Pastor Alamo is a Political Prisoner for Exposing the Vatican's One World Government

Excerpt and link to taped message by Pastor Alamo exposing the terrorism that the Vatican “prophesied” would happen in the early fall of 2001 would only come to pass because they were the ones who were going to orchestrate it.
Regarding Sun Magazine Article July 3, 2001 titled “7 Bible Prophecies Will Come True In 2001”

Excerpt from Tape:
[From Sun Magazine:] “A devastating bombing in October will signal the beginning of a bloody wave of terrorist violence.”
[Pastor Alamo:] “Ok, now they are predicting in October that there is going to be a devastating bombing. Know that it’s them that is doing it, or they wouldn’t be predicting such things. And they want to make a bomb to kill a bunch of people just to prove that they’re prophets. But they’re just prophesying something that they’re planning to do. It’s just like a bunch of gangsters saying, ‘We’re going to rob a certain bank in Los Angeles on October,’ and then they go and rob it. Yeah, they’re going to bomb people. They are just right out telling you that they are going to kill a bunch of people. Bombings—know that these are not coming from the Lord—the bombings. The Lord doesn’t say that that is part of His wrath. That’s them. They are ‘prophesying’ it, just telling us what they are going to do. They think we’re too stupid to know that they’re the ones going to do it. They’re not prophesying from the Lord; they’re prophesying what they’re going to do. They can’t prophesy from the Lord because the spirit of prophecy is not in them.”
Pastor Alamo's Rebuttal to the Pope part 1 July, 2001    Pastor Alamo's Rebuttal to the Pope part 2

Excerpt from Another Pearl Harbor: “Did the destruction of both the Federal Building in Oklahoma City and the World Trade Center in New York really happen without some of our government officials being greatly involved? The answer is no! Hundreds of witnesses say that government agents were not only involved, they placed several other bombs in the buildings as well. These witnesses say that it would have been impossible for the Federal Building in Oklahoma City and the World Trade Center buildings to collapse as they did without there being many other bombs in the buildings.”
Another Pearl Harbor, Newsletter Volume 5600, January-March 2003, Pg. 10

John Peeler Interview Excerpt: “What happened, I get Tony Alamo’s newsletters most of the time. Sometimes I look at them better than others, but this last one, when I read about the Pearl Harbor thing, it sent shivers through my spine. It really did, because I was involved with a lot of the things that he’s talking about in there. I know for a fact that he’s one hundred percent correct.”
Evil One-World Government Agents are Claiming to be United States Agents, Newsletter Volume 5700, April-June 2003, Pg. 2

Interview with Architect Richard Gage on proof that the destruction of the World Trade Towers was controlled demolition
Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, September 23, 2010
Interview with Richard Gage (click link to listen)

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Pastor Alamo is a political prisoner. The charges of taking girls over state lines for illicit purposes are false. Three of the five hostile government witnesses were flown to a “retreat” for deprogramming for two weeks before testifying. The two weeks of brainwashing cost $5,000.00 for each woman. This was paid for by the government. The five government witnesses were bribed by the government with many benefits, such as jobs, phones, gifts, and money. The government threatened them with imprisonment of their parents if they didn’t testify against Pastor Alamo.

The true reason for Pastor Alamo’s imprisonment is exposing the One World Government Cult. The one world government, cult, and media will use all means to silence the truth and deceive the whole world (Revelation 12:9).