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The anti-Christ one-world government has sunk to the lowest guttural level as never before. They have now started using the same tactics as Larry Flynt, the editor of Hustler, pornographic magazine. Flynt stated that Jerry Falwell, a TV evangelist, had sex with his mother in an outside toilet. Of course, Falwell sued, and the Supreme Court found that it’s okay to lie. This has given the world government license to falsely accuse world evangelist Tony Alamo of a similar Larry Flynt-type false accusation. The diabolical government has stated, “Christian fundamentalist Tony Alamo is guilty of transporting minors across state lines for the purpose of prostitution.”

The young woman the government is using to accuse Pastor Alamo is a woman who has a mental disorder. Her family has a history of mental disorders and insanity. Her mother also has another retarded daughter and two sons that are retarded. There isn’t anyone in the world that would not think this to be retarded or insane. No one in their right mind would believe such people. The demonic government knows who they can cook things up with.

In World War II, under the Third Reich, madman Adolph Hitler had insane and retarded people sterilized for fear that they would breed a Germany of retarded and insane people. This thinking, of course, is a great evil. The New World Order today is using retarded and insane people rather than sterilizing them. They brainwash them and use them to bring false charges against strong Christians, such as Pastor Alamo. They did this September 20, 2008, on Pastor Alamo’s 74th birthday. The government, through this girl and her mother, has accused him of transporting minors across state lines for the purpose of prostitution. Insane and retarded people are not to be held responsible for the things they say or do.

The world government is saying that decent Christian schools are dangerous for children because they preach the Bible to them. The government believes the Bible to be dangerous, but, in reality, it is extremely dangerous not to believe what the Bible says. It is the public school system that is dangerous for children to attend. They teach unlawful sex, which is fornication, homosexuality, lesbianism, with underage children. They also teach evolution, which is the exact opposite of the Bible; and if it is believed, it will send a person’s soul to Hell and later the lake of fire. They provide the children with condoms and birth control pills. This is why millions of people in the U.S. are homeschooling their children.

Pastor Alamo stated, “Every time we, at the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries, see a Catholic boy’s choir, our hearts break for every one of those young boys. We’ve all seen and heard the more-than-ample proof that Catholic boys are abused sexually and in other ways. The young girls are abused and violated as well. The Catholic church and schools are far too dangerous for children, both boys and girls, to attend. They are also extremely dangerous for adult men and women.”

False accusations of pornography was the excuse given by over one hundred government agents to thoroughly check everything in our school, mission, and Tony Alamo’s small living facility, and nothing was found, as per usual. This type of tactic has been used over and over again by the government on Tony Alamo. They also found no evidence, as in many times past, of weapons, drugs, or pornography, which Pastor Alamo has preached against for over forty-four years. Also, Pastor Alamo has never, and there is nothing on his record of ever being involved in any sex crimes.

This entire case is a bid for the world government to put a stop to the freedom of religion, the freedom of speech, and the freedom to preach the Bible as it is. What will the government say next that you can say and what you cannot say, what you can teach from the Bible and what you cannot teach from the Bible?

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