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Tony Alamo Christian Ministries

Tony Alamo Christian Ministries

Unpublished Literature by Pastor Alamo

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According To Your Faith In The Abilitiy In Christ

A License To Sin

All About Heaven (And Today's UFOs)


An Angel Preaches The Gospel Because No Man Can Work, Can Preach IT IS A QUICK WORK!

Ananias and Sapphira Lied To The Holy Spirit

An Authority In God's Temple

An Easy Commandment

Are You Afflicted?

Are You One of The Fearful?

As For Me and My House We Will Serve the Lord



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Become One With Christ

Being Connected From Earth To Heaven

Being For Others

Be Patient Possess Your Soul

Be Strong And Very Courageous

Bleachers Full of Spiritually Dead People

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Can a Christian Adulterous Person Remain in the Church of GOD?

Catholics Need to Know!


Chewing Their Tongues for Pain (Revelation 16:10)


Come Forth Four Winds, Oh Breath, and Breathe

Committed To Him Forever


Continuous Victory


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Daniel’s Prayer

Defending The Truth


Devil or Servant of God?

Did Moses Keep the Law of the Land of Egypt?

Did You Wake Up?

Die Like Dogs In The Street

Dirty Dancing and Singing


Distractions Are From The Devil

Don't Neglect Greatness

Don’t Trust Anyone to Buy You Out of Hell

Do You Believe GOD or the Media?

Do You Want Mercy?

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Exercising Your Spirit


False Accusations

Flourishing Like The Palm Tree

Focusing On The Word

For Encouragement Read This Daily
Thou, LORD, Hast Not Forsaken Them That Seek You

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Gay Rights?

Get Your Mind off the Economy, Bigger Things Are Happening

Give Me a Cup of Cold Water

Go Ahead, Mock My Name

God Has Provided Salvation And Energy

God Hears, Sees, Teaches, Knows and Judges Righteously

God Is Not In The Wind Earthquake or Fire

God Is Our King


God Made Edom Desolate, and He Is Not Finished with The United Nations

God's Power to You For Keeping His Commandments

God's Righteous Judgments

God is the authority and knows everything that has happened from the beginning of the world and before, and all throughout the Bible to the end. He has written nothing of "Global Warming." There is nothing predicting that.

God Tells of UFOs and Is Sending Them

Greater Works Than These

Grinding and Gnashing of Teeth

Great Tribulation

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Hard Understanding

Have You Been Told By Someone Not To Read My Literature or Listen To Me On The Radio?

Healed After 38 Years

Heavenly Places

Hebrews Chapter 12

Hellenic Greek Translation of the 8th Chapter of Romans

Hezekiah's Prayer

Hidden In The Churches

History Tells How God's Word Is True

Holier Than Thou

How Many Times?

How To Spiritually Stay Alive Permanently

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I'm Poison, Don't Get Near Me!

I Am Sick And Tired Of False Doctrines

If I Had Never Been In The Fiery Furnace

If I Regard Sin In My Heart The Lord Will Not Hear Me

If This Is You

If You're So Smart, Then Why Ain't You Rich?

Impossible To Repent



In The Belly of a Whale

Into The Pit


I Saw Heaven

I Saw Jesus In A Vision While I Was Wide Awake

Is Betrayal Good Or Evil?

Ishmael Was Not The Child of Promise!

Is Pat Robertson Right? Is Haiti Cursed?

Is This God's Love?

It Is Impossible For God To Lie (Hebrews 6:18)

It Is The End of Time

It's Impossible

It's Time For God To Work!

It's Time Lord

I Was Not Saved In Any Church, Neither Were God's Other Chosen Vessels

I Will Confess Your Name Before The Father And Before His Angels

I Will Never Leave The Lord

I Will Raise You Up At the Last Day

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Jesus' Words Are The Father's

JESUS, The World’s Greatest Jew

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King Solomon's Prayer For Today

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Miracles Come From Prayer And Sincere Thankfulness

More Powerful Than This Big Oak Tree

My Son Died For You!

My Message To Worms

My Vision of Hell

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New Testament Warnings!!

No Mercy For The Wicked

No Place For Satan

Now and Forever

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Our Purpose

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Pray for others as if praying for CHRIST

Praying The Right Way

Preach The Word


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Receiving God As Your Eternal Life

Receiving Good (But Not The Mark)


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Satan Breaks GOD’S Law But GOD Will Destroy Satan And All Those Who Follow Him

Satan's Tongue

Satan Is Using Democracy To Deceive The Whole World
- It Is Mob Rule -

Seek God And He Will "Be Found of You," But If You Forsake Him, He Will Forsake You

Self Disinterest


Serve God and Live

Should I Let it Bother Me?

Sorry Forever

Stephen, The First Christian Martyr

Stormy Times, The Soul of God

Strength After the Rigged Trial

Stronger Than a Big Oak Tree

Stronger Spiritual Nourishment

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That Which I Have Given You I Will Give To Another If You Don't Repent!

That Woman Jezebel

The Anointing

The Art of Self Control

The Authority of GOD is GOD

The Big Mystery

The Blessed Ladder In The Sky

The Bride

The Christian Champion

The Davidic Covenant

The Death Penalty

The Devil Is So Weak That He Picks On Babies And Weaklings

The Devil Lodges in Churches With the Saints

The Devil Operates In All True Churches

The Door (The Gates)

The Eternal Trophy

The Evil Spirit Possessed Saul because He Let Him in When He Disobeyed GOD

The Firstborn

The First Christian Martyr

The Footwash

The Great Prophet and Teacher Enoch Ascended Into Heaven In A Chariot of Fire (UFO)

The Great Slaughter

The Holy Communion Is Literal

The Judge, The Prosecutor and The FBI

The Kingdom You Now Live In

The Lamb of God

The Law of God, Is The Law of Life

The Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus

The Law of the Land Is God's Law

The Lord Is My Strength And Song

The Most Low-Life Men

The Most Powerful Position In The Whole Universe

The Mystery of the Communion

The Net

The New Birth

The New Covenant, Which Is The Last Of The Four Great Faith-Building Covenants Into Which God Entered With Israel, Is The New Covenant

The Prayer

The Rule Is The Cross

The Secret

The Solution

The Struggle Is Over

The Supernatural And The Natural

The Tongue

The Twinkling of an Eye

The Two Olive Trees

The Ultimate Test

The Wonderful Future!

The World's Greatest Polygamist

They Change The Truth Of God To Be A Lie

They Love Lying

They Tried To Stop The Work of God But It Didn't Work, Did It?

They (The World Government and Media of Rome) Are Doing Everything In Their Power To Convince You That My Church and I Are Not Only Kooks But A Very Dangerous Cult

This Is The End

Time Is Up


To Know The Mysteries of God

Tribunals of Church Law

Trust and Obey God's Law For There Is No Other Way

Two Waters

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Vengeance Is Mine Saith The Lord

Voices Like Dogs Growling

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We Are Envied And Hated, But God Really Loves Us

We Are Not Monkeys or Baboons

We Are What's Going On!

We Can't Run Inside the House!

Who Are The Real Jews

What Can the Righteous Do? They Can Seek GOD!

What's Wrong With Images?

With God, All Things Are Conditional

Why Christmas?

Woe To All The Inhabitants of The Earth

Words from the Lord

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Ye Shall Serve God On This Mountain

You're A Monkey, Aren't You?

You Lose If You Let Satan Destroy Your Faith

Your First Love

Your Work Shall Be Rewarded

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