November 18, 2008 from Pastor Alamo

You are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. They have found me guilty before I could even prove or tell my side of the story. How is it that I am found guilty without telling my side of the story in court? Why are they making such harsh decisions to take away the children without me being found guilty? I am innocent.

It is obvious that that the government doesn’t like the Bible, the messages. You have some liars that they are telling all these lies and immensely exaggerated stories and they believe them rather than people that have been faithful in the gospel field for 44 years. I haven’t had my say whatsoever. They are ruling that we are guilty until we prove we are innocent.

The media is helping the government. They are making everybody believe that I am some kind of ogre. That is why the government is making all these rash decisions to take away our children when WE ARE NOT GUILTY.

Those people are listening to liars. They are printing all this filth.

That is why the Lord gave me that message about if you don’t hate your mother, father, your son, your daughter, your wife, even your own life you cannot be my disciple. (Luke 14:26-33)

Right here they are taking our sons, our daughters of course the Lord is letting it happen, but this might be the glory of the Lord here. How He is going to do it I don’t know, but He is going to do it.

These false accusers are upset with me because of their own sins. And then this girl says I did something to her in the shower. She is a bald-faced liar. I have never so much as touched her or shaken hands with her. I barely knew her. I just knew her from reports that came in about her wearing too much makeup and wanting to get married to several people in the church. She left when the last guy she liked left.

Only the news media can talk about the cases. The judges are saying that if our witnesses talk about the cases, they will be put in jail. We can’t even talk about our case. This is like the dark ages of Catholicism. That is why we fled to the United States of America, to get away from the oppression of the dark ages, where you can’t believe in God the way that the Bible says. You have to believe the way that the Catholics say which is total heresy. We are back in the dark ages now. Everybody is going to be subject unto it and is subject unto it. Any liar can make up any kind of a lie and they just come and raid your house, take your children, and lock you up in some kind of a dungeon.

If the jail, or the Marshalls, or the judge or the prosecuting attorney—or all of them together, would let me, I will be glad to talk to them. Here is a statement from me right now. All the things they are printing in newspapers are a bunch of hog wash. They are a bunch of lies. I have put in 44 years into the gospel field and I am not about to throw it all away to jump into the shower with some halfwit.

The Lord is the one that is going to do us any good. We have to get a hold of Him. We have to keep carrying the cross. Keep up the praying.


False Accusers Against Pastor Alamo