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Tony Alamo Christian Ministries

Tony Alamo Christian Ministries

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There Is No Palestine

Recent Events in Israel

Israel Belongs to the Jewish Nation

Message regarding Pastor Alamo

Messages by Pastor Tony Alamo

Do Not Take the Mark of the Beast audio in mp3 format

Volume 21500 Do Not Take The Mark of The Beast or message only

The Pope's Secrets video

Deliverance Is From God

Are You Guilty of the Worst Sin?

Prepare Yourself


Eating and Drinking Life

Let Us Show The Nations

The Unchanging Law

Jesus Came Not To Condemn But To Save


Pitbulls And Tigers

Be Comforted

Evil Spirits

Beautiful And Glorious

Perfect Peace

God Kills And Makes Alive

Murky To Light

You Are Able To Receive Salvation And The Power Of The Holy One Now

JESUS The Light Of The World

Necessary Works

Why Aren't You Blessed?

Spirit Or Water


Moses Called The Shots


God Loves Us More Than Himself

Absolute Escape From Temptation

A Law That Is Not The Law

Staying Alive

Every Eye Shall See HIM

Some Historic Items from the Recent Past

Bill Clinton, The Pope, And I

Letter from John G. Peeler in response to Bill Clinton, the Pope, and I

The Pope's Secrets

Video of The Pope's Secrets

Government Subversion The Truth About Tony Alamo

Government Cover-Up Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder

Alberto Rivera at the Alamo Church 1984 (audio messages)

Investigative Journal Radio Programs with Greg Anthony regarding Pastor Alamo

Excerpts from Susan Alamo's Book entitled
You Damned Fool

Dan Miller interviews Susan Alamo audio message

Pastors Tony and Susan Alamo
Pastors Tony and Susan Alamo

How This Mighty Work Started

Articles of Faith of Tony Alamo Christian Ministries

Audio Messages by Pastor Susan Alamo

Revival Begins In the Heart of the Christian
an Audio Message by Pastor Susan Alamo

Healing Testimony

Declaration for Christians by Dick Anthony, Ph.D

Press Release

Press Release by Pastor Tony Alamo

Government Child Kidnapping
$4,000 bonuses, Corrupt Child Protective Services
foster children abused and murdered by foster care providers

CA court upholds right to spank child

Families Who Fled--Their Stories

Tony Alamo (Bernie Hoffman) Cleared
Church member cleared by police
Arkansas State Police clear Church member
Answers from the girls at the Tony Alamo Church

Children taken by Dept. of Human Services
video of Children taken by the Arkansas Dept. of Human Services

Chewing Their Tongues For Pain (Revelation 16:10)
This is not the first judge to do this--there are several judges and officials that have come against God's work.
Greg Szymanski Interviewed  Pastor Tony Alamo
on September 23, 2008, three days after the FBI stormed church property

Waco Massacre Probe 'Experts' Behind Waco

More Inside Story on Waco Massacre

Pastor Alamo's audio message: The Waco Massacre
broadcast February 24, 2006   

watch the 3 videos below:
"Day 51"
The True Story of Waco

launches in external player

Waco Massacre

view: WACO The Rules of Engagement

view: WACO the Big Lie

Top Mafia figure, Tony Gambino, implicates Vatican and Bush
in prior knowledge and complicity in 9/11 Mass Murder

Listen to Tony Gambino interviewed
by Greg Szymanski
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view: Certificate of Appreciation by the City of Fouke

News Releases

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Tony Alamo Christian Church

One of hundreds throughout the world.

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Tony Alamo Christian Church

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Tony Alamo Christian Church

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