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Tony Alamo Christian Ministries

Tony Alamo Christian Ministries

Tony Alamo Christian Ministries Bible

Read The Holy Bible, King James Verion
TACM Bible online
✵mobile friendly✵

Save the entire KJV Bible in one portable document file.

Download the Bible module for e-Sword

If you do not have e-Sword installed on your computer,
you need to first go to and download the
e-Sword application installation, then install the following module:

Bible Module for Windows

Zipped - Bible Module for Windows

Notes for desktop/laptop e-Sword version: After installing and executing the module, open the e-Sword program and the TACM module will appear in the center window of the program as a tab at the top. Click on the tab for the Bible scriptures.

The TACM Bible module is Not for sale, it is free of charge, to be freely distributed provided
there are no charges of any kind.
You may not modify the contents of the modules in any way, doing so will violate copyrights.

e-Sword Bible Module for the Pocket PC

e-Sword Bible Module zipped for the Pocket PC

To request CD's, cassette tapes, The Messiah Book, and literature for distribution
e-mail:   Tony Alamo Christian Ministries
or write:

Tony Alamo Christian Ministries Worldwide
P. O. Box 2948
Hollywood, CA 90078 U.S.A.

Twenty-four hour prayer and information line: 661-252-5686