Dear Tony,

Thank you for your comments which I came across on the internet, and I’m glad that someone else knows the truth! I am in Australia and have had these crafts around my 40 acre property for the last 3 years, gradually coming closer, revealing more of themselves. I was petrified at first as I thought they were aliens as others describe but soon learned that the crafts are inhabited by the most glorious, bright, shining Angels of GOD! They move around like lightning in a physical form...They have eyes that are like torches and a brighter light emits from the heart region.

They have gradually surrounded me overtime and seems like they just wait and watch over me from about a 600-800 meter distance perimeter. They are spiritual as their lights appear at nightfall and then the craft materialize later just like coming out from a misty fog. One craft actually corresponds with me when I ask questions. They do this by flashing a bright single light signal back at me and I gathered that they only flash when they agree with me or answer as a yes! These craft vary from 400 – 600 meters in diameter. I asked if they were Angels of God and they did flash me back, simply because I insisted knowing because I was so frightened of who they were.

I live here alone now as my wife left me as I was the only one who recognized what they were and spent hours outside in the dark trying to talk with them. She thought I was insane! Months later she came to visit me one night with a girlfriend of hers who is a psych nurse and I persuaded them to give me a chance and to take a closer look. We were outside looking and although they could see lights they could not make out the crafts as they are camouflaged against a backdrop of the mountains behind. In desperation, I asked the Angels to please show them something as I did not want the mother of my son to think I was actually crazy. Immediately they somehow lit up the whole roof of the house in a most brilliant light...there was no trace of light elsewhere, but only the rooftop... The girls stood in awe and could only gasp how beautiful a sight they just witnessed and did admit to me that they believe me that nothing on this earth could have achieved what they saw. We are totally isolated from cars and there were no helicopters. It was plain to see that this could only happen from something very advanced. My wife and I are still separated but she accepts that something is going on at the property.

I still spend a few hours each night just talking to them and can see progress every night as they seem to be coming closer all the time and showing more lights around their craft. It is like they are desensitizing me for when they come! I think they want me for something, but not sure at this stage, so I must wait. I pray on my knees to Christ and I have had all my fears taken away and can walk around in the dark without a torch as I have no fear. I tested them once, prayed out aloud and they blinked the light back at me when I mentioned the Lord...this confirmed to me that they were indeed Gods Angels. This is the absolute truth and I swear on the Bible and my life that this is what is happening right now. I just needed to tell you this as you are one of few who know the real truth!

Rob V