by Tony Alamo

The prophet Elijah knew without a doubt that he was a prophet of God. Nothing and no one could ever make him disbelieve that fact. God had communicated with him on many occasions. One occasion was in First Kings chapter 18, where God told him to hold a contest between himself and four hundred fifty false prophets of Baal. Imagine, one prophet of God against four hundred fifty false prophets of Satan! King Ahab (king of Israel), and Jezebel’s husband, was told by Elijha to invite all Israel, as well as all the false prophets, to an event where the false prophets would slay one bullock and Elijah would slay another. Both the false prophets and Elijah were to put these cut up bullocks on their own altar. The false prophets were to call on their false god, while Elijah called on the Almighty God, His God, and whichever God would consume the bullock with fire would be the God (I Kings 18:19-24).

When Ahab met Elijah on the way, delivering the invitation to this contest, Ahab accused Elijah as the one who troubled Israel. Elijah responded, saying, “I have not troubled Israel; but you [Ahab], and your father’s house [have troubled Israel], in that you have forsaken the commandments of the Lord, and you have followed Baalim. Now, therefore send, and gather to me all Israel unto mount Carmel, and the prophets of Baal four hundred and fifty, and the prophets of the groves four hundred, which eat at Jezebel’s table” (I Kings 18:18-19). Ahab did as Elijah said. All the children of Israel gathered together with Elijah at Mount Carmel (which is in the city of Haifa, Israel where Elijah’s cave also is located), as did the false prophets.

Elijah then asked them all, “How long shall you be double-minded, have two opinions? If the Lord be God, follow Him: but if Baal, then follow him. And the people answered him not a word” (I Kings 18:21). The false prophets then put their bullock on the wood without lighting a fire, then began calling on their gods to kindle the fire. Again, the God that answers with fire would be acknowledged by all as God. “And all the people said, it is well spoken” (I Kings 18:23-24).

The prophets of Baal continued calling on the name of Baal from morning until noon. Elijah began mocking them and said, “Cry aloud: for he is a god; either he is talking, or he is pursuing, or he is in a journey, or peradventure he sleepeth, and must be awaked. And they cried aloud, and cut themselves after their manner with knives and lancets, till the blood gushed out upon them” (I Kings 18:27-28).

All Israel watched this scene! How embarrassing! What would it have been like if Elijah’s God had not answered Him? Elijah had heard from God, and was sure he was of God and was doing what he was told to do. That evening, after the false prophets were worn out, Elijah repaired his altar with twelve stones, which represented the twelve tribes of Israel. In the name of the Lord he built the altar, and made a trench around the altar. He told the people to “fill four barrels with water, and pour them on the burnt sacrifice, and on the wood. And he said, do it the second time. And they did it the second time. And he said, Do it the third time. And they did it the third time. And the water ran round about the altar; and he filled the trench also with water” (I Kings 18:30-35). Everyone was watching.

Then Elijah the prophet said, “Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel), Let it be known this day that Thou art God in Israel, and that I am Thy servant, and that I have done all these things at Thy Word” (I Kings 18:36). (He never would have done any of these things unless God had specifically told him to say and do them.) “Hear me, O Lord, hear me, that these people might know that Thou art the Lord God, and that Thou hast turned their heart back again. The fire of the Lord fell and consumed the burnt sacrifice, and the wood, and the stones, and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench. And when all the people saw it, they fell on their faces: and they said, The Lord, He is the God; the Lord, He is the God. And Elijah said unto them, Take the prophets of Baal; let not one of them escape. And they took them: and Elijah brought them down to the brook Kishun, and slew them there” (I Kings 18:37-40).

“Ahab told Jezebel all that Elijah had done [Elijah said it was the Lord God that did it all, but Elijah was a channel of the Lord to do His will], and withal how he had slain all the prophets with the sword. Then Jezebel sent a messenger unto Elijah, saying, So let the gods do the same to me, and more also, if I make not thy life as the life of one of them by to morrow about this time. And when he saw that, he arose, and went for his life, and came to Beersheba, which belongeth to Judah, and left his servant there. But he himself went a day’s journey into the wilderness, and came and sat down under a juniper [broom] tree: and he requested for himself that he might die; and said, It is enough; now, O Lord, take my life, for I am not better than my fathers” (I Kings 19:1-4). I and many others have also prayed this prayer. God knew Elijah was sincere in wanting God to take him away, and He did take him away, but first God had him do a few more things.

After speaking to God, Elijah slept under a juniper tree. “Then an angel touched him, and said unto him, Arise and eat. There was a cake baked on the coals, and a cruse of water at his head. And he did eat and drink, and laid him down again. And the angel of the Lord came again the second time, and touched him, and said, Arise and eat; because the journey is so great for thee. So he got up and did eat and drink and went in the strength of that meat forty days and forty nights unto Horeb the mount of God (I Kings 19:5-8).

He came “unto a cave, and lodged there; and behold, the Word of the Lord came to him, and he said unto him, what doest thou here, Elijah? And he said, I have been very jealous for the Lord God of hosts: for the children of Israel have forsaken Thy covenant, thrown down Thine altars, and slain Thy prophets with the sword; and I, even I only, am left; and they seek my life, to take it away. And He said, Go forth, and stand upon the mount before the Lord. And behold, the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before the Lord; but the Lord was not in the wind [to curse or frighten Elijah]” (I Kings 19:9-11).

To test us, God will take His hand off of us, as He did Job.1 When God takes His hand off of us, it is Satan that is in the wind, the whirlwind, not God. Pray for God to put His hand down again. Satan might have made Elijah feel guilty for doing away with 450 of his false prophets, but since God told him to do what he did, Elijah was not shaken by the wind. He knew God, but he also knew the Lord was not in the wind. Everything is either of the Lord or of the devil.

When 185,000 members of Sennacherib’s army were dead, that was of the Lord: the Lord was in that. The drowning of the whole world was of God. The ten plagues of Egypt, the deaths of all their firstborn, and the deaths of the entire Egyptian army? The Lord was in that and much more. After the wind that the Lord was not in, there was an earthquake; however, the Lord was not cursing faithful Elijah any more than He was cursing Job when his children were all killed in the whirlwind. The Lord was not in the earthquake. Job thought so, but not Elijah! After the earthquake, there was a fire, and the Lord was not involved in the fire any more than He was when all of Job’s livestock was no longer around. “And after the fire a still small voice [the Lord]. And it was so, when Elijah heard it, that he wrapped his face in his mantle, and went out, and stood in the entering of the cave. And behold, there came a voice unto him, and said, What doest thou here, Elijah?” (I Kings 19:11-13).

”And he said, I have been very jealous for the Lord God of hosts: because the children of Israel have forsaken Thy covenant, thrown down Thine altars, and slain Thy prophets with the sword; and I, even I only, am left; and they seek my life, to take it away. And the Lord said unto him, Go, return on thy way to the wilderness of Damascus: and when thou comest, anoint Hazael to be king over Syria: And Jehu the son of Nimshi shalt thou anoint to be king over Israel: and Elisha the son of Shaphat of Abelmeholah shalt thou anoint to be prophet in thy room. And it shall come to pass, that him that escapeth the sword of Hazael shall Jehu slay: and him that escapeth from the sword of Jehu shall Elisha slay. Yet I have left Me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him. So he departed thence, and found Elisha the son of Shaphat, who was plowing with twelve yoke of oxen before him, and he with the twelfth: and Elijah passed by him, and cast his mantle upon him. And he left the oxen, and ran after Elijah, and said, Let me, I pray thee, kiss my father and my mother, and then I will follow thee. And he said unto him, Go back again: for what have I done to thee? And he returned back from him, and took a yoke of oxen, and slew them, and boiled their flesh with the instruments of the oxen, and gave unto the people, and they did eat. Then he arose, and went after Elijah, and ministered unto him” (I Kings 19:14-21).

“And it came to pass, when they were gone over, that Elijah said unto Elisha, Ask what I shall do for thee, before I be taken away from thee. And Elisha said, I pray thee, let a double portion of thy spirit be upon me. And he said, Thou hast asked a hard thing: nevertheless, if thou see me when I am taken from thee, it shall be so unto thee; but if not, it shall not be so. And it came to pass, as they still went on, and talked, that, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into Heaven. And Elisha saw it, and he cried, My father, my father, the chariot of Israel, and the horsemen thereof. And he saw him no more: and he took hold of his own clothes, and rent them in two pieces. He took up also the mantle of Elijah that fell from him, and went back, and stood by the bank of Jordan; And he took the mantle of Elijah that fell from him, and smote the waters, and said, Where is the Lord God of Elijah? and when he also had smitten the waters, they parted hither and thither: and Elisha went over” (II Kings 2:9-14).

“And he went up from thence unto Bethel: and as he was going up by the way, there came forth little children out of the city, and mocked him, and said unto him, Go up, thou bald head; go up, thou bald head. And he turned back, and looked on them, and cursed them in the name of the Lord. And there came forth two she bears out of the wood, and tare forty and two children of them” (II Kings 2:23-24). The children torn to pieces are said by some to have been influenced to mock Elisha by their idol-worshipping parents, and that by the children’s deaths, the people of Bethel were to know that to dishonor GOD’S PROPHETS was to dishonor Him.


My Lord and my God, have mercy upon my soul, a sinner. 1 I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God. 2 I believe that He died on the cross and shed His precious blood for the forgiveness of all my sins. 3 I believe that God raised Jesus from the dead by the power of the Holy Spirit 4 and that He sits on the right hand of God at this moment, hearing my confession of sin and this prayer. 5 I open up the door of my heart and I invite You into my heart, Lord Jesus. 6 Wash all of my filthy sins away in the precious blood that You shed in my place on the cross at Calvary. 7 You will not turn me away, Lord Jesus, You will forgive my sins and save my soul. I know because Your Word, the Bible says so. 8 Your Word says that You will turn no one away, and that includes me. 9 Therefore, I know that You have heard me, and I know that You have answered me, and I know that I am saved. 10 And I thank You, Lord Jesus, for saving my soul, and I will show my thankfulness by doing as You command and sin no more. 11

You've just completed the first step in a series of five steps which are necessary to receive salvation. Your second step is to deny yourself and take up the cross daily for the purpose of mortifying yourself, that is, for putting to death your own will, your soulful self, and the world with all of its lusts. All these must be baptized into the death of Christ.

Step three is your resurrection from the satanic life of Adam unto the sinless life of Christ. Step four is your ascension into a position of authority to reign for God on earth, and the fifth step is to reign for God on earth to the end for the purpose of bringing about the kingdom of Heaven on earth. You must learn the Word of God, then submit yourself and do what the Word says, so that the Church and the world may see evidence of your submission to God's Word, His order, and His authority in and by you.

Praise the Lord. May God reward you abundantly.

Pastor Tony Alamo

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