Sons of God

Tony Alamo

There is a heresy that needs to immediately be censored, cleared up, and done away with.1 The particular heresy of which I speak has even gotten its satanic doctrine into every Bible dictionary and most Bible commentaries. It is glorified by a variety of renowned commentators and preached in the majority of churches. 2 This is the fallacy which states both that angels had relations with human women and that angels are the sons of God. The truth is that God has never called angels the sons of God, because they are not the sons of God. Only humans have the possibility of becoming sons of God,3 and they can only do this by faith in Christ, 4 according to God’s infallible Word.

"The sons of God" mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible,5 were not angels any more than "the sons of God" in the first chapter of the book of John.6 This term is used to describe those who believe God and keep His commandments.7 "But as many as received Him [Jesus, the Word of God8 ], to them gave He power to become the sons of God."9

God’s Word plainly states, "For unto which of the angels said He at any time, Thou art My Son?" Either has God told any angel, "I will be to him a Father, and he shall be to Me a son."10

After Cain slew Abel, "Adam knew his wife again; and she bare a son, and called his name Seth: For God, said she, hath appointed me another seed [another son] instead of Abel, whom Cain slew. And to Seth, to him also there was born a son; and he called his name Enos: then began men to call upon the name of the Lord."11 Those who call upon the name of the Lord through their belief in Christ are the sons of God.12

In the Hebrew language, the words "beney Elohim" means "the sons of God." It means those members of mankind who fear God and keep His commandments by serving Him. The sons of God are those who call upon God and obey Him.13 Beney Elohim also means sons of the great God, those who were nourished and brought up in the love of God.14

The term "sons of God" is commonly used throughout the Bible to describe men who believe in the Messiah, Christ, fear God, and keep God’s commandments.15 The sons of Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, and Noah have always been called the sons of God. The Bible calls the children of Cain the sons of Cain, satanic men and women, or the sons and daughters of men.16

God never called any of His angels sons throughout all eternity and throughout the history of all time. But there were certain heretics of old who had written fantasies regarding the holy scriptures, in particular Genesis 6:2, which reads: "The sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose." The heresy that the sons of God were angels has its origin in an ancient heretical book called the Book of Jubilees.

God has always required that the sons of God keep themselves holy and spiritual.17 They must not be "unequally yoked together with unbelievers."18 Because the sons of God disobeyed this commandment of the Lord, the Lord pronounced judgment on the entire earth with these words: "I, even I, do bring a flood of waters upon the earth, to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life, from under Heaven; and every thing that is in the earth shall die."19 This was the penalty given by God to all mankind for the sons of God, the sons of Seth [not angels], because they had transgressed God’s righteous principles, His law.20

If angels had transgressed, God would not have drowned all mankind.21 He would have punished the disobedient angels even more than He already had.22 All flesh was destroyed, with the exception of the family of Noah.23 The Lord spoke to Noah, telling him to build an ark.24 He told Noah that He would destroy all men with a flood that would come in a hundred and twenty years because "it repented the Lord that He had made man on the earth, and it grieved Him at His heart."25

This doctrine of angels commingling themselves with human beings and engendering children is absurd. More than this, it is a satanic lie which is completely unscriptural. Its heresy clashes with the whole Word of God, which tells us that all humanity, all flesh, came from Adam and Eve.26 It is written that Eve "was the mother of all living."27

Again, I want to emphasize that neither the angels of God or the fallen angels could ever have had sexual relationships with human beings. This is because they don’t have reproductive organs. They are not married, nor are they given in marriage.28 If this false doctrine were believed, some of us might think we were not the seed of Adam, but instead the seed of angels. If we thought that, we might think we didn’t need Christ to wash us in His blood and save us from the Adamic curse which the Bible states is upon everyone before they are saved.29 This would cause many of us to not be saved, but instead to be eternally damned.30

The Bible states, "All have sinned [all humanity], and come short of the glory of God." 31 The Word of God states that we are all the sons and daughters of Adam.32 "For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive."33 Only when we accept Christ do we become the sons of God. 34p

In the Old Testament, all those who believed in the Messiah’s coming and believed He would shed His blood for our sins symbolized it by shedding the blood of their sacrificial burnt offerings.35 They were saved for their actions of faith and for this they were given the "power to become the sons of God."36

No one in the entire spiritual realm can produce flesh and blood with the exception of God Himself with His life in Christ, which is in the Holy Spirit.37 God had to become a man in human form, Jesus Christ the Lord, in order to have genuine human blood to shed for the sins of the world.38 Jesus was the Son of the same Holy Spirit which overshadowed Mary and caused her to conceive Him in her womb. 39 Jesus is the life of everything living and is God’s wisdom in our eternal life. 40

The scriptures plainly state that there are but two classes of humans, those who are of God and those who are of the devil.41 Because the children of God married the satanic children of Cain, God cursed them with a mark of His curse. They grew up to be giants, which were not superior beings, but were instead evil. Jesus said, "It is the Spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing."42 "Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God."43 "Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit [the Spirit of God], saith the Lord of hosts."44

As Satan by his evil spirit lives and does all of his evil works in human bodies,45 so also does God, by His Holy Spirit, live today as He has always lived in His spirit in the bodies of humans.46 Those who believe in Christ have devoted their lives unto Him.47 A graveyard full of saints’ bodies rose from the dead that same morning that Christ’s human body rose from the dead.48 Christ’s human, glorified body ascended into Heaven forty days later.49 He, Jesus who is God,50 can now through the Holy Spirit descend from Heaven and live again in millions of human bodies, doing a greater work on earth than was ever done by Him in one human body.51

Again, it has always been forbidden for those who have the Spirit of the Son of God dwelling in them to join themselves in matrimony, business, or anything else to the sons or daughters of those having the spirit of Satan in them.52 This commandment of God, which is held by godly, consecrated people today, has existed since the beginning of time. "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?"53 Again, scripture states, "Can two walk together [the saved and unsaved], except they be agreed?"54

In the Old Testament God stated let not MY SONS AND DAUGHTERS be married to the sinners, lest they learn their ways. "Neither shalt thou make marriages with them; thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his daughter shalt thou take unto thy son."55 This was the first warning in the Torah (the five books of Moses). "For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book."56 If a person, after hearing that they should not be unevenly yoked together with unbelievers, still does it, the plagues that are mentioned in the book, including the flood and even more than the curse of the flood which drowned everyone, will be given to them. That includes an eternity in the lower parts of Hell. "And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things, which are written in this book."57 This statement is from the book of Revelation, but it applies to the entire Bible and to all those who preach, teach, and keep the commandments of the Lord, the sons of God. Those who are angered by the Word of God and alter it, thinking God will change His mind at His judgment bar, are the sons of the devil.58

Other heresy that is as abundant as the Lord said it would be in these last days,59 is the lie that there is no such thing as our eternal life being terminated. Why does God say that He’ll take away your part from the book of life if you add to or take away from the gospel?60 Why did God say "I will spue thee out of My mouth?"61 Isn’t that termination? Why then is one of the great signs of the coming of the Lord the great falling away from the body of Christ by those whose salvations are terminated?62

Lot’s wife was delivered from Sodom but her deliverance was terminated because she desired the old world again.63 All of Ham’s seed were cursed forever because Ham terminated his position with the Lord 64 and people terminate their position with the Lord by sinning. "For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins." 65 Don’t be deceived. Those preaching such heresy are devils.66 God is "the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever." 67 It was the sons of God that kindled God’s wrath when they decided not to keep His commandments. 68 They were drowned and sent to Hell. 69 That was the first destruction of the earth. Isn’t that a termination of the sons of God? Once the sonship is terminated, they are not sons anymore, but antichrists. 70

Jesus warned of heresies as a sign of the end times five times alone in the twenty-fourth chapter of Matthew.71 The Bible is clear as to how God will finally destroy the earth—by fire.72 All those that believe they can be saved and continue on in sin shall have an eternity to lament that heresy in their flaming pit.73 The actions of all those who know the Word of God are inexcusable.74 Why? Because they know the truth but chose to teach heresy and live unrighteously. People who will not stop sinning when they know that the life of God in them gives them more than ample power not to sin simply love living according to the lust of sin, Satan, the flesh, and the world. 75 They love living according to the law of sin and death, so there is no excuse or escape for them.76

Those that love preaching heresy are Satan’s evangelists.77 Today we hear such examples of heresy as, "Once saved, always saved;"78 "There is no Hell;"79 and "We can continue in sin and God will still let us into Heaven."80 I am a witness for the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Let me be put on record as one who agrees with Christ in everything that He says and everything He does. I believe everything the Bible says because according to the Word of God we live "by every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of the Lord."81 "He that believeth and is baptized [with the life of God continuously living in them] shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned."82 This is how Jesus told the devil we shall live eternally: "By every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."83

If you believe Jesus, who is the Word of God, you can be saved.84 The Word of God says, "Call unto Me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things."85 What could be greater and mightier than becoming a son of God? If you believe, then call on Him now. You shall become a son or daughter of God immediately after saying this prayer and continuing in the baptism of the life of God living in you until the end.


My Lord and my God, have mercy upon my soul, a sinner. 1 I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God. 2 I believe that He died on the cross and shed His precious blood for the forgiveness of all my sins. 3 I believe that God raised Jesus from the dead by the power of the Holy Spirit 4 and that He sits on the right hand of God at this moment, hearing my confession of sin and this prayer. 5 I open up the door of my heart and I invite You into my heart, Lord Jesus. 6 Wash all of my filthy sins away in the precious blood that You shed in my place on the cross at Calvary. 7 You will not turn me away, Lord Jesus, You will forgive my sins and save my soul. I know because Your Word, the Bible says so. 8 Your Word says that You will turn no one away, and that includes me. 9 Therefore, I know that You have heard me, and I know that You have answered me, and I know that I am saved. 10 And I thank You, Lord Jesus, for saving my soul, and I will show my thankfulness by doing as You command and sin no more. 11

You've just completed the first step in a series of five steps which are necessary to receive salvation. Your second step is to deny yourself and take up the cross daily for the purpose of mortifying yourself, that is, for putting to death your own will, your soulful self, and the world with all of its lusts. All these must be baptized into the death of Christ.

Step three is your resurrection from the satanic life of Adam unto the sinless life of Christ. Step four is your ascension into a position of authority to reign for God on earth, and the fifth step is to reign for God on earth to the end for the purpose of bringing about the kingdom of Heaven on earth. You must learn the Word of God, then submit yourself and do what the Word says, so that the Church and the world may see evidence of your submission to God's Word, His order, and His authority in and by you.

Praise the Lord. May God reward you abundantly.

Pastor Tony Alamo

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