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Terri Schiavo Let Me Live This article was written March 18, 2005

Anyone watching Terri Schiavo being dealt with in this inhumane, satanic way and agrees with it and does nothing about it, is just as sick and guilty in the eyes of God as the demonic, depraved government agencies that are doing it and enforcing it.
God uses His chosen people on earth to show His life-giving power, His life-giving strength.

SHALL WE SHOW THE SAME MERCY TO THE POPE AS WE SHOW TO TERRI SCHIAVO? I, Tony Alamo report that the Pope, the Roman clergy, and the media feel the honorable, merciful thing to do is to keep Terri Schiavo from having a feeding tube, even though it’s been proven that she is not brain dead. They feel that by doing so, she could die with dignity.
I, Tony Alamo state, “What is good for Terri Schiavo should be good for everyone, including the Pope. I would like to see a public poll taken on your network as to what the general public thinks about pulling the Pope’s feeding tube out of his nose and out of his stomach, if it is already there. Also, they should plug up his tracheotomy hole in his neck so that he too can die with dignity, which most people seem to believe is the merciful thing to do. How can all you Catholics stand to see your beloved Pope suffer like this?” For God’s sake! The Pope couldn’t even address the public with his Easter speech. Maybe he is already brain dead. It seems obvious that the Pope is strapped to a chair, and somebody in back of the chair is holding his head straight. When he’s riding in public, he has his head looking down at his shoes. How long are they going to parade him around like this? Most people think it’s very offensive to be exploiting him the way they are.

Clergy Agrees With Pastor Alamo I agree with brother Alamo.

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