in the United States

by Tony Alamo

The word “conspiracy” in Black’s Law Dictionary means: “a combination or confederacy between two or more persons formed for the purpose of committing, by their joint efforts, some unlawful or criminal act.” Webster’s Dictionary defines it as: “act of conspiring; combination of men for an evil purpose; an agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime in concert, as treason; a plot. An agreement manifesting itself in words or deeds, by which two or more persons confederate to do an unlawful act.”

The conspiracy to overthrow the freedom of religion in the United States is provably coming from subversive judges, prosecutors, and others who have joined themselves to a group called the Cult Awareness Network. During World War II, the Cult Awareness Network, known as the Ministry of Cults in Germany,1 accused the Jews, of all people, of being a cult-the Jews, who through the Holy Spirit, wrote the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Today, the Cult Awareness Network calls any church or religion a “cult” that refuses to join the United Council of Churches, sometimes called the One-World Church-International, National, or World Council of Churches-all headed by the Vatican.2

The offices of the Cult Awareness Network (CAN) are found in Rome and the Catholic archdioceses throughout the United States and other parts of the world. One of the many CAN chapters in the Archdiocese of New York is the Cult Awareness Network located at 1011 First Avenue, New York, NY 10022. A priest, James J. Lebar, is director and consultant on what they call “cults”3 (meaning anyone who is not Catholic). In Rome, CAN shares offices with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), as well as with all ADL offices in the United States and throughout the world. The office in Rome maintains a special office for systematic communication and programming with the Vatican.4 Another division of CAN in New York, also Catholic, is the Interfaith Coalition of Concern About Cults,5 which is another front for CAN, with offices throughout the entire world. One of these offices is the Archdiocese located at 711 Third Avenue, 12th Floor, New York, New York 10017.6

The Cult Awareness Network has literally waged war on every fundamental church and every religion in the United States, Canada, and throughout the world who will not join the World Council of Churches.

In America, young adults, many in their twenties or older, who joined or converted to true Christianity or different religions, were being kidnapped by CAN deprogrammers in broad daylight and transported to an unfamiliar, unfriendly, and confined environment. They were verbally and sometimes physically assaulted by a team of brainwashers, working in shifts in a marathon confrontation, geared towards getting the victim to give up his beliefs.7

“Deprogramming” (brainwashing) sessions could continue day and night for many days, up to several weeks, until the kidnapped victim “snapped,” at which point, he or she (an adult person) was returned to their parents. Kidnap victims were never children, but always adults. Frequently, the parents assisted in the abductions and intentionally mislead their son or daughter so as to enable the kidnapping to occur.8

The moment that the kidnappers arrived in the deprogramming area with their victim, they would deprive him or her of all articles of faith, such as the Bible. They then would deprive the victim of sleep and food. Ensuing this, they would provoke, harass, badger, and in some instances, torture the victim.

Thousands of documented statements exist as testament of successful deprogramming, as well as deprogramming that has failed. Victims have noted how the kidnapping brainwashers used physical restraint, the threat of extended confinement, and threats to put them in mental hospitals as their weapons. Some were put in mental hospitals and given shock treatments. Their once highly intelligent brains were destroyed. One such case was Mr. Larry Seps, a Jew, whose mother was talked into this atrocity by CAN. Seps was a member of my church.

Ice applications have also been used to keep the victim awake and susceptible during this ancient, unlawful, Catholic practice of conversions. In addition to the onslaught of threats and intimidations, the lawless brainwashers have been known to use physical violence. Joanna Bradley, another recent victim, testified: “There were eight people guarding me and shouting and cursing at me and throwing me against the wall when I tried to escape. All I could do was pray.”9 The sworn statements are far too numerous to include in this article.

Parents almost always have paid a sizable fee (sometimes up to thousands of dollars a day) to CAN’s authorities for their “services.” The ultimate aim of the tortures is to force the abducted persons to think as the deprogrammer thinks, renounce their previous religious convictions, and join one of the aforementioned one-world churches run by the Vatican.

A few of the kidnap and torture victims have been mentally and spiritually strong enough to resist the unlawful demands of these criminals. Others have feigned obedience in order to avoid the age-old, well-known, Catholic brutality, escaping possible death. They returned to their religious persuasions, from where they had been abducted, and continued their religious activities with renewed zeal.

In view of the thousands of sworn testimonies of all these victims, it is shocking to learn that the American judiciary and government agents would knowingly, unlawfully unite themselves in conspiracy to undermine America’s freedoms with the unlawful and subversive Catholic Cult Awareness Network.

But Catholic and allied Catholic judges and prosecutors, as well as all Catholic and allied Catholic, one-world religion government officials, from the President of the United States on down, realized that when they were appointed to their high positions in the United States government, that playing ball with the Vatican would be part of the deal for their position, prestige, and power.

A review of CAN’s origins shows that it actually spread from Rome to this country in 1974. Ted Patrick, who is a tenth grade dropout, janitor, and part-time school bus driver, has been convicted repeatedly for kidnapping, assault, battery, and rape, and has served several prison terms for his crimes. Patrick is the founder of CAN.10

As Patrick’s legal problems mounted, CAN continued to endorse him. In a 1980 memorandum, CAN’s then national director, John Sweeney, wrote to all CAN chapters and “key people” concerning their letter-writing campaign supporting Patrick, after Patrick’s 1980 kidnapping conviction. At every CAN convention Patrick has been an honored guest.11


The violent, coercive, faith-breaking process called “deprogramming” (brainwashing) has been the favorite method used by CAN when forcing individuals to denounce their religious beliefs. The brutal activity is described by Ted Patrick in his 1976 book, hypocritically named, Let Our Children Go. There Patrick states, “[D]eprogramming is the term, and it may be said to involve kidnapping, at the very least, assault and battery, conspiracy to commit a crime, and illegal restraint” (page 23).

Patrick is known for his violent temper and techniques. He has faced numerous legal actions, arrests, and convictions for his crimes.


In Helander vs. Patrick, for example, a 1976 lawsuit brought against Patrick in Bridgeport, Connecticut, the court awarded monetary damages against Patrick after finding that he had “seized, restrained, and subjected [Wendy Helander] to frightful experiences” with “no legal justification.” Because of similar, unlawful practices, Patrick has been banned from other countries.12

Another executive of CAN is Cynthia Kisser, a former topless waitress at the Blue Note Lounge in Tucson, Arizona, hired by Herman Smiley in 1975.13 According to her own sworn testimony, provable by the court transcript, she took a three-hour course in “religion,” taught her by someone unknown14—perhaps a customer of the Blue Note Lounge that came in for a drink during Ms. Kisser’s shift. The address of the Blue Note Lounge is 3118 East Speedway, in case anyone wants to go there to get their three-hour course on religion so that they too can be an expert on cults like Ms. Kisser.

Another of CAN’s experts is Michael Rokos, who resigned from being President of CAN after he was exposed nationally in the news media as having tried to seduce an undercover male police officer. The officer that arrested Rokos stated in the official police report that Rokos wanted to perform a perverted homosexual act on him.15

Another of CAN’s officials is Rachel Andres, whose religious educational background, according to her own testimony, is that she “read some articles and heard some speakers [from CAN] periodically.” More than likely, the speakers were Ted Patrick, Cynthia Kisser, and Michael Rokos. Andres further attested that by this vast background, she considers herself an expert on cults.16 Rachel became so astute that she decided to write a book on cults, which informs we, “the ignorant” people of the world, that true religion is Catholicism, Vaticanism, and one-world churchism. In other words, Ms. Andres is informing the entire world that, in order to be a Christian or a true, good person, you have to be a new Fourth Reich Vatican Nazi.

Incidentally, Ms. Andres claims to be Jewish, yet is truly a traitor to Jews. Her office is at the Jewish Federation, 6505 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 802, Los Angeles, California 90048.17 Andres would like you to keep supporting the Jewish Federation (a cleverly disguised Catholic operation, which is admittedly composed of Vaticanites and New World Order Nazis). The Vatican loves Jewish traitors because the Vatican gives the Jewish traitor high-ranking jobs to make it appear like the Jews are taking over the world instead of the Vatican. This works as a good smokescreen for the Pope. The Vatican will use anyone to shield itself from being exposed as the real world troublemaker, as the Bible says it is.18

Other members of CAN’s hierarchy are a garden variety of perverts and criminals who are paid very well for their false testimonies in courtrooms. Some of these are: Justin, Bob and Carey Miller, Maria Askey, Barry Haynes, Claudia Greiner and Nanette Kelly-all rejects from the Alamo Churches. CAN also uses a group of pseudo-psychiatrists and psychologists, known for anti-religious stands, bigotry, and involvement in violent pseudo-psychiatric practices for “professional witnesses.” Other than their bigotry, biases, and hatred for God, God’s Bible, God’s people, and the law, these people have virtually no credentials.

Other CAN members are Margaret Singer and Richard Ofshe, who have both been barred from testifying in courtrooms because their views were not credible. Three times in a row, judges found that their pseudo thought-reform theories had absolutely no significance.19

In a 1983 speech to CAN, CAN’s “psychiatrist” Louis West made this revealing statement when he proposed his plan for eradicating Christians and those of other religions other than Catholicism and one-world churchism. Using medical terminology as an example, West stated that, “certain religions should be treated just as one would treat cancerous cells: destruction [kill them].”20 This Vatican doctrine has not changed for centuries, to this day.21 Louis West stated that one of his greatest accomplishments in this life was killing a bull elephant in his mind-control experiments by overdosing it on an LSD trip.22

Others with CAN are Robert Lifton, Hildegarde Hetzer, H.A. Smitz, and Franz Kapp Hetzer (all Catholic Nazis), who were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of children who were not Aryan enough (too Jewish), according to 1973 Polish documentation of Nazi crimes in Poland.23

Another of CAN’s deprogrammers, Marcia Rudin, has been infiltrating the school system with CAN’s Catholic brainwash-hatred. Mrs. Rudin, speaking at a CAN convention, stated that to get CAN’s doctrines into schools, it is necessary to brainwash the children in hatred for Protestantism and contempt for the law (just as they did in Germany). Mrs. Rudin showed how crafty, how covert, she is by stating, “We’ll sneak it into the schools through psychology and sociology courses” (also as they did in World War II). People only sneak when they’re ashamed of what they’re doing, when they know they are doing something wrong, committing a crime. These are Mrs. Rudin’s exact words: “We’ll sneak it in.” Mrs. Rudin knows she is a revolting and disgusting woman, and a sneak, just as all the rest of CAN brainwashers, kidnappers, and lawbreakers are. Mrs. Rudin’s Vatican project for CAN is called “The International Cult Education Program.”24

This is just one of the many Vatican brainwashing tactics for which the American taxpayer has unwittingly paid to support “mother church,” so our children can be brainwashed into this Vatican hatred, the new U.N. Babylon. Mrs. Rudin is the wife of A. James Rudin, who, in a big way, has joined the Vatican and its unlawful conspiracies for, what they call, the new dimension of world affairs, the new Babylonian constitution.

Rudin has written a book called Twenty Years of Jewish Catholic Relations, where he makes the brazen, traitorous statement, “We are all children of Vatican II” (page 18). Rudin states that changing from Judaism to Catholicism “changes the way we look at one another” (page 18). It certainly does change things tremendously when you change your views and actions from God to Satan, from being a Jew to joining the Jew’s historical archenemies. Somebody must have deprogrammed Mr. Rudin from God’s religion to Satan’s church of the deceived. Mr. Rudin has had a giant mood swing. According to Cult Awareness Network doctrine, he needs to go to a psychiatrist and have shock treatments. According to Rudin, it’s not all right to convert from drugs and other sins to become a Hebrew Christian. But, Rudin says, it’s fine to convert from Judaism to Catholicism, which murdered seven million of his own nationality and religion, and many millions more of Christians and others.25

Rudin’s statement, “It changes the way we look at one another” is indeed correct. God looks at things differently than the devil. The Vatican looks at things differently than Christianity. A true Christian wins souls by peacefully preaching the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, without threats of bodily harm to anyone. Catholics and bad Jews like Rudin, who turned on his own people and the world, believe in converting people by force, by slaughter, by firing squads and gas chambers, by sanctions, by withholding food from the needy, by brainwashing and deprogramming, by burning Christians at the stake, by imprisonment and smear campaigns, by throwing Christians to the lions and mad dogs, by seizing and auctioning innocent people’s properties, and by destroying their businesses.

Mr. Rudin and his wife seek peace with Satan instead of with God. Israel and all true Christians should look narrowly at Mr. and Mrs. Rudin, the Vatican, and its many evil organizations, like the Cult Awareness Network. But with Israel, there are many dangerous alliances with the Vatican and its U.N., otherwise Israel would not have given the Vatican permission to build a Catholic church and an allied church on all of the biblical, historical sites, such as in Bethlehem, where Jesus was born; on the mount where Jesus taught (the New Testament Law) the Beatitudes; Mt. Tabor, Nazareth, Capernaum, the city of Jesus; and all of the other historical sites everywhere in Israel. This was unbelievably disappointing and shocking for me to see this abomination when I visited Israel. God is angry for sure!! This is the prelude of the prophesied, the supposed, rebuilding of King Solomon’s temple, to be built in Israel, by the Vatican world church, where, supposedly, the satanic Antichrist will sit, saying he is God; but the temple the devil is sitting in are fallen-away Christian bodies! God says this abomination is so great that He calls it the “abomination that maketh desolate” (Daniel 11:31), “the fourth beast” (Daniel 7:7), “the dragon” (Revelation 12:7), “that old serpent, called the Devil” (Revelation 12:9) and “the son of perdition” (II Thessalonians 2:3). Israel is like Eve; Satan (Rome’s beast) has beguiled Israel. Israel’s cry is, “Never Again!!” But because of spiritual ignorance, blindness, by her rejection of the Messiah, it has happened again.

Rudin and his wife, and other Jewish traitors, also are like Esau; they have sold their birthrights for what is equivalent to a bowl of bad lentil soup (Genesis 25:32-34).

Good Jews agree with God and me. Because God and I expose their traitorous, Vatican conspiratorial works, the few bad Jews say that God and I are anti-Semitic and anti-Catholic. God and I are anti-everything that is anti-God. God and I are anti-Satan, anti-Satan’s church, anti-Satan’s government, anti-traitors, anti-Hitler, anti-sin of all kind, and anti-those who make evil good and good evil.

God says (and I agree), “Woe unto those that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!” (Isaiah 5:21). “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that change darkness into light, and light into darkness; that change bitter into sweet, and sweet into bitter!” [As the Vatican U.N. government and church does] (Isaiah 5:20-original Hebrew text).

The master plan for the Vatican rule of the world included the Jewish holocaust in World War II.26 How could any true Jewish person be involved in the same awful conspiracy that destroyed millions of Jews during World War II, and in the name of Christianity? Jews, or anyone, who are any part of the Vatican’s illegal and damnable conspiracy to destroy every religion (all people but itself), are traitors and subversive to Israel, America, and every decent, law-abiding person in the world.

The Rudins, Peter Georgiades, Cynthia Kisser, Michael Rokos, Rachel Andres, Richard Ofshe, Margaret Singer, Louis West, and a host of well-known Catholic Nazis reside on the Board of Directors of many subversive, Catholic hate groups—such as the National Council of Christians and Jews—which are all part of the Vatican’s conspiracy to overthrow world freedoms. The Bible tells us that Israel has had traitors before, as they do today. For me to focus light on them does not make me anti-Semitic, but makes me a more true Israelite. I’m a Hebrew Christian, as was Joshua, who also abhorred traitors; traitors such as Achan, who troubled Israel (Joshua 7:25). Rudin makes frequent visits to the Vatican in Rome, and visits with the Pope for his Cult Awareness Network instructions and executive orders.27

The Catholic laity, on the most part, are totally ignorant to the higher levels of power. They have no idea of the corruption, secrecy, and their high political church structures. They do not see the low gutters and sewers of their church. They are completely hidden from the Catholic laity’s knowledge. The Catholic Jesuit organizations are so secretive, wicked, and cunning that many of their employees don’t realize who the hierarchy is and who it is they are working for. This is because they are subordinate to lower management only. The employees have small duties, and they are never allowed out of their function to where they could learn who the true, high-level Jesuits are, whom they never see. If they only knew of the total corruption, it might frighten some of them out of their wits.

In other words, the Catholic one-world government and church world is governed by much different personalities from what is imagined by those personnel and laity who are not behind Vatican scenes. The spiritual eyes of the majority shall not be opened until they die and are being judged.

At this very moment, CAN is conducting seminars all over the country, teaching government officials, lawyers, and judges the art of conspiracy. One of the subversive judges involved in this unconstitutional Vatican-CAN conspiracy is Aubrey E. Robinson, Jr., Chief Judge of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, who attends and speaks at Cult Awareness Network conventions, and is an advisor to the Cult Awareness Network.28

Subversive Judge Robinson has stated at CAN conventions that true Christian churches are a serious social problem. This criminally insane judge also stated that “we [Catholic Cult Awareness Network] must move slowly and carefully to destroy the freedom of religion.” Judge Robinson continues, “It would be development of the United States to put the freedom of religion in the hands of CAN attorneys,” who can manipulate court cases away from judges that believe in the U.S. Constitution, the federal law of our land, because constitutional judges (law-abiding judges) will be more inclined to rule in favor of the law to preserve America’s freedoms. Let us—we the people—recall Judge Robinson because of his bad behavior.

U.S. law states: “The judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court, and in such inferior Courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish. The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behavior....”29 “Good behavior,” means that judges must obey, uphold, protect, and defend the law, the U.S. Constitution.

This judge, and many government agents like him, advocate that a person’s will is not as free as one thinks. This is why they believe it’s okay to kidnap people. Several U.S. judges didn’t buy this theory, and that’s why CAN’s founder, Ted Patrick, went to prison.

At the CAN conventions, CAN’s brainwasher lawyers program the minds of new lawyers, especially on how to manipulate the court system and other government agents.30 CAN programs them into this illegal pattern of conduct that the Nazis had previously brought to bear on the Christians, Jews, and others in World War II-first, to gain the property and money of their victims, then to destroy their businesses and their lives. It is important for everyone to legally undo the Catholic influence on government and the unconstitutional conspiracy to overthrow America’s religious freedoms. Keeping the constitutional law is the key issue. The conduct of the judges and the government officials must be immediately scrutinized, and the real law must be applied by we the people to those who break the law, the U.S. Constitution. Those CAN brainwasher attorneys and their government comrades-who deploy systematic, complex con jobs and influence social control by the same methods that the Vatican used to brainwash society during World War II with hatred against the good people, the peaceful citizens who loved God and country-must be lawfully stopped in the courtrooms of well-known, true, constitutional judges.

These CAN conspirators, along with their satanic government comrades, say that becoming a born-again Christian is the same as being a casualty or a victim, and that the born-again Christians need to be reprogrammed back into a life of sin.31

One of CAN’s brainwasher attorneys, Peter Georgiades, states: “People cannot believe or use belief in God as an issue.” God’s Word says that belief in God is the only issue. People must choose whether they want to believe the Vatican, which has declared war on God and His saints, or God (Daniel 7:19-21, Revelation 17:14). God says, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved” (Acts 16:31). Without belief, it is impossible to be saved (Hebrews 11:6). By belief, you’re healed, and every gift from God is attained by belief, faith in God’s Word, not the lies of Rome.

This is why Georgiades’s cult, the Vatican, loves to burn Bibles and remove them from schools.32 They don’t want anyone to have faith in God’s Word, faith in the knowledge of that which is right, or the knowledge of what is wrong. Because they know that if you know the truth, “the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). And Satan knows that, otherwise he wouldn’t try to get rid of all those Bibles. The truth in the Bible points out clearly that the Vatican is the head of today’s one-world government and church. The Bible clearly points out that the Vatican, the one-world government and church, are spiritually powered by “that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan” (Revelation 12:9). The Bible also clearly points out that all the doings of the Vatican’s Cult Awareness Network are inspired by Satan. The Bible also clearly points out that all these things would happen just before Jesus comes back to earth. And the Bible clearly points out that Satan would try to destroy Bibles so that you would not be able to detect the maneuverings of Satan, the Vatican, its government U.N., and its church, United Council of one-world Churches.

CAN’s Peter Georgiades, when programming other lawyers into this conspiracy to overthrow America’s freedoms, stated, “When you’re attacking churches, never base your case on fact or law, but theory only.” Another deprogrammer lawyer of CAN, Gerald Ragland, brainwashes the same way. Ragland and all of CAN’s attorneys admit their use of church backsliders who are willing to lie as a means of, what they call in court, “discovery.”33

The church rejects are easily recruited to do CAN’s bidding (Georgiades says), because CAN promises them big money. CAN also admits to shamming judges and churches by taking advantage of their victims’ lack of knowledge of the new court system’s tactics and CAN’s psychological brainwashing methods, which involve all the fantasies that CAN uses in their unlawful courtroom strategies. CAN boasts that their victims (the churches), are victories now documented in case law, that their deprogrammer lawyers can use to further their illegal conspiracy in the future against other strong, fundamental churches. But at seminars, Georgiades programs his lawyer students to believe that once the defendants (the churches that they are illegally attacking) become wise to CAN’s tactics, CAN’s attorneys will not achieve such good results through conventional discovery. CAN is a complex and puzzling phenomenon to the unsaved and to the unwise, but not to strong pastors and other Christians. Really, CAN is just an ordinary, run-of-the-mill, pack of liars, but CAN are specialists in their field. Their specialty is destruction of religious freedom.34 People who find themselves focused in areas other than religious freedom, need only to focus in the religious freedom of America’s field for a moment to discern what CAN deprogrammers are all about. It doesn’t take a lot of mental power at all, just a little bit of time and a little bit of needed focus to understand this dangerous, spiritual, terrorist cult.

Judges and government agents have given CAN undue influence. The Vatican, through CAN, is constantly developing new, false causes of action against churches and their pastors. There are hundreds of subversive, Catholic, government, conspiratorial smokescreens geared to get Americans’ minds away from the focus of the more important issues, namely America’s freedoms. I would caution Americans to focus in the direction of our freedoms and laws. Once the confusing smokescreens are swept away, the main issues will always remain-God’s Holy Bible, the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. There is no greater special-interest grouping than these four. If we focus on preserving this special-interest foursome as much as the Vatican is focusing on destroying it, America will be in most excellent shape, and everything automatically will fall into perfect order. There will be freedom for people of all colors and all religions. Recall the Vaticanites from their government positions and there will be peace.

When you see media coverage of major wars and catastrophes erupting here and abroad, immediately get your focus on America’s freedoms, because many times the Vatican is creating diversions to smokescreen its undermining right here of the great American foursome.

The Vatican has said, and believes, that Americans are like a bunch of fatted, stupid chickens, and they think all you have to do is throw the wheat out for the chickens, for the purpose of diverting the chickens’ attention. While the chickens are picking up the wheat, the Vatican is behind picking up the chickens and throwing them in the bag. And, of course, history tells us who does the killing and the cooking of the chickens.


The list of government officials involved with CAN has been meticulously traced from Rome to the White House, the Congress, Supreme Court, federal and state judges, district attorneys, and law enforcement. Approximately thirty congressional staff members (there are many more today) met with CAN’s president and alter ego, Peter Georgiades, who is also chairman of the American Bar Association’s Subcommittee on Cults.35 The kind of legislation CAN has suggested includes curbs on recruiting (preaching the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ from the Holy Bible), including the licensing of recruiters (all born-again Christian pastors, ministers, preachers, and evangelists), and the lifting of tax exemption from Christian churches and all religious organizations. This would leave the Catholic church solely exempt, and supported by your tax dollars, as it provably is today.36 Another legislation CAN has suggested is court-ordered psychiatry for converts (shock treatments, etc. for those that accept Christ as their personal Savior). They are, as the adage goes, “birds of a feather.”

Peter Georgiades, CAN’s new leader and alter ego, has sobered up in view of Ted Patrick’s bad fortune (sitting in prison) and prefers not to use the crime of kidnapping, at this time, but prefers (because he is an attorney) to bring CAN’s victims into courtrooms, based on the most horrendous packs of lies that ever could be assembled or imagined. Georgiades’s fantasies make Patrick’s crimes seem small in comparison.

Georgiades has recruited judges by bullying and muscling them with threats of what he and his trained deprogrammers will do if they don’t help him and his group to destroy religious freedoms in our country. Georgiades and other deprogrammers of CAN have made millions on the spoils of the innocent church victims that CAN has unlawfully manipulated with its deprogramming tactics and its pack of paid, programmed liars. He furiously badgers, in a very intimidating manner, with redundant, pre-planned schemes and well-thought-out lies, using buzzwords that would turn a Madison Avenue advertising agent copywriter green with envy. All this and more banters CAN’s deprogramming attorney, Georgiades, as he tells judges that Protestants and other religions are a grave danger to the world if they are not with the Catholic, U.N., World Council, or United Council of Churches. He then says that they, the judges, by God, better do something about the true Christians, or he, Peter Georgiades, the Vatican, and CAN will ruin that judge’s career.

Here is a direct quote from John Sweeney, one of the deprogrammer directors of CAN: “Legislators will listen to us and work around every First Amendment obstruction if they know we are strong enough to vote them out of office. And the same goes for the courts.”37

Judge Morris Arnold in Fort Smith, Arkansas, was promised by Vatican CAN members that he would be promoted to the Eighth Circuit Court, and other honors, if he would destroy me and my churches with what the system calls “new tort laws,” really Roman Canon law. His brother, Richard Arnold, who presently sits as Chief Justice of the U.S. Eighth Circuit Court, was also promised to be promoted to the Supreme Court, or possibly to Attorney General, if he would rule adversely when I would appeal to the Eighth Circuit.

After the Arnold brothers did as they were told, Morris Arnold was unanimously promoted by Congress as promised, even after scores of thousands of petitions were sent to Congress and the Senate Judiciary Committee, along with a detailed, factual list of the judge’s mischief and incompetencies, and transcripts verifying these facts by Judge Arnold’s own testimony under cross-examination by my attorney, Jeffrey Dickstein.38 The Congress ignored our petitions to block Arnold’s promotion and kept their promise to the judge by promoting him.39 And Morris Arnold’s brother, Richard, is now being considered for promotion to the Supreme Court or Attorney General by President Clinton, showing presidential cooperation with Rome, and Congress’s cooperation with Rome through this branch (one of many) of the Roman central agency, the Cult Awareness Network.40

Under meticulous investigation, I have found that almost every member of the U.S. Congress has joined CAN, including Senator Bob Dole,41 and his wife Elizabeth Dole, who headed the Department of Labor and now works for the Red Cross, as well as many hundreds of judges, including Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife, Virginia Lamp Thomas.42


On the headlines of the American Bar Association leaflet was an advertisement for lawyers to come to a new, strange seminar promoting a conspiracy to overthrow America’s freedoms.43 The flier was riddled full of encouragement to seduce attorneys with the idea that they, too, could take part in the criminal conspiracy to do away with America’s religious freedoms. The seminar, as you probably already guessed, was offered by the Catholic Cult Awareness Network. So the American Bar Association has apparently, according to U.S. law, become criminally insane. They’ve all gone mad. They’ve decided to be conspirators instead of lawyers. They’ve decided to fight God. The Bible says anyone that does that is crazy.

Saul of Tarsus, who God later named Paul, was a Jew from the tribe of Benjamin, a Pharisee. Saul, Scripture tells us, was before conversion, a deprogrammer, kidnapper, and a murderer of Christians, but was stopped, frightened, and blinded by light, which supernaturally caused scales to immediately cover his eyes, and then converted by a vision of the Lord while on the road to Damascus, a city in Syria. Ananias was sent by the Lord to the home of Judas, where, after Ananias laid hands on Saul’s head, he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The scales from the blinding vision of Christ fell from off his eyes. He had only partial physical vision left, yet his spiritual vision had been immensely opened to the point that his writing, through the Spirit, fills more than two-thirds of the New Testament of the Bible, which totally forbids forced conversions, deprogramming, kidnapping, murder, fornication, adultery, homosexuality, lesbianism, and all the other sins mentioned in the Old Testament and New Testament Beatitudes Laws, and the Lord, in the New Testament, also confirms this by saying He did not come to destroy the law but to fulfil the law (or the Law of the New Testament, the Beatitudes) (Matthew 5:17).

The Old and New Testaments tell of an era of time when the mystery of unlawfulness that is in the world today would be revealed. That wicked man of sin (the unlawful one) would be revealed. And this unlawful, wicked one would be a man. And the Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, and English texts of Scriptures all confirm the unlawful one to be the head of a spiritual, satanic, one-world kingdom, attained by conspiracy. This one-world kingdom is identified in Scripture as being the Roman body of Antichrist (Daniel 7:7, Revelation 17:9).

Daniel 7:19 states that this satanic kingdom would be savage, vicious, and devouring. “Then I would know the truth of the fourth beast, which was diverse from all the others, exceeding dreadful, whose teeth were of iron, and his nails of brass; which devoured, brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with his feet... And this same horn [one-world kingdom] made war with the saints, and prevailed against them, until the Ancient of Days came [the Messiah], and judgment was given to the saints of the Most High; and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom” (Daniel 7:19-22, also Revelation 13:7).

My church has spent thousands of dollars on an investigation regarding this conspiracy. And it is because of our findings and because we told the general public what we found, that our businesses were demolished, and our churches and hundreds of homes taken away and sold on the auction block. I’ve been thrown in jail for months, only to be acquitted of the false charges, and I have been hit with every kind of false charge imaginable. Every single one of these false charges have come from CAN. I’m now facing false child abuse charges in Los Angeles by CAN accusers. The Vatican CAN’s members, the I.R.S., and the Department of Labor are just waiting by the phone anticipating what the next false charges and amounts of money Rome will instruct them to hit me with will be.

Many religions and church leaders have contacted me telling of similar atrocities that CAN has been doing to their religion and churches. There are volumes of atrocities in this regard. I have volumes of documentation that tell of the Vatican control of the media. Rome rewards well for propaganda against true Christians. It pays the media to degrade Christians and call them hatemongers when they expose the Vatican’s conspiracy. The news media is a vital part of Rome’s conspiracy. They do their best to destroy the testimony and credibility of those who expose Rome, and they are rewarded handsomely for their job.

According to God, there is no such place as Purgatory, no place other than here, Heaven, or Hell. Purgatory is a fantasy made up by the Vatican to milk money out of pitiful, uneducated, naive people who have never, ever thoroughly read the Holy Bible. The truth is that a person who doesn’t repent and cease from sin, God says he will spend eternity in Hell forever, where he will be tormented with fire and brimstone (Psalm 11:6, Revelation 14:10). Hell is a place where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched (Mark 9:48). He will be sent to a place where he does not want his loved ones to go (Luke 16:28), a lake of fire burning with brimstone (Revelation 19:20), a place of darkness (Matthew 8:12), a place where they gnash their teeth (Matthew 13:42), a place where they cry for mercy but there is none (Luke 16:24), a place of everlasting punishment (Matthew 25:46), a place of separation from God (II Thessalonians 1:9), a place of unquenchable fire (Matthew 3:12), a place of eternal damnation (Mark 3:29), a bottomless pit (Revelation 20:1), a place of eternal weeping (Matthew 8:12), a place of wailing (Matthew 13:42), a place of torments (Luke 16:23), a furnace of fire (Matthew 13:41-42), a place of everlasting burnings (Isaiah 33:14), a place of everlasting destruction (II Thessalonians 1:9), a place where they curse God (Revelation 16:11), a place of outer darkness (Matthew 8:12), and a place where they gnaw their tongues for pain (Revelation 16:10). A place where “Hell from below is stirred for you, to meet you at your coming; it stirs up the departed spirits for you, all the he-goats of the earth” (Isaiah 5:14-original Hebrew text).

“It [Hell] has raised all the kings of the nations from their thrones. All of them shall answer and say to you [Satan and his vicar, the corporate body of Antichrist], Are you also made as weak as we? Are you likened to us?” They all shall be with Satan and be “brought down to Hell to the sides of the pit,” because you (the corporate body of Antichrist) are “the man that made the earth to tremble and shaking kingdoms, making the world like a wilderness, and who tore down its cities.” You are that wicked man, the corporate body of satan, of sin (Isaiah 14:16-17), the “son of perdition” (II Thessalonians 2:3), “the abomination that maketh desolate” (Daniel 11:31).


If you sincerely want to escape this place of torment, confess your sins to the Lord, ask Him to forgive you and come into your spirit through the Holy Spirit. “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord” (Romans 6:23). “If thou confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation” (Romans 10:9-12). “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God” (Romans 12:1-2).

For your soul’s sake say this prayer:


My Lord and my God, have mercy upon my soul, a sinner. 1 I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God. 2 I believe that He died on the cross and shed His precious blood for the forgiveness of all my sins. 3 I believe that God raised Jesus from the dead by the power of the Holy Spirit 4 and that He sits on the right hand of God at this moment, hearing my confession of sin and this prayer. 5 I open up the door of my heart and I invite You into my heart, Lord Jesus. 6 Wash all of my filthy sins away in the precious blood that You shed in my place on the cross at Calvary. 7 You will not turn me away, Lord Jesus, You will forgive my sins and save my soul. I know because Your Word, the Bible says so. 8 Your Word says that You will turn no one away, and that includes me. 9 Therefore, I know that You have heard me, and I know that You have answered me, and I know that I am saved. 10 And I thank You, Lord Jesus, for saving my soul, and I will show my thankfulness by doing as You command and sin no more. 11

You've just completed the first step in a series of five steps which are necessary to receive salvation. Your second step is to deny yourself and take up your cross daily and follow Jesus for the purpose of mortifying your flesh, that is, for putting to death your own will, your soulful self, and the world with all of its lusts. All these must be baptized into the death of Christ.

Step three is your resurrection from the satanic life of Adam unto the sinless life of Christ. Step four is your ascension into a position of authority to reign for God with Christ on earth, and the fifth step is to reign for God in Christ on earth to the end for the purpose of bringing about the kingdom of Heaven on earth. You must learn the Word of God, submit yourselves one to another, and do what the Word says so that the church and the world may see evidence of your submission to God’s Word, His order, and His authority in and by you.

Praise the Lord. May God reward you abundantly.

Yours in the wonderful name of Jesus,
Pastor Tony Alamo

Tony Alamo is probably the greatest patriot this country has ever known.

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