Letter to Jennifer Kolbek from Antavia

Confession from Hannah Dawn Davis

A letter from Reggie   Nikki Farr's father

Motion for New Trial

This is a very brief History of Tony Alamo's Persecutions

New Evidence that Pastor Alamo Is Innocent

Nation Without Pity

The Truth About Tony Alamo

Press Statements

Government Subversion Against Tony Alamo

Greg Szymanski's radio interview with John Peeler A former government agent who refused to target Pastor Alamo April 29, 2010

Allegations determined to be FALSE by Arkansas Police:

1. Tony Alamo (Bernie Hoffman) Cleared of false charges

2. Church member cleared by police

3. Church member cleared by police

4. Church member cleared by police

Testimonial from Kathy Bolpa

Testimonial from Lydia Willis

Certificate of Appreciation by the City of Fouke

Here Are The Reasons Why The Government and Media Are Railing On Pastor Alamo and Bringing These False Charges

Pastor Alamo's Audio Messages:

How to Have God's Life Living in You part 138 program #240

How to Have God's Life Living in You part 139 program #241

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Greg Szymanski Interviewed Pastor Tony Alamo
on September 23, 2008
three days after the FBI stormed church property

Conspiracy in the United States

False Allegations

Responses to false charges against Tony Alamo

Pastor Alamo, A Victim of Outrageous IRS Conduct

Letters to Judge Barnes

Circuit Judge in Alamo Custody Case Dies
Pastor Tony Alamo prophesied this would happen

Chewing Their Tongues For Pain (Revelation 16:10)

This is not the first judge to do this--there are several judges and officials that have come against God's work.

How This Mighty Work Started

The Book of the Upright
The Book of Jasher

Greg Szymanski's radio interview with John Peeler
A former government agent who refused to target Pastor Alamo
April 29, 2010

Letters to Pastor Alamo
updated: August 2011

Another Pearl Harbor This is the reason why the FBI and all the different government agencies are after Alamo with a pack of lies. Those three girls that testified lied and they were brain-dirtied by the Cult Awareness Network which is now being called Wellspring.
Hear a former federal agent confess

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Funeral Home testifies, Susan Alamo's funeral was normal
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Press Release from Jeffrey Dickstein

Unsolved Mysteries Lied!! Tony Alamo Did Not Abuse My Little Girl

The Tony Alamo Story by Nancy Ross


Judith's Nutrition affidavit



American Information Newsletter

Truth about the Southern Poverty Law Center

Lesia Christopher's answer to Anthony Lane and the media

Motion to Dismiss or Strike References to Religion

Pastor Alamo railroaded to prison - Prosecutor Chris Belcher hides books that would have proven Tony Alamo innocent

Subversive Los Angeles D A Against Alamo

The Jesuit Oath

False Witnesses Paid, Bribed, and Threatened by the Justice Department

The Judgement of Acquital
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Superior Court of California case dismissed

testimony of Bill Levy, his wife and children at the church

interview with Bill Levy's parents

Bill Levy (deceased)
deceased false accuser
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false accuser
Bill Levy

Click on the image below to read the file about
William "Bill" Arnold Levy

truth about false accuser

Here is how the US Government is breaking the law of the land.

Article the third [Amendment I]

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

American Presidents And The Bible

The government is recruiting people to harass and attack us on the streets

We Are Intellectual Prostitutes by John Swinton New York Journalist

Government Child Kidnapping
$4,000 bonuses, Corrupt Child Protective Services, foster children abused and murdered by foster care providers

Government Racketeering Child Protective Services, DHS, Judges Involved; Our Children Were Kidnapped and Now Sold

Security Guard Dead

Top Mafia figure, Tony Gambino, implicates Vatican and Bush
in prior knowledge and complicity in 9/11 Mass Murder

Listen to Tony Gambino interviewed
by Greg Szymanski

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