by Tony Alamo

In Luke 12:51, Jesus said, “Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, nay; but rather division.” Jesus also said in Matthew 5:17-20, “Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill [the law and the prophets].” The false prophets say that the law and the Old Testament do not apply any longer.  They are liars!  Listen to Jesus, not to them! “For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled [not one smallest letter or marking shall pass away from the law until all comes to pass, from Genesis through Revelation]. Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so [teaching them that they can continue sinning by breaking the law after they are in Christ and Christ is in them, after they have received His powerful Spirit giving them the power of God to not sin again], he shall be called the least in the kingdom of Heaven … For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees [the religions, the phony teachers, phony preachers, and false prophets], ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of Heaven.”

Several days ago I heard a so-called evangelist answering a caller on his program who asked if it was all right for the government to put a microchip in his children. The evangelist, his wife, and some co-host assured the man, “It’s perfectly okay.” They all said this was not the mark of the beast (Revelation 13:16-18). They said the mark of the beast was only so you could buy and sell. That is only one of the aspects. God said not to take this mark.1The devil’s government (as I said years ago) may tell you that this microchip should be inserted into your child so that you can find your child if he or she is kidnapped or lost, but you should know by now that this government is of the devil and is a liar. This shallow preacher also told another caller on the same program that if a Christian is going to be martyred, it is okay for them to commit suicide. They said “Yes” (My Lord and my God!!). Was this the example of Jesus, Stephen, or any of the other Christians in the Bible who were martyred? NEVER!! Taking your life is the same thing as murder. Murderers of the temple of God will never make it into the kingdom of Heaven. This false teacher should get off the air. He is teaching people to sin unforgiveable sins, to take the mark of the beast and to commit murder.2

Sins People Are Committing Today

Sin Is The Transgression of God’s Laws (I John 3:4)

Leviticus Chapter 18

“And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, I am the LORD your God. After the doings of the land of Egypt, wherein ye dwelt, shall ye not do: and after the doings of the land of Canaan, whither I bring you, shall ye not do: neither shall ye walk in their ordinances [the corrupt law of their land]. Ye shall do My judgments, and keep Mine ordinances, to walk therein: I am the LORD your God. Ye shall therefore keep My statutes, and My judgments: which if a man do, he shall live in them: I am the LORD.

“None of you shall approach to any that is near of kin to him, to uncover their nakedness: I am the LORD. The nakedness of thy father, or the nakedness of thy mother, shalt thou not uncover: she is thy mother; thou shalt not uncover her nakedness. The nakedness of thy father's wife [this is not your mother but one of your father’s wives] shalt thou not uncover: it is thy father's nakedness. The nakedness of thy sister, the daughter of thy father, or daughter of thy mother, whether she be born at home, or born abroad, even their nakedness thou shalt not uncover. The nakedness of thy son's daughter, or of thy daughter's daughter, even their nakedness thou shalt not uncover: for theirs is thine own nakedness. The nakedness of thy father's wife's [not your mother, but one of your father’s wives] daughter, begotten of thy father, she is thy sister, thou shalt not uncover her nakedness. Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of thy father's sister: she is thy father's near kinswoman. Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of thy mother's sister: for she is thy mother's near kinswoman. Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of thy father's brother, thou shalt not approach to his wife: she is thine aunt. Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of thy daughter-in-law: she is thy son's wife; thou shalt not uncover her nakedness. Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of thy brother's wife: it is thy brother's nakedness. Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of a woman and her daughter, neither shalt thou take her son's daughter, or her daughter's daughter, to uncover her nakedness; for they are her near kinswomen: it is wickedness. Neither shalt thou take a wife to her sister, to vex her, to uncover her nakedness, beside the other in her life time. Also thou shalt not approach unto a woman to uncover her nakedness, as long as she is put apart for her uncleanness. Moreover thou shalt not lie carnally with thy neighbour's wife, to defile thyself with her. And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am the LORD.

“Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. Neither shalt thou lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith: neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto: it is confusion. Defile not ye yourselves in any of these things: for in all these the nations are defiled which I cast out [threw away] before you: And the land is defiled: therefore I do visit the iniquity thereof upon it, and the land itself vomiteth out her inhabitants. Ye shall therefore keep My statutes and My judgments, and shall not commit any of these abominations; neither any of your own nation, nor any stranger that sojourneth among you: [For all these abominations have the men of the land done, which were before you, and the land is defiled;] That the land spue not you out also, when ye defile it, as it spued out the nations that were before you. For whosoever shall commit any of these abominations, even the souls that commit them shall be cut off [put to death] from among their people. Therefore shall ye keep Mine ordinance, that ye COMMIT NOT ANY ONE of these abominable customs, which were committed before you, and that ye defile not yourselves therein: I AM THE LORD YOUR GOD.”

Again, without being in Christ and without Christ being in us, it is impossible to keep all the law, but by our being in Christ and by Christ in us, we are more than conquerors and are more than able to do all things (of the Law) in Christ Jesus (Rom. 8:37). People who say otherwise are just deceiving themselves. Again, Jesus said that He didn’t suffer, die, resurrect, and ascend into Heaven so we could break any part of the law, the moral law. The most brilliant minds in the world are stupid because they think contrary to God.3 The penalties for doing the opposite of what God says are death and Hell.4

Leviticus 20:2 tells us that anyone murdering their children, “He shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones.” And God states in verses four and five that if the people of the land hide their eyes (pretending that they don’t see or know about the murdering of babies—children) from the man that does these things (murders their own children), and refuse to have him put to death according to the law of God, God Himself will kill that man, his family, and all those who pretend they don’t see it or know it. In verse six, God states that “the soul [the person] that turneth after such as have familiar spirits, and after wizards, to go a whoring after them [sinning—seeking after them], [God] will even set [His] face against that soul, and will cut him off [kill him] from among his people.”

In Leviticus 20, verses 7-13, God speaks clearly to us: “Sanctify yourselves therefore, and be ye holy: for I am the LORD your God. And ye shall keep My statutes, and do them [in Christ we are more than able to do that]: I am the LORD which sanctify you. For every one that curseth his father or his mother shall be surely put to death [DHS, watch out! One-world government, watch out! The government, the DHS, and other one-world government agencies are teaching children to curse children’s mothers and fathers]: he hath cursed his father or his mother; his blood shall be upon him. And the man that committeth adultery with another man's wife, even he that committeth adultery with his neighbour's wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death. And the man that lieth with his father's wife [not his mother, but one of his father’s wives] [this is God’s law!] hath uncovered his father's nakedness: both of them shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them [not on the land, to curse the land as America’s land and the Land of the world is now cursed]. And if a man lie with his daughter-in-law, both of them shall surely be put to death: they have wrought confusion; their blood shall be upon them [not on the land]. If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” [They shall be cursed, and the curse is not on the land].” Do you wonder why the USA and the world is cursed as it is? It is because the moral law is still valid and always will be valid!!

Read the entire law (the whole book of Leviticus). We are going into a time when the earth shall be scorched, not warmed, then frozen and we shall experience a fierce heat wave as never in the history of the world—there are many sun spots missing—followed by a huge freeze because much of the sun will be blotted out.5 This will happen very soon. Of course, food will be burned up, and water shall be in very short supply. If the sun doesn’t give her strength, food will not be able to grow and there will be widespread famine. Today they are rationing water in California and Texas. They are slaughtering cattle because there is not enough water to grow feed for them. Beef prices are going to go through the roof. People refuse to believe it’s because of their sins.

Many feel they can prepare for God’s curses, but they underestimate God’s all mighty power. It’s too late to prepare, but if you want to be saved, it’s not too late. Repent, or you and your families shall surely die, perish. Read the whole moral law in Leviticus, Deuteronomy, and the New Testament as well. It is much later than you think. Pray to God now for the salvation of your soul. Say this prayer to God in the name of Jesus:


My Lord and my God, have mercy upon my soul, a sinner. 1 I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God. 2 I believe that He died on the cross and shed His precious blood for the forgiveness of all my sins. 3 I believe that God raised Jesus from the dead by the power of the Holy Spirit 4 and that He sits on the right hand of God at this moment, hearing my confession of sin and this prayer. 5 I open up the door of my heart and I invite You into my heart, Lord Jesus. 6 Wash all of my filthy sins away in the precious blood that You shed in my place on the cross at Calvary. 7 You will not turn me away, Lord Jesus, You will forgive my sins and save my soul. I know because Your Word, the Bible says so. 8 Your Word says that You will turn no one away, and that includes me. 9 Therefore, I know that You have heard me, and I know that You have answered me, and I know that I am saved. 10 And I thank You, Lord Jesus, for saving my soul, and I will show my thankfulness by doing as You command and sin no more. 11

You've just completed the first step in a series of five steps which are necessary to receive salvation. Your second step is to deny yourself and take up the cross daily for the purpose of mortifying yourself, that is, for putting to death your own will, your soulful self, and the world with all of its lusts. All these must be baptized into the death of Christ.

Step three is your resurrection from the satanic life of Adam unto the sinless life of Christ. Step four is your ascension into a position of authority to reign for God on earth, and the fifth step is to reign for God on earth to the end for the purpose of bringing about the kingdom of Heaven on earth. You must learn the Word of God, then submit yourself and do what the Word says, so that the Church and the world may see evidence of your submission to God's Word, His order, and His authority in and by you.

Praise the Lord. May God reward you abundantly.

Pastor Tony Alamo

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