Prayer Message, 12/21/97

We don’t deserve God to answer any prayers for us. It isn’t by the works that we’ve done. Just say, “Lord, have mercy on us. We know we haven’t been doing what we should have done. Have mercy on us and answer our prayers. Give us some encouragement, O Lord. Please answer our prayers. Thank you for the finances. Thank you for everything, like the vitamins, and the variety of toys for Christmas and everything.”

Make sure to thank Him. “We thank You, Lord, also that You still are mindful and concerned about us, and You care for us. Now answer these other prayers, Lord. Get Tony out of prison. Give us guidance. We’re just trusting You to help us. We can’t do a thing; it has to be You that is going to help us. There isn’t anything that we have done that is so magnificent or anything like that. And even if we did, that wouldn’t do it. It’s just, we have to trust. We don’t want to be like the foolish Galatians from chapter three of the book of Galatians, and try to get things out of You by works. Lord, we’re coming to You and humbling ourselves and pleading for your mercy. Lord, deliver Tony. Lord, give me the guidance of what you want me to do and where to go, and give me complete deliverance from everyone of these lawsuits. Give us the victory over all of them, Lord, in a way, Your own way. Maybe not at all in the way that we would expect it, but in Your way, O Lord, do it now, in Jesus’ name. Lord, we’re just trusting in Your mercy. Hallelujah!”

Tell Him, “We’re throwing ourselves at Your feet and on Your mercy. It’s just not going to get done without You, Lord. We surrender. We know that there is nothing that we can do to accomplish this. We need You, Father, to do this and we ask You, Father, in the name of Jesus, in the mighty name of Jesus. And, Lord, Thy will be done. Give us guidance, direction of where You want us to go, what You want us to do. If You want us to help the people in Africa, let the money start rolling in. If You want us to do a mop-up job down here, then give us the means, Lord. There is too much opposition. The enemies are more than the hair on all of our heads Lord, and we just need to have a move from You, Father. We’ve got to have You do all this, Lord, in Your precious mercy, in Your divine, Heavenly mercy. Help Lord, deliver, guide, in Jesus’ name. We don’t need any more of this oppression Lord. Help us! Give us deliverance in the name of Jesus! Amen and Amen.”


link: False Accusers Against Pastor Alamo