impurity, and sanctify all his affection with the Holy Spirit, which is the water of cleanness.80 And he will establish his steps, to walk perfectly in all the ways of God, as He commanded for the appointed times of His testimonies, and not to turn aside to right or left, and not to transgress against one of all His words.81 Then he will be accepted by receiving the atonement, the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ;82 and this will be for him a covenant in the community of Heaven, the New Jerusalem. That is, he shall live in the community of God, in the Kingdom of Heaven, the New Jerusalem, forever and ever.83


The Holy Spirit of God and the lusts of the world will never mix. Jesus said we cannot love both God and the world.84 The world is over, it’s finished. It will soon burn up, along with all that is in the world.85 Human desires, the desires of this world, wake up our carnal, human feelings. These will make life hard to cope with because of the turbulent experiences worldly desires cause when aroused. If you are already a Christian, you will do well to remember the pit you were dug from.86 You know very well that you cannot be delivered from the power of sin if your desire remains united with sin and your affection is not stayed only upon the Lord. If your desire continues to join forces with your will to sin, it is because your love and affection is to sin.87 This condition is one that makes man the devil’s victim. It makes him love sin and deprives him from becoming a new creature in Jesus, free from the power of sin. When a person is not free of the power of sin, it drives him to seek things that are not of Heaven but of the world.88 When a person is full of worldly human emotions, desires, feelings, and affection, he will be predominantly controlled by his desires, his carnal affection.89

The deep work of the cross is simply self-denial, but not the self-denial most humans think of as self-denial. It is the kind of self-denial that Jesus speaks of in the Bible. Self-denial is to do what God commands us to do.90 Deny your desires, your will, by taking up “[your] cross daily, and [following Jesus]” (Luke 9:23).91 Jesus is saying to us all to give up our self-love and self-everything lifestyle, to be filled with His Spirit, to begin doing the will of God, and to continue doing His will to the end.92 If we want to please God and to live in Heaven for eternity, we must judge our love, affection, and our desires in the light of God’s will or Word.93 Until we do, we will not be able to walk in “the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus” (Rom. 8:2). If we choose our own desires and affection rather than God’s will and affection, we are condemned. “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit” (Rom. 8:1).

Those who remain carnal after they have been saved are ruled by their worldly desires and worldly affection with zeal.94 All worldly human desires are dangerous, because if they are not fulfilled, they lead to frustration and an emotional imbalance in the person experiencing them. This could lead them into doing harm to themselves or to others. After all this, of course, they would have to spend eternity in Hell.95

People have committed suicide because the one they love and desire has shown no love, desire, or affection for them. Man’s desire is to have affection bestowed upon him rather than on the Lord, and to place the majority of his or her affection on some human being, some thing, or some care of the world.96 All these are of no profit insofar as the Kingdom of Heaven, the world that is soon to come, is concerned.97 A person might be sent to jail or prison, away from family, friends, and other loved ones, their peers. This is contrary to their desires. They want to be near those for whom they have affection, their loved ones. Sometimes while they are in prison, in hospitals, or in other confinements, they find the ones they had affection for were not worth their affection.


When we place our total affection on the Lord, we are never disappointed because if we place our affection on Him only, He will never leave or forsake us.98 Instead, He will fight for us and bless us.99 If you are honest, you will acknowledge that you have seen the results of such things. People turn to drugs, alcohol, murder, and suicide. God wants us to turn all of our desire and all our affection to Him because He is the one who provides everything for us, even eternal life. He will never be untrue, and He will never render an unjust judgment to us or to anyone.100 When we deny our self desires and affection, we are nailing them to the cross of Jesus.101 No frustrating desire can cause us to harm ourselves or impede our chances to enter Heaven if we have put all our desires and worldly affection to death on the cross, along with favoring God with all our affection and with our desire to do only His will.


God’s Word teaches us to be content with what we have.102 Contentment can be found in the Lord’s people. They never desire anything other than what the Lord wants for them; thus, they are content at all times and have no frustrations. “But godliness with contentment is great gain” (I Tim. 6:6). Being content with what you have means being content that you have eternal life in the Kingdom of God. If you’re allowing God to live His life in and through you, you will be keeping God’s commandments,103 and your affection will be on Him only. If it is, Jesus promises all the things that you need shall be added unto you.104 How can you not be content when God lives in you and gives every good thing to you? He, if we do what He says, will provide everything for us, such as food, a home, and even a Godly husband or wife, if we but ask.105 Most people don’t realize God has created a mate for most everyone who will serve Him. The rule is, “Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God [God’s will and affection only106 ], and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matt. 6:33). Our failure to do the will of God prevents us from having all things added to us with peace, and contentment.

If your desire is to have peace and contentment without serving God in this wild and wooly world of evil and insane ones, you might as well forget it. But if you will totally consecrate your affection to the Lord, you will have peace and contentment with God, not only right here on earth, but forever with Him in Heaven.

God’s Word tells us that things are not going to get any better in this world for those who are lost. Things shall get worse and worse for them.107 It’s happening just like God said it would. It’s going to get worse more and more quickly because it’s the end of time.108 Remember, God said He’d do a quick work in these last days.109 “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened” (Matt. 24:22). God wants you to know the truth so badly that Biblical prophecies are happening today before your very eyes. The food, the water, and the air are polluted. This is end-time prophecy.110 You’re eating, drinking, and breathing end-time prophecy. The trouble in Israel is end-time prophecy.111 The lack of peace in the world is end-time prophecy.112 The pestilences such as AIDS, ebola, and many other incurable diseases are end-time prophecy.113 The wars, the rumors of wars, the earthquakes, the famines, and the floods are also end-time prophecies.114 The Jews are accepting Jesus and preaching the gospel to the Gentiles now. This is end-time prophecy.115 The Christians who have fallen away from the Lord are end-time prophecy.116 They have become aides to the anti-Christ world system. What are you going to do when one-world government enforcers ask you to receive the mark of the beast on your forehead or right hand? Will you comply and be damned?117 Complying with receiving the mark of the beast is the very same thing as blaspheming the Holy Spirit, which is the unforgivable sin.118


Where are you? Who are you? Do you even know yourself who you are, or what kind of a tree you are? Are you going to become a tree of life to bring forth souls for Christ? Or will you become a corrupt tree for God to burn up with the rest of the chaff of the world? You must make a decision.119 If you say no to Christ, you are saying yes to Satan. If you are saying yes to Satan, you are saying no to the Lord. The Lord says, “Come and follow Me” (Matt. 19:21). If you say, “No, wait a while” or anything else but yes, you are saying no to Jesus, who is the living God.120 If you tell Him that you don’t believe He has enough power to exterminate your affection for the world and your desires for the world, you must know that all those who doubt Him shall spend eternity in the lake of fire when death and Hell are cast into it.121 Whatever you are living for in this world will one day betray you. You will say, while you’re screaming your lungs out in Hell, “It wasn’t worth it. Oh, my God, let me have another chance!” However, “It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” (Heb. 9:27). You won’t be coming back for another chance.122

Be good to yourself. Say yes to the Lord now, and mean it. Place all your care on Him now for He careth for you.123 Say this prayer and become born again of the Spirit, a new creature in Christ Jesus. This you must do to enter Heaven.124 You’ve always been weak, but now you’ll be strong.125 Your life has been filled with disappointments. However, if you place all your affection on the Lord, there will be no disappointments, because you will know you have not only Him, but everything He has, which is everything in the entire universe.126 The streets in Heaven are of gold.127 You will be immortal. You will have eternal life. You will never die.128 You have everything to gain in this world and throughout eternity if you say yes to Jesus, and nothing at all to lose, with the exception of a wretched life and an eternity in Hell. So why hesitate? Say yes to Jesus now by saying this prayer:


My Lord and my God, have mercy upon my soul, a sinner. 1 I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God. 2 I believe that He died on the cross and shed His precious blood for the forgiveness of all my sins. 3 I believe that God raised Jesus from the dead by the power of the Holy Spirit 4 and that He sits on the right hand of God at this moment, hearing my confession of sin and this prayer. 5 I open up the door of my heart and I invite You into my heart, Lord Jesus. 6 Wash all of my filthy sins away in the precious blood that You shed in my place on the cross at Calvary. 7 You will not turn me away, Lord Jesus, You will forgive my sins and save my soul. I know because Your Word, the Bible says so. 8 Your Word says that You will turn no one away, and that includes me. 9 Therefore, I know that You have heard me, and I know that You have answered me, and I know that I am saved. 10 And I thank You, Lord Jesus, for saving my soul, and I will show my thankfulness by doing as You command and sin no more. 11

You've just completed the first step in a series of five steps which are necessary to receive salvation. Your second step is to deny yourself and take up the cross daily for the purpose of mortifying yourself, that is, for putting to death your own will, your soulful self, and the world with all of its lusts. All these must be baptized into the death of Christ.

Step three is your resurrection from the satanic life of Adam unto the sinless life of Christ. Step four is your ascension into a position of authority to reign for God on earth, and the fifth step is to reign for God on earth to the end for the purpose of bringing about the kingdom of Heaven on earth. You must learn the Word of God, then submit yourself and do what the Word says, so that the Church and the world may see evidence of your submission to God's Word, His order, and His authority in and by you.

Praise the Lord. May God reward you abundantly.

World Pastor Tony Alamo

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