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Tony Alamo Christian Ministries

Tony Alamo Christian Ministries

Pastor Tony Alamo's Classic Messages

Tony Alamo's Testimony Dry Bones

Satan’s one-world government says we can be innocent and still be on death row OUR “ACTUAL INNOCENCE DOES NOT MATTER” to Rome William Mark Mize was executed by lethal injection on April 29, 2009
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Evil International Roman Catholic Government Agents Are Claiming To Be United States of America Government Agents
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Another Pearl Harbor
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This is the reason why the FBI and all the different government agencies are after Alamo with a pack of lies. Those three girls that testified lied and they were brain-dirtied by the Cult Awareness Network which is now being called Wellspring.

Hear the Confession of a Former FBI, BATF, DEA, and Federal Bureau Task Force Undercover Agentmp3 format

The Popes Secrets

Jesus Said That Satan Would Have a Church and Government

The Queen of Whores

Pastors Tony and Susan Alamo
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