from Pastor Tony Alamo to the President of the United States

January 3, 2011

Dear President Clinton:

I hope that you are doing well. As you may know, I am in prison: I was prosecuted for my faith. God has given me spirit and strength. I have had a chance to be inspired by God while in prison, and as I reflect on my life, I see how much you were a friend of mine. I am writing you this letter to let you know you were a good friend of mine, and I am very proud that one of my friends was able to win two terms of presidency.

My old friend, I still remember all the good days and the good times we spent together. Yes, we had our differences. We did not agree on everything, but we were there for each other in our times of need. I did not appreciate that you compared me to “Roy Orbison on speed” in your book. Thank you for writing nice things about my lovely wife, Susan. May God let her soul rest in peace. I also want to send you my congratulations on your beautiful daughter Chelsea’s marriage. I always ask God to bless you and your family, make you prosper in life, and keep you all in good health.

Clinton, my friend, I know how much time you dedicate to our country. I know you made a lot of sacrifices. God will always bless you for what you did for our country. Never before did our people enjoy happiness and economic prosperity as they did while you were our president. You made a lot of progress on the home front. You were faced with tough issues on the international front, such as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. As a believer in Jesus Christ, I truly believe you, as a mediator in these negotiations, did more than any other person in this conflict. Things did not work well in the pursuit of peace, despite your best efforts to mediate a solution, and the breakdown of Camp David led to the bloodshed in the Holy Land, the land of Christ.

Mr. President, as a believer in Christ, I sought His guidance to find a way to bring peace to the Holy Land and to solve the world deficit. I am very sure that the different strategies I have in mind will work very well to bring peace to the Holy Land and its people. I need you to take some of your time and come to see me in person. There is no doubt in my mind that my strategies will work, if they are followed and implemented by competent people. I need to see you in person, my friend. These ideas can’t be written and mailed. They are too complicated.

I have found the real solution to that conflict, and for the deep thought and the hard work that I put in, I have certain demands. I need you to promote and advocate on my behalf, as you have been a strong advocate of international human rights. I assume that you are going to take my letter in good faith and come to see me. If you can’t come to see me in person, I hope you will send a representative to work out the strategies.

Tony Alamo

January 3, 2011

Dear President Bush,

I pray that this letter reaches you and that you are in strong spirit. I continue to envision you as the man who stood up and fought against the forces of evil as, undoubtedly, you brought our country justice and hung the symbols of terror, Saddam and his sons. I have no doubt as to how much Saddam’s hand was filled with innocent blood, and remember his attempt to assassinate your father. I was watching your strategies closely, and saw how you delivered blows to those who harmed the interests of our nation.

I did receive the thirteen e-mails that you sent me and the hand-written letter. As you’ve been our Commander-in Chief, I dedicated much time in solitude to create the platforms and the blueprint to deliver peace to future generations, so that we might dig out the roots of evil from this earth.

As I went through deep thoughts and visions, and sought the help and assistance of our Creator, I knew in my heart and my soul that I needed to give you the best tactics and the best strategies to uproot evil. It’s my duty as a follower and believer in Jesus Christ to proclaim to you the good news that God Himself blessed me with, the ultimate solution to uproot the forces of evil from our earth by solving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. This conflict has been used by Satan to turn our human family against one another, spoiled our peace of mind, and allowed Satan to plant his evil seeds in the land of our beloved Savior Jesus Christ. It’s our moral and religious duty as believers and followers of Jesus Christ to root out the tree of evil in the world by resolving this conflict, which has resulted in the loss of many innocent lives and helped Satan to spread his hate around the world, divide and break up our human family, proclaim his animosity, and ultimately destroy us, using us as his tools and instruments to implement his evil plans.

Mr. Bush, I want you to read my words very carefully. God Himself directed my thoughts and blessed me with enough knowledge and understanding to find a resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. My vision for the road to peace in Jerusalem must be implemented systematically, gradually, and effectively. This strategy, if implemented, will lead to everlasting peace in the land of Christ, the Holy Land.

President Bush, I am in prison now, prosecuted for my faith. The matter is complicated. A lot of things have been politically motivated, and there are different forces of influence playing roles behind the scene. There is no doubt that they went after me because I have spent my entire life as a true believer and follower of Jesus Christ. I am not only willing to spend the rest of my life in prison for Jesus, but also to die for my faith. As long as God is on my side, I don’t care what people do to me.

The goal of this drama has been to destroy my church because it’s inspired by Christian-Judeo values. Therefore, as a disciple of Christ, I need you to find a way to come to see me in person so I might share with you all my visions, plans, and strategies not only to uproot evil from the earth, but to bring happiness, comfort, and peace to the world by resolving the most complicated issues facing humanity. I am certain that you will be eager to come see me. If you can’t come see me because of personal issues, I am willing to meet with any trusted persons from your side, persons who are able to deliver you a clear picture of the different strategies I have envisioned. In return, I expect you to become my promoter and advocate. I am fully equipped with all the necessary tools to make the impossible possible.

Mr. Bush, I am waiting to hear back from you. I promise not to disappoint you or put you down. I mean every word I wrote. May God bless you, your family, and your loved ones.

Tony Alamo

January 3, 2011

Dear President Obama,

I am Tony Alamo, the president of the Tony Alamo Christian Church, imprisoned on false charges at the Communication Management Unit at Terre Haute, Indiana.

I am writing you this letter because I have been repeatedly contacted by the previous administration to help resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The fact is, this conflict has been troubling me since I started my ministry and the closer I look into and study this conflict, I realize how much more complicated it has become. I devoted so much time and energy to find a way out for peace that will please everyone—Christians, Muslims, and Jews.

This conflict touches me personally, as it is the Holy Land where my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ walked, preached, slept, was crucified, resurrected, and paid for my sins. My prayers have been answered by God as I spend more and more time thinking about this conflict, watching you devote so much time to help resolve this conflict as did the previous administrations, to no avail.

President Obama, last September, 2010, you gave a year to the Palestinians and Israelis to come back and sign a peace treaty. I am asking you, President Obama, to think wisely of what you have asked these parties to do, as failures of other negotiations led to more bloodshed, as well as more hatred, animosity, and prejudice. I fear that any failure on the part of your administration, combined with other troubles on the home front, will be blamed on you, and your chances to lead our nation for the next term will be jeopardized.

As the president and pastor of the Tony Alamo Christian Church, I engaged in many humanitarian efforts in Africa, Asia, and other parts of the world. I have been called by the Lord to feed the hungry and to end the world’s hunger, and I sacrificed my time, property, and life for those humanitarian missions. My biggest joy is to feed hungry children and to help other humans stand on their feet.

President Obama, as God only knows what I did, I am asking you to believe in me and what God called me for. I have been called again and this time, God has asked me to help you and your administration bring everlasting peace to the Middle East, to help you end this conflict, which could have dire consequences, as no other conflict has so divided our world as this troubling conflict in the Middle East. No other conflict has spread so much hatred and animosity as this one. This conflict has been used and abused by the enemies of peace and hate groups to harm our nation and to compromise our rights.

Therefore, as time is running out, I am asking your majesty to grant me immediate pardon so I can work out the different tactics, strategies, and ideas that God revealed to me and put them into immediate action, since we wasted so much time by not taking immediate drastic steps to end this conflict. It will not only be beneficial to the disputing parties, but to all Americans, to our homeland security and values, the freedom, justice, and equality that we stand for as the land of the free and the home of the brave. Our integrity needs to be an example for the entire world. The whole world is looking at us to resolve their problems, and we can’t afford to fail them. Let the needy, the hopeless, and the helpless know that America is there to listen, defend, and act on their behalf. We have become the hope of many nations and people, and we can’t let this conflict drag on any longer, putting our integrity and reputation into question. For the sake of peace, I ask you, President Obama, to act courageously by freeing me from my prison cell so I can help you deliver an end to this conflict. I am a man of truth, and I mean every word I say. I would welcome you visiting me in person, or, if for some reason you can’t come in person, I am willing to share the strategy that God revealed to me to any of your trusted representatives and to contact my lawyers to prepare the pardon papers. I am 76 years old. I am willing to direct all my influences, resources, and everything I have to help you end this conflict. I know and understand this conflict, and I know how to resolve it, as I know myself and I know how to get things done. Trust in me.

President Obama, your failure to act on behalf of this letter will only make your administration, America, and the whole world miss a golden opportunity.

May God bless you, President Obama, as well as your family and your loved ones. I am waiting patiently.

Tony Alamo
President of Tony Alamo Christian Church